A Lot Of People Set New Year's Resolutions But They Don't Follow Through With Them  As You Can Probably See If You Go To The Gym At The Beginning Of The New Year A Lot Of People Are There And Then After A Few Weeks It's Not Quite As Crowded So We Can See A Lot Of People Set These New Year's Resolutions Or Goals But They Don't Really Follow Through Until The End Of The Year 

So I Wanted To Share The Steps That I've Taken To Be Able To Achieve One Money Goal In Particular So That You Guys Can Have An Idea On How To Kind Of Set Your Goals And Actually Achieve Them And These Are Going To Be Different Steps Than I Think You've Heard Before I Feel Like A Lot Of Us Had Heard About The Smart Goals The Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant And Timeframe Or Time-Bound And Yes Those Are Important But I Want To Give You Guys Something A Little Bit Different That Actually That I've Actually Used So The First Step 


I Took In Achieving My Money Goal To Buy A House And In Particular I'm Going To Give You The Example Of The House That I Bought In 2018 So Just A Couple Years Ago And The First Thing That I Did Was To Set My Goal Right You Have To Know What You're Working Toward To Achieve It So I Set The Goal To Buy Another Property This Was My Third Property And I Was Really Specific Like I Wanted To Make Sure And Buy In A Certain Place In A Certain Area That Would Be Nearby My Other Properties And I Wanted A Place To For Me To Move In  

So That I Wouldn't Have To Put As Much Down On The Property So I Kind Of Just You Know I Knew What I Wanted And I Made It Really Specific So Yes Part Of That Smart Goal Is Coming Into Play You Want It To Be Specific And I Wanted It To Be Time-Bound I Didn't Want To Just Say I Want To Know I Want To Buy Another House Eventually Right I Wanted To Buy That House In 2018 So I Set That Specific Goal And I Created That Time Frame Around It And The Second Step That I Took Was To Work Backwards On My Goal I Wanted To Purchase 

This Property So I Needed To Know How Much I Would Need For A Down Payment Because They Had To Save Up To Have That Down Payment So I Worked Backwards And I'm Just Gonna Use The Example Let's Say We Wanted $10,000 For Our Down Payment So If We Wanted To Buy A House In One Year We Would Need 10 Grand So You Want To Work Backwards And Say Okay If I Want 10 Grand In One Year Then In About Six Months I'm Going To Need Half Of That I'll Need Five Grand And Kind Of Break It Down From There So You'll Come Back  

Well What Will I Need In Three Months And What About In One Month And  Then This Week Where Do I Need To Start Making This Extra Money Or Setting Aside Money That I'm Already Making To Put Toward This Down Payment So You Really Want To Be Specific In What Your Goal Is And Work Backwards From That End Goal From That End Money Goal So If It Is To Save Up Ten Thousand Then You Need To Start Taking Action Today This Week On That Specific Goal So If You Break It Down And You Say Okay Well I Want To Make A Hundred Bucks This Week And Just Get Started That Way Then You Think Okay Well Maybe 

I Go Out To Eat A Lot And I Can Just Skip Going Out To Eat And Put That Money Toward My Down Payment Fund So It's Little Things Like That That Really Make A Big Difference And Even Though A Lot Of People May Not Realize How Important The Little Things Are They Really Add Up Over Time And That's Exactly What I Did I Took A Look At My Budget And I Had All Of My Different Categories Of Where I Was Spending My Money And Decided What I Could Actually Just Get Rid Of Or Cut Back On And Put That Money Towards 


The Down Payment For My House That I Wanted To Purchase And I Track All Of My Finances In Personal Capital Comm And It's Also An App But I Love That Because I Can See All Of My Transactions For Everything All Of My Mortgages All Of My Credit Cards My Auto Payments My Phone Whatever All Of My Expenses In One Place So I Really Really Like That And Would Recommend That To You Guys If You Don't Have Some Way Of Tracking Your Money Because This Gives You Just A Quick Visual On All Of Your Money And If You Guys Do Want To Use Something Like Environment To Actually Reach Your Money Goals Or Any Goal 

What You Were Working Toward And It Will Make It A Lot Easier To Achieve That Goal So If I Didn't Want To Spend As Much Money On Clothing I Needed To Change My Environment What I Was Spending My Time Doing So That I Wouldn't Be Spending As Much On Clothing  An Example I Would Go Shopping With My Friends A Lot So I Just Stopped Doing That If They Called And Said Hey Do You Want To Go Shopping Tonight I Would Just Say Sorry I Have Other Plans Or You Know Maybe Come Over Here And We Can Watch A Movie Or Something Else Just Because I Didn't Want To Spend My Money On That And If I Can Get Rid Of That Temptation Before It Actually Happens Then That Is Going To Make It So Much Easier To Not Spend My Money On Something That's Not Really That Important To Me So Think About Things In Your Life 

