The Book 48 Laws Of Power, Written By Robert Greene, Describes How People Become Powerful And Rule The Common People. How To Powerful People Think How Can We Get Success By Always Staying Powerful In Life And Being Positive In Any Adverse Situation. How Powerful People Think And How To Use Their Power.



1 - Always give high status 

your Guru - Never make your Guru or your boss feel that you are better than them. This can give them a feeling of insecurity and they can harm you. No matter how much you get better, but never consider yourself better than your mentor. Always respect your mentor, teacher, boss, master.

When you always give your Guru the highest position, then he gives you all his knowledge and you can be very successful in your life.

2 - Do not trust your friends too much and use your enemies -

Beware of friends as they can cheat you anytime. Because jealousy comes quickly among friends. Your success makes them jealous and they get excited to harm you.

Learn how to use your enemies according to 48 Laws of Power. Make an old enemy a friend and he will be more loyal than a friend because you know that he is your enemy. He has more to prove. In fact, you have to fear friends more than enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.

3 - Do not tell your intentions to anyone - 

not reveal the purpose behind your actions and keep people in balance and darkness. Do not tell your goals to others. Many people want us to never succeed. We often convey our goals to others and people try to obstruct our path.

Even if someone wants to know, tell them the wrong salat. Do not let your intentions get you into it. And by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late and you will have passed.

4 - Always try to

speak less - Always try to speak less. Because when you say less then people will listen to you more. When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you speak, the more you will appear normal, you will not be able to control your words and will also speak things that you should not speak.

By speaking less, you will listen more to people and people will tell you more. By which you will get more information about people and you will also know their weaknesses. Powerful people influence and intimidate by speaking less. The more you speak, the more you say something silly.

5 - Maintain your reputation -

Reputation is the cornerstone of power, always maintain it. Based on prestige alone, you can get respect and scare people.

Once the honour is gone, you become weak. Always protect your summons. People know you because of your reputation. You have to work very hard to build a reputation. So always keep it.

6 - Always attract

people - People test anything with its look. What is not seen is of no importance. Therefore, look different. Do not involve yourself in the crowd. Create your own identity apart from the crowd, otherwise, people will forget you.

To remain powerful, you must stay in people's eyes and keep doing something different for them.

7 - Learn to work with others -

According to 48 Laws of Power, learn to use others to become powerful. Hire people who can do the work you want. Use the knowledge of others yourself. This will save you valuable time and give you a similar aura of efficiency and speed. That is, you will be able to get the credit of another.

8 - Make a plan to turn others towards you -

When you force the other person to act, control is in your hands. Add fodder for your benefit and add others to yourself and keep them under control. A powerful person keeps people under his control and gets his work done out of them.

9 - Let people live by their work, not by their logic -

Win the mind of your boss or your officer. Because when you do not work and start to argue, then they can harm you. You can win people only by your work, not by logic.

10 - Stay away from unhappy and unfortunate people -

When you are in front of people who keep crying their grief and cursing their luck, then you also start to be like them. So stay away from such people.

11 - Learn to make

people dependent on you - The more people you depend on, the more important you become. You have to learn to depend on yourself to become powerful.

12 - Control

people with your honesty and generosity - When you show your honesty and generosity to people, then those people who do not believe in anyone soon will start believing in you. Then you can take out your work as you wish and also cheat them.

13 - When you ask for help from someone, you should know about their selfishness -

When you ask for help from someone, you should know why that person will help you, what will be his interest. Because people are selfish and want something to help you.

According to 48 Laws of Power, if you ask someone for help and tell them what you did for them, then they will start ignoring you. Apart from this, if you give them any greed or offer that they need, then they will definitely do it.

14 - Look like a friend and act like a detective -

48 According to Laws of Power it is important to know about your opponent. Look like a friend and act like a detective. Use spies to gather valuable information that will keep you one step ahead.

15 - Completely crush

your enemy - Never undermine your enemy. Over time, your enemies become even more harmful. Completely crush your enemy - this means that you always dominate your enemies.

16 - Make

yourself feel deficient - When you reach everywhere, then your importance decreases. The more you look, the more normal you look. You can use your absence to increase your imports. Go late to the place when people are waiting for you.

