1. 15,000 varieties of ants are found worldwide. Not all ants of the same caste are the same, there is a difference among them.

2- Except for the snowy peaks of the polar regions and mountains, ants are found everywhere.

3- Ant's body is divided into three parts and has 6 legs. However, there is a slight difference in different types of holidays.

4- The ants are known for their unity. The ants do not live alone and always form a herd.

5- A herd of ants can contain from 100 to millions of ants and even more.

6- Ants house depends on ants.

7- There is an ant that lives on a tree by building a house of leaves. The way to make a house is also very fun. First, the ants catch each other and form a chain and pull the leaves closer. 

Fibres are needed to connect the leaves together and this fibre forms the caterpillars of these ants. Some ants pick up the crates and carry them from one leaf to another, with them being especially tickled so that they continue to form filaments. 

The leaves are interwoven with these fibres. In this house, the queen of ants, labourers, soldiers all lives and collect their food together.

8- Some species of ants make houses under the ground, through which there are many rooms inside the houses and connecting them. To make such a tunnel, ants have to dig and dig out a lot of soil. This soil forms a mound above the ground.

9- These houses built on the ground are multi-storey. In winter, ants live on the upper floor and in summer on the lower floor.

10- This tunnel made by ants is called Basti. There is a queen ant in this colony.

11- The queen ant is the largest in that colony and this is the identity of her queen.

12- Queen Ant does not work, just lying quietly in one place. This is all it takes and that is to lay eggs.

13- Labor ants take these eggs apart, take care of them and feed them when the caterpillar comes out.

14- Worker ants are very small, bring food, collect food, build house, repair etc.

15- You will be surprised to know that some ant species do farming and some also do animal husbandry.

16- In farming, these ants do not grow grains but grow mushrooms. 100 species of ants cultivate. These ants bite the leaf and take it away. What are the organs for cutting a leaf?

17- The ants grind these leaves and spread them in the ground. After some time it grows mushrooms, which the ants eat with fervour.

18- There are some substances in the saliva of ants that allow the same variety of mushrooms to flourish.

19- Some species of ants raise animals and their animal is a worm named Aphid, which it captures in its home.

20- It feeds leaves, riddles etc. to this aphid insect.

21- When the ants feel hungry, these ants pat their pets i.e. acid worms, causing honey-like juice from the back of their stomach which the ants lick.     

22- Aphid worm is a very delicate organism, ants provide protection to them, take care of them and in turn provide food to ants.

23- Some species of ants are called sepoy ants. Their job is to protect their colony.

24- Sepoy ants have a slightly different texture. In their mouth, they develop ripping, tearing, tearing organs. Whenever they are attacked by ants from other colonies, it is the soldier ants who act as a defence.

25- Some species of ants are nomadic. These ants do not stay in one place, but they roam around here and there. They are called military ants. These ants have a large convoy in which they number up to 20 million.

26- During the journey, these military ants stay for a few days. In such a situation, these ants make themselves at home by joining them in the form of a chain.

27- If you talk about the food of ants, then you must have seen them while carrying the rash. Apart from this, these insects also lick small animals and animals. The ants take their food in their home. It is seen that ants can carry fifty times more weight than their weight.

28- It is very interesting to find food for ants and bring them to their home. As soon as some of the ants discover that something has been kept at the place, she immediately walks towards her house to tell her other fellow ants. Along the way, she walks with her belly to the ground. 

The reason for this is that some chemicals emanating from her body stick to the ground so that she recognizes her path. On reaching home she tells the other ants where the food is. All ants take all the food items to their home in no time by going through the same route.

29- It is said that ants are social animals. She works with great wisdom, makes her home, collects food, cultivates, maintains acid, protects her settlement from enemies, etc. It is not possible to do all this without planning.

30- The ants are examples of solidarity. Their togetherness shows their unity.

31- Creating complex designs and judging by the situation reflects their intelligence.

32- A queen ant can live for about 15 years, while labourer ants live for 7 to 8 years.

33- Ants act on chemical signals. There are two types of indications, one flavoured and the other dirty. Smelling signs are those that make a large number of ants ready for some work. Flavoured substances reach each other through touch.

34- Now two ants come close, that is, when they fight with each other, they actually exchange a chemical mixture. The chemical substances of this mixture immediately affect the body and tell the ant what to do.


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