We've All Done It We have An App Or Subscription Service That Comes With A Free Trial Only We Forget To Set A Calendar A Reminder When The Free Trial Ends And Before We Know It $29.99 Is Funneled Out Of Our Bank Account Sometimes These Expenses Are A Bit Sneakier $0.99 For Gaming Up Here A Dollar Ninety-nine For A Photo Editing Out There It Adds Up That's Why It's Important To Take A Minute To Comb Through Your Paid Apps And Cancel Any Of These Forgotten Subscriptions.

If You're On An iPhone Go To The App Store And Visit Your Account They Are Top Subscriptions If You Have An Android Go To The Google Play Store And Navigate To The Menu Where You'll See Subscriptions You Might Be Shocked To See What You've Been Subscribed To But You Can Cancel These Apps Immediately .


Here's The Truth It's Way Too Easy To Get Complicated Into The Expensive Web Of Bank Fees There Are The Obvious Ones Like Over Drafting Then The Ones That Will Sneak Up On You Like Monthly Maintenance Fees And Minimum Balance Fees While These Fees Tend To Be Inexpensive As A Single Instance.

They Can Add Up Overtime Costing You Hundreds Of Dollars A Year If You're Like Me Then There Is No Way You Were Willing To Throw Away This Money Which Is Why I Want To Share With You A Few Techniques That I've Used To Limit My Financial Expenses The First Is To Investigate Online Banks.

This Generally New Type Of Budgetary Organization Dwells Totally Internet Meaning Less Overhead And As A Result Less Fees Being Charged To Its Clients A Few Years Ago I Made The Switch From Traditional Banking To Online Banking For The Majority Of My Banking Needs And Noticed.

A Cost Savings Right Away However One Drawback Was Alack Of Atm S I Could Access When Using An Online Bank Which Is Why I Maintained Done Account At A Traditional Bank In Order To Avoid Bank Fees I Opened Up A Basic Checking Account And Negotiated A Fee Structure That Kept My Cost To A Minimum So That My Money Stayed In My Pockets And Not The Bank's


While Staying Hydrated Is Key To Good Health Getting All Your Water From A Bottle Can Be Costly You Could Save A Ton Of Money By Replacing Those Big Cases Of Bottled Water With Their Reusable Water Bottle But How Much Could You Be Saving Well Let's Do Some Quick Math Let's Say A 24 Pack Of Water Costs About $5 Relying Upon How Much Your Household Utilizes A Month You May Buy Three Cases That Is $15 The Same Price You'd Pay For A Nice Reusable Bottle That You Can Use Over And Over And Over Again, In Essence, You Are Getting The Same High-quality Product For A Much Lesser Cost.


Easily The Most Disheartening Thing To Waste Money On Is Credit Card Interest This Avoidable Expense Is Incurred By Millions Of Americans Every Single Month And Each Payment They Make A Roads Their Ability To Prosper Financially But Just How Costly Can His Fine Situation Really Be Let's Say You Have Four Thousand Two Hundred And Ninety-three Dollars.

In Credit Card Debt Which Is The National Average Amongst Those Who Carry A Balance If Your Card Charges An Annual Apr And You Pay The Minimum Each Month Three Percent Which Is Roughly One Hundred And Twenty Nine Dollars To Start You Stay In Debt For About Fifteen Years And Put More Than Thirty Eight Hundred Dollars Towards Interest This Is Thirty Eight Hundred Dollars Which Could Be Completely Avoided By Either Paying Off Your Credit Card Statements In Full At Month's End Or Avoiding The Use Of Credit Cards Altogether Wouldn't You Rather Spend Thirty Eight Hundred Dollars On A Vacation Or A Course Rather Than Handing It Over To Your Card Issuer.


For Many Of Us Our Phone Bills Have Become More Expensive Than Our Electricity Bills Especially If You Have A Family Plan The Lines Are Overages The Fees They Stack Up Before You Know It You're Paying Two Hundred Dollars A Month Likes Now Is A Good Time To Break Out Last Month's Phone Bill Take A Glance At All That You're Paying For And Ensure There Aren't Any Incidental Pointless Charges On There If You Need To Review Your Arrangement Abilities And Call Up Your Phone Company.

What I Do Regularly Is Review Cell Phone Plans In My City And When I See a Better Deal Than The One I Am Getting Call It My Cell Phone Carrier And Ask Them To Match Or Beat The Advertised Rate You Can Also Typically Get A Discount By Leveraging Your History With The Company The Longer You've Been With Them The More Preferential The Rates You Should Have Access Too.


Yes You Need To Eat But Youprobably Be Surprised At How Much Money You Waste On Groceries Every Singlemonth The Average Amount Of Money A Family Of Four Spends On Groceries Isestimated At Nearly A Thousand Dollars A Month Which Makes It One Of The Highermonthly Expenses We Typically Incur And A Lot Of This Money Is Wasted A 20-18study In Science Daily Found That Americans Waste On Average A Pound Offood A Day Which If Avoided Can Mean Big Savings In The Grocery Department Onereason That There Is So Much Food Waste Is That Humans Are Terrible Plannersthey Either Aimlessly Walking To The Grocery Storeand Overestimate.

