2D animation software

  • US Animation OPUS
  • RETA Spro
  • Pencil 2d
  • Flash

US Animation OPUS: Toon Boom

US Animation was the flagship product of OPUS Toon Boom. After the introduction of 3D animation, 2D animation has stopped attracting public attention, but OPUS is still the most advanced software in the market. OPUS is a marvel of animation technology.

It not only helps you convert your line drawing into a sector with the help of a scanning module but the XSheet camera, paint, and scene planning functions are all found in a single-stage module, resulting in an amazing production. Is obtained in the form of a system. This software runs on Linux and Windows machines.

ANIMO: Cambridge Animation system

When US animation dominated television and directed video production, ANIMO made an impact on feature films. It is one of the first systems that integrate with 2D and 3D animation. ANIMO includes a very good pencil-tested module that makes testing your animations simple and effective.

RETASpro: Celsys

RETASpro consists of many different programs (STYLOS, PAINT MAN, QUICK CHECKER, TRACE MAN RENDER DOG). Which together provide a powerful set of tools for 2D animation products. CoreRETASs is a tool that completes the shooting process in animation production.

CTP: Crater animation

This is a good package for studios that are unable to use the most complex and expensive programs. CTP is a cheap and simple software. Its three versions are Pro (Pro), Lite (lite), and Educational (Educational).

DIGICEl: Flipbook

It comes in three versions

  • FlipBook Lite

The flipbook is our entry-level program, for those people who are interested in animation.

  • FlipBook Studio

It includes all the features of Flipbook Light, but you get 5 foreground layers and 1000 frames.

  • FlipBook Pro

Flipbook Pro is a full-fledged animation program with 99 levels and 1500 frames.

Pencil 2d: Blendernation

Pencil 2D Animation is an open-source program designed for traditional animation. Pencil is an animation drawing software; For Mac OSX, Windows and Linux |

It helps you create traditional cartoon animation using bitmaps and vector graphics. Pencil is a free and open-source program.

3d animation software

There are different types of 3D software, however in today's time 3D software is being used a lot, so you can find this software easily but they have to be made very carefully in the market of 3D animation. The sector is available.


If you want to get something for free, there are some freeware versions of the 3D Packages available. The 3D canvas is a smaller version of the company's business 3D Packages. It is a fully active 3D animation.

The Xara 3d is a unique low-end 3D package that is in demand even after several versions. Priced at just $ 39, it is a 3D program for a personal computer. It is used to make logos and titles as it has many features.


The quality of intermediate 3D software may vary, but a few things should be kept in mind to make sure that the rendering is worth the speed and check the online galleries of the software, which you will usually find on the developer's site. Most of its programs are available in the demo version, you can try and buy them first.


3D applications have their own different working styles, some of them are expensive and some are powerful, they are used in films and television.

Lightwave 3d

It is a dual application that has features like separate modeler/texture and animation/lighting/rendering apps.

Softimage XSI

It is very powerful software. Its node-based architecture helps in creating animation and phenomenal rendering. 


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