That You Can Start To Change And You Know That Way You Can Reach Your Money Goals Reach The Things That Are Actually Important To You And Just To Give Kind Of A Side Example I Read This In A Book I Can't Remember Which One Right Now I Think It Was Something About Habits But He Mentions That He Would Come Home From Work And Immediately Grab The Remote And Turn On The Tv And Just Watch Whatever Was On Tv Or Watch Netflix Or Something Like That But He Decided To Hide The Remote So He Changed His Environment 

So That He So That It Wasn't As Easy To Do Something That Wasn't That Important To Him He Didn't Want To Be Spending That Much Time Watching Tv So He Hid That Remote Making It Harder For Him To Just Easily Pick It Up Off The Table After He Had Sat Down On The Couch So There are Little Things Like That That We Can Change In Our Lives To Help Us Create Better Habits And That's The Fourth Thing That I Want To Talk About Is Create Simple Little Habits That Are Going To Help You Achieve Your Goals And To It Gives You 


Another Example Instead Of Wandering Around Target Which Seems To Be Really Popular With Women At Least I Feel Like  I Would Go For A Walk Along A Trail That's Near My House So That I Wasn't Tempted To Buy Anything I Wasn't Thinking Oh I'm Bored Maybe I'll Just Go Wander Around Target I Thought I'm Bored Okay I'm Gonna Go For A Walk Outside So I Changed That Habit To Something That Would Be Better For Me And I Enjoy Being Outside I Love Being In Nature So It's Kind Of Rather Than Going To A Store Where I'm Inside 

 A Lot Of People Around And It's Kind Of Chaotic And I'm Tempted To Buy Something Or Another Thing If You Do Decide To Go Shopping With Your Friends And I Had Done This I Wouldn't Bring My Credit Card With Me So I Couldn't Buy Anything I Wasn't Tempted To Make A Purchase That I Would Regret Later Because I Didn't Have My Car Turned On Me So Think Of Little Habits That You Can Change Or Replace That Will Help You Achieve Your Money Goals If That Is You Know Not Bringing Your Credit Card 

Somewhere Or Even Setting Up An Automatic Transfer To Your Savings Account When You Get Your Paycheck Because Little Things Like That Really Do Add Up Over Time I Was Able To Come Back Cut Back My Clothing Budget Significantly By Doing This By Creating These New New Little Habits And Changing My Environment So That It's Harder To Do These Things That Aren't Really Important To Me And Trying To Make It Easier To Stick To My Money Goals Things That Are Really Important To Me  

Then The Fifth Thing That I Did Was To Keep It At The Top Of My Mind And I Feel Like This Made The Biggest Difference I Was Thinking About It A Lot And You Know I Was Checking My Personal Capital App Every Day To Keep An Eye On My Money And I Can Watch My Savings Account Grow Over Time And I Had A Reminder In My Phone To Update My Budget Every Month And I Have A Mastermind Partner That I Talked To Every Week I Still Have My Mastermind Partner But We Kind Of Hold Each Other Accountable So We Will Share Our Goals With One Another And Hold Each Other Accountable Every Week So It's Just Little Things Like That That Help You Keep Your Goal 


At The Top Of Your Mind It's Constantly On Your  Mind But You're Not Obsessing Over It You're Not Becoming A Crazy Person Like That's All You Think About But When It Is At The Top Of Your Mind And You're Going Out With Some Friends And You Think Oh Should I Buy This Piece Of Clothing But If You're Thinking No I Really Want To Reach This Money Goal Or Should I Buy Some Dessert Today No I Really Want To Reach This Money Goal And If I Can Put This Money Towards My Money Goal To Buying A Property Or Whatever It Is If You Are Keeping That At The Top Of Your Mind Then You're Going To Make Better Decisions With Your Money Overall So That You Can Actually Reach Your Goal 

So These Are Five Things That I Did To Help Me By My Third Property In 2017 I Actually Ended Up Purchasing It And Loved It Love It I Live In It I Am So Happy I Set This Goal And Was Able To Achieve It I  Wanted To Share These Little Tips Or Steps That I Took To Achieve This Goal With You Guys So That You Can Achieve Your Money Goals Whatever They Might Be And They Might Be Something Small Just Getting An Emergency Fund Set Up Or Maybe  

To Take A Vacation To Italy Or Hawaii I Feel Like It's Really Important To Be Working Towards Something Especially With Money Because It Is A Huge Part Of Our Lives And It Will Continue To Always Be A Huge Part Of My Life So The Better We Can Manage It And Set Goals That Are Important To Us The Better Off We Are Going To Be Not Only Financially But In Other Aspects Of Our Lives Because We Won't Be So Worried About Money All The Time Or Stressed About It So If You Found This Video Helpful Please Hit The Like Button To Like The Video And Share It With Someone Else Who You Think Would Like To Hear This Information.










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