Yellow teeth, ie yellow teeth, is a very big problem, nowadays, its problem is very much seen in young people, yellow teeth spoil your personality, now you must have thought that when we are born When we have teeth, our teeth are completely shining white teeth, but as we get older, the teeth gradually become yellow, why?

( What is the reason for yellow teeth ), if the teeth turn yellow then how to remove yellowing of the teeth? ( how to get white teeth information ), What are the home remedies for whitening teeth? ( Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth ) Many such questions will also be in your mind, remedies to remove yellowing of teeth (Daato ka Pilapan)?

See the way your white teeth or white teeth slowly turn yellow, similarly if you are thinking that if yellow teeth turn white overnight then it cannot happen, but in a week if If you adopt some home remedies, then your data will start to turn white with yellow and you can also smile freely.

First of all, let us know why there are yellowish teeth in teeth. Why does yellow become the reason, after that some home remedies will know how to whiten yellow teeth ( yellow teeth solution), get rid of yellowing of teeth.



How to whiten a yellow tooth, before it is born, you will have to know the root of how the teeth turn yellow, what causes the teeth to become yellow (yellow Teeth Reason ), then you will easily know the problem and also its solution. Also, there are many reasons behind teeth becoming yellow.

1. Food: You will be well aware that the biggest reason behind yellowing of teeth is your food, there are some things which are very high in you, such as tannins, which are very high such as red violin, Koffi ( coffee), soda, etc. If you consume too much of these things, then there is a chance that your teeth are yellow.

2. Smoking: If you smoke, then your teeth will be yellow, surely you will not know that the smoke that comes out of smoking is very harmful to your body as well as yellowing your teeth slowly. Does.

3. Consuming betel nut gutkha: Many people consume betel nut gutkha too much. These things can cause severe disease, along with it can make your teeth completely bad or rust, and these things can also make the teeth yellow ( daat pile).

4. Do not brush: If a person brushes once or twice in a week, then that person's teeth start appearing yellow, then if you do not brush daily, then after a while, your teeth will also change colour.

5. Sickness: This disease is also due to a reason that the white teeth (safed daat) slowly start to turn yellow, now it can happen, if a person is in anyone and is undergoing treatment then due to many things Teeth become yellow.

6. Embark bugs in the teeth: it takes bugs in the teeth of bringing things slowly feeling the blackish or yellowing teeth and then takes the smell coming from the mouth of the dentist doctor should have the (dentist) and make Checkup Of your teeth.


Tip 1. Brush to get rid of yellow teeth

Now this child knows that if you do not clean your teeth every day, then your mouth will smell and your teeth will also turn yellow, now some people only brush up at the same time i.e. in the morning, but some people So even if they do not smell , if your mouth smells yellow, then you should clean your teeth twice a day at work, in the morning and at night before sleeping.

What germs will there be in your teeth? If any food is left then it will come out from the teeth, along with the layer of food that will be removed on top of the teeth, which will keep your teeth clean, which means your teeth will remain white ( white teeth ).

1. Brush every morning after waking up

2. Make sure to brush before going to bed at dinner

3. Clean your tongue also so that the mother-in-law doesn't smell

4. If possible brush three times a day in the morning, evening and night

Tip 2. Use Charcoal Powder

You must have heard about activated charcoal, but you may not know that these charcoal powders can whiten your teeth in a day. Yes, with the right use of charcoal powder, the yellowing of teeth can be removed in a pinch.

It can be done that the absorption power of charcoal is very high, it removes all the bacteria and yellowness in your teeth.

In appearance, this charcoal is power black (black), but it is considered to be very helpful in whitening your yellow teeth, just take a little water in your hand and pour it in the way you like with Colgate When you brush, you can brush in the same way, you will see a huge difference in one-time use, you can buy activated charcoal online or from any chemist shop.

Tip 3.  Oil Oil Pulling For Yellow Teeth

You must have heard about oil pulling. There are many benefits to it. The doctor says that with the help of all pullers, you can get rid of many diseases of your mouth if you do not know what oil pulling is.

So this is a kind of process in which you have to put oil in your mouth like coconut oil in your mouth for a while and then after some time, spitting of oil is quite beneficial.

is it your mouth Baktiria the mouth remains healthy they are killed, the decay in the teeth or the gums ache Oil in all these diseases noun is considered very helpful yellowing in the teeth of this process ( yellow teeth ) Can be rid of

Tip 4. Use lemon peel

You can adopt these tips sometimes whenever you use lemon or eat an orange, instead of throwing them away, you can use those chilkos to clean your yellow tooth. Yes, limonin is found in their peels, which is quite beneficial for teeth, after rinsing, you can rinse this thing, you can do it every day or sometimes.

Tip 5. Brush making baking soda paste and salt to

As you may not know, by making a paste of baking soda and salt, brushing with it daily will make your stopper shine like diamonds, after some time it is considered very beneficial to remove yellow paan in the teeth. is

1. Make baking soda and salt paste

2. Now rub it in the teeth for 4 to 5 minutes, you can use a brush if you want

3. Now rinse after that clean the face

4. Now drink a glass of water

Tip 6. Clean the teeth with salt or neem toothbrush

Bundi is the only way to whiten teeth with salt, take a little salt and brush it before going to bed every night or you can use your fingers to replace the brush, there is another thing neem datun Regarding how much it is beneficial for our teeth, Neem Datun can also clean your teeth daily, it kills the germs sitting in your teeth or also helps in whitening teeth.

1. Brush with salt before bed

2. Use neem datun

Tip 7. Get the teeth cleaned by going to the dentist

If your teeth are too pale, you should have a good dentist check and you should get your teeth cleaned once in 2-3 months. It is beneficial that if you want, you can ask the doctor what tips to whiten yellow teeth, you can give better advice.

So these are some tips that you can adopt in your daily life that you can get rid of yellowing of your teeth i.e. yellow teeth. You have to take care of your food and eat healthy food. There are other small things that you can adopt to keep your teeth clean.


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