Their Needs Or By Sporadically And Miss Out On Takingadvantages Of Sale However With A Bit Of Planning I Havefound That Personally I Can Shrink Down My Own Grocery Bill By Writing Downexactly What I Need Before I Order The Store I've Reduced My Weekly Grocerycosts From One Hundred And Fifty Dollars To A Hundred Dollars Which In The Courseof A Year Is A Savings Of $2,600 One Strategy.

That Was Shared With Me By Aclose Friend Was To Only Pay For Groceries With Cash You See All Toooften People Find Themselves At The Grocery Store Hungry And Eager To Fillup Their Shopping Carts Which Is Facilitated By The Seemingly Endlessability To Spend On Credit When You Have A Set Amount Of Money In Your Wallet Youcan't Go Wild And Buy Everything You Think You Want And Instead Stick To Thebasics Which Will Keep Your Grocery Costs Low.


Cars Maybethe Biggest Waste Of Money On Earth And This Is Especially True When It Comes Tonew Cars The Average Car Loan Takes Six To Nine Direct Three Months Toward Reimburse Andamericans Are Straying Further Into The Red To Purchase More Costly Vehicles Than Any Other Time In Recent Memory Carbuyers On Averageborrow $31,000 For New Vehicle Buys And Are Left Withanaverage Monthly Payment Of More Than $500 For Most Car Buyers There Is Noreason To Ever Buy A Brand-new Car Especially As The New Car Loses Around11% Of Its Value The Second You Drive It Off The Lot Then Over The Next Threeyears The Car Will Further Depreciate By Forty To Fifty Percent Of Its Originalvalue With An Average Selling Price Of Around Thirty Thousand Dollars That's$15,000.

 In Depreciation Cost But The Same Car That Is Now Three Years Oldwill Depreciate Roughly 25 Percent During The Next Three Years Of Ownershipmeaning That If You Buy A Slightly Used Car You Are Going To Avoid A Largeportion Of The Cars Overall Depreciation Moreover If You Opt For A Reliable Usedcar And Take The Shortest Loan Term You Can Afford You'll Repay Your Loan Muchquicker I Recommend You Drive Your Car As Long As Possible While You Save Themoney You'd Have Used For Vehicle Installments In A Perfect World You Ought To Have The Option To Purchase Your Next Vehicle With Money And Keep On Putting Something Aside For Vehicles

Every Morning You Take That First Sip Of Coffee And You're Ready To Start Your Day For Many This Act Can Be Quite Costly And Certainly, An Expense To Reconsider The Average American Spends Roughly Eleven Hundred Dollars A Year On Coffee Or $92 A Month Most Without Realizing How Cost-effective This Habitual Action Truly Is According To Coffee Detective Comm You Can Make Your Coffee For 27 Cents A Cup So If We Multiply That By Seven Cups A Week And 52 Weeks A Year We Wind Up With A Total Of 98 Dollars And 28 Cents A Saving Of Over A Thousand Dollars The Best Part Is That You Don Have To Lose The Benefits That Come With Buying Coffee At Your Favorite Coffeeshop Like Portability And Their Unique Coffee Blends Simply Buy Yourself A Reusable Container And A Bag Of Ground Coffee From The Shop And Enjoy The Same Coffee For A Fraction Of The Price.


Well A Home-cooked meal Is Nice It's Also Great To Sometimes Enjoy An Outside Meal Howeverfor Many People This Sometimes Is All The Time When You Start To Buy Meals Thecost Can Add Up Quick For Example During My Working Career I've Had Numerous colleagues That Buy Their Lunches Every Single Day At An Average Of 15 Dollars Aday This Equates To $300 A Month Spent Just On Lunch For A Single Person I'dargue That Most Home Cook Lunches Can Be Made For Roughly 5 Dollars Or Less Whichmeans That You Could Satisfy The Same Need For A Third Of The Cost Well Used to Think That Eating Out This Often Was A Rare Occurrence.

The Reality Is That generally We Eat Out More Than We Think The Average American Eats 4.2commercially Prepared Meals Per Week Which Equates To Eighteen Point Twomeals In An Average Month Eaten Outside The Home For The Average Person In Thishabit Of Eating Out Cost Some Children $32 A Month Or Twelve Dollars Andseventy-five Cents Per Outing The Other Issue Besides A Financial Cost Is Thatwhen You Buy Your Lunch Or Any Meal For That Matter You May Not Always Haveaccess To The Healthiest Food Choices So Not Only Are You Eroding Your Financial health But Your Physical Health As Well.


I am an engineer by profession but being a blogger is my old day's dream to create my site for those who are more curious about my birthplace than I am coming from (India). the current city lives in Navi Mumbai, India

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