Computer-Based Animation

Computer-Based Animation is an animation created with a computer graphical tool that provides visual effects.

Input Process

Computer assistants are used in some special procedures which involve animation. Drawing should be digitized because the keyframes in which the entities are animated can be traced through optical scanning by tracing the drawing with the help of a data tablet or by using the drawing program for the original drawing.

Is made and placed in the first place. Pre-processing in these drawings requires clearing any disturbance in advance, which comes due to optical scanning.

Composition Stage

Composition Stage in which a separate frame is prepared for final animation by combining both the four-ground and background figures, which can be shown with the help of the image composition technique. Initially, the animation's small low-resolution frames are placed in a rectangular array, after that, we can use panning and zooming to give the effect of continuity in the frame sequence.

The frame buffer can take a particular part in which a low There is a resolution frame, it is taken to the center of the screen and then it is enlarged and enlarged to fill the entire screen. This process is repeated for multiple frames of animation stored in a single image. This process should be done so fast so that the continuity has an effect, in such a way that when the low-resolution frame is increased, it gives an impression of animation.

in between Process

For the animation from one place to another, it is necessary to create composition frames with intermediate frames within the keyframes. These are called between Processes. The process in between is created by interplay in computer-based animation.

The system has only started and end positions. The simplest form of this is the linear inter-polarization that allows unnatural motion within the frames. Instead, splines are often used to easily interplay between keyframes. Splines are used to easily change any parameter as a function of time. Splines make a different point or object easily moveable in space and time.


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