The Struggle Is Real And Sometimes Seems Impossible. I'm Talking About The New Widely Used Concept Of Forced Distance Learning. To Even Begin Thinking About Ways To Make This Process Easier For Your Child, And Experience That Actually Allows Them To Effectively Learn, You Must First Understand The Root Cause Of The Struggle.

So Many Children Are Not Successful With Virtual Learning, Is That They Are Unsupervised. For Generations, Children Have Been Sent Through A System, That Is Filled With Conformity, Schedules, And Very Little Time For Independence. Then, Magically All Of This Oversight Was Stripped Away.

Unless A Parent Is Sitting In The Room With Their Child, No One Really Knows If They Have A Different Program Up On The Screen, Or Are Playing A Game On A Different Device Or In Some Cases, Even Napping. 

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This Is A Little Tricky, From What I Understand, But It Requires A Baseball Hat To Cover Their Eyes. Anyway, The Online Platforms Are Not Built To Keep Tabs On 20, 30, Or Sometimes As Many As 57 Children At A Time. Now, Number Two, For The Most Part, The School System, Wasn't Built Around Independent Learning. 

Think About It, In Every Grade Level, Most Schools Still Teach, By Having An Educator Stand In The Front Of The Room, And Go Through Lesson Plans Every Single Day. Then, Children Are Given Worksheets Or Detailed Homework Instructions, That Leave Little Room For Independent Thinking, Or Outside The Box Problem Solving. 

Moving This Exact Model To An Online Format Just Isn't Effective. Since Children Are Outside The View Of The Teacher, They Have The Ability To Make The Choice Of Not Following Along In Class. Then, One A Test Grade Is Rough, Or Assignments Aren't Handed In.

Too Often, Technology Is To Blame, Not The Fact That The Child Didn't Actually Absorb The Information. In Other Words, Kids No Longer Have To Convince A Teacher, That Their Dog Ate Their Homework. They Just Need To Say, "Well, I Tried To Submit It "And Something Must Have Gone Wrong." Third, Districts Try To Fill The Normal School Day With Stuff.

This Is The Primary Factor Leading To Many Children, Seriously Struggling With Virtual Learning, That Caught Me Off Guard. Ever Since I Was Introduced To This Concept, I Haven't Been Able To Stop Thinking About How True It Is. Think About It, When Classes Went Virtual, Parents, Children, And Teachers Were Accustomed To The Normal School Day, Which Consists Of A Certain Number Of Hours.

So As A Result, They've Done Their Best To Fill The Entire Day With Different Zoom Meetings, Independent Work, Which To My Point Above Includes, Following Specific Instructions Or Some Pe Classes. Most Of The Online Tracking Tools For This Work Is Tough, Even For Parents To Figure Out. I Gave Up On This After The First Week. 

Teachers Are Working All Sorts Of Crazy Hours Just To Attempt To Communicate How To Access The Information, Let Alone How To Actually Complete Schoolwork. And Number Four, Massive Group Sessions Eliminate The Possibility Of Questions.

Now My Daughter Is In A Class Of 57 Children. That's 57 Different Ways Of Learning, 57 Individualized Personalities, Most Of Which Don't Seem Too Comfortable Asking Questions Whatsoever. The Few Who Do Ask Questions Are Often The Class Clowns, That Thoroughly Enjoy Derailing The Class In An Attempt To Get Some Laughs From There Bored, Frustrated, And Lost Peers.

Even If A Child Does Not Have A Learning Disability, There's A 100% Chance That They Will Not Understand Everything Being Taught. When Children Don't Understand What's Being Taught And Feel Like They Don't Have The Ability To Seek Clarification In The Form Of Questions, Frustration Kicks In, Self-confidence Starts To Drop, And The Feeling Of I Can't, Very Easily Creeps In To Fill That Void.

Then, To Compensate For The Decrease In Self-esteem, These Frustrated Children Begin Acting Out In The Form Of Behaviors Or Even Defiance. The Subsequent Growing Academic Struggle Is A Slippery Slope, That Truly Has Only One Cure, One-on-one Customized Instruction.

A Trained Expert Needs To Uncover Where The Struggle Started, Otherwise Known As The Missing Foundational Piece, And Help To Create An Individualized Plan, On How To Help The Struggling Child Reach Their Goals, And Most Importantly, Become Independent. 

Regression Is Real, And Change Is Tough. For Children Who Were Already Struggling Academically Before Covid-19, The Effects Can Be Crippling. If You Have Any Questions What Are Specific To Your Child's Academic Journey, I Would Be Honored To Have A Detailed Conversation With You. 

Look, There's No Cost To This Consultation, But This Allows For The Opportunity To Create A Personal Plan For Your Child. If You're Interested, Check The Description Of This Video, For A Link To Get Started.

The bottom line, Is You Are Not Alone And some Resources Can Help Quickly Turn The Direction Of Your Child's Education, Back Toward One Of Excellence. 


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