You do good work first, increase your reputation and then use your absence to increase your importance among people.

17 - Don't display your behaviour -

When people know your behaviour and habits, then they take advantage of it. People already guess what you are about to do before you are.

When you make yourself unpredictable and take a step that no one expects, people will not be able to do anything against you.

18 - Do not build a fort to protect yourself, isolation is dangerous -

Isolation can be dangerous. Do not build a fort to protect yourself. When someone tries to separate you from your family and friends, then they are in control of you. So you should not stay away from your family and friends for long.

19 - Know who you are working with, do not offend the wrong person -

you know who you are working with. Do not offend anyone who can harm you. If someone is to be forbidden for any work, do not refuse him humbly, rather than insulting him. Seeing any chance the wrong person can take revenge on you.

20 - Do not make

a firm promise to anyone - Do not make a firm promise to anyone but be polite to everyone. When you promise someone, in a way you hand yourself over to them. That way you get into the tab and can do something wrong. So do not make a firm promise to anyone.

21 - Always give

your contestant a chance to be smart - Make yourself feel stupid in front of your contestant. You make him feel that he is smarter than you. Once your competitor is convinced that they are smarter than you, you can beat them easily.

22 - Use Surrender Tactics: Turn Your Weakness Into Strength -

48 According to Laws of Power, use surrender tactics in front of your enemy if you are weak. This will give you time and you will be able to increase your power.

23 - Concentrate on your powers -

Put all your strength into the work that you are doing.

24 - Play the role of

a skilled courtier - A skilled courtier flatters the powerful than himself and obeys every directive of his and indirectly possesses it. That is, the powerful become dependent on him.

25 - Prepare yourself by yourself -

If you have not yet achieved success or society does not give you the import, then prepare yourself. Recognize your abilities and refine them with devotion.

26 - Keep your hands clean -

Do not indulge in dirty work. Understand your mistakes. Do not put your blame on anyone else. Rather, do this work in some other way and keep your hands clean. Powerful coats and politicians do the same to hide their mistakes.

27 - Make people believe more and more your fans -

Do this with your actions with your words.

28 - Take action with boldness and confidence - 

not do anything half-heartedly, but take action with full boldness and confidence.

29 - Plan all the way to the end -

You succeed only when you reach the end. Therefore, make a complete plan to reach the end.

30 - Show

others the ease of your achievements - Show others that you have achieved your achievements easily. Do not tell others what hard work you have done to achieve your success or whatever move has been done.

31 - Forcing others to open their cards -

According to 48 Laws of Power, by giving options to people, you can get them to do the work that you want, ie give them an option, either they have to do this or these, and both things are your rights. I will be in

32 - Play with people's imaginations -

If you keep people immersed in their imagination then you will be able to take advantage of them.

33 - Find people's weaknesses -

When you find someone's weaknesses, then you can use them for your own benefit.

34 - Become royal in your own fashion. Behave like a king -

the way people will see you, they will behave in the same way. If you respect yourself, people will also respect you.

35 - Be proficient in the art of timing - 

not do any work quickly, but be patient and believe that anything will come to you at the right time.

36 - Ignoring the things you cannot do is the best revenge -

Sometimes when it is getting bigger by solving the problem then it is better to leave it. According to 48 Laws of Power, if there is something that you cannot find, then it is better to despise it.

37 - Make hypnosis glasses -

Inspire people with your influence and hypnotize them.

38 - Think the way

you like but behave like others - tell people what they want to hear and show them what they want to see.

39 - Stir water to catch fish -

Anger and emotion are strategically vengeful. You should always be calm and objective. But if you can make your enemies angry by calming yourself, you gain a certain advantage.

40 - Disregard free things - Anything you get for

free is dangerous. When someone gives you something for free, there is some selfishness or you go under the debt of that person. So do not accept the things you get for free, but give what you can give to others.

41 - Avoid stepping into the shoes of a great person -

According to this law, never walk on the path of successful people, but make your own way. If you follow the path of a successful man, then you will have to work twice as hard to reach there, because the expectations of the people increase more than you. Therefore, you should make your own identity.

42 - Attack the shepherd; The sheep will automatically disintegrate -

that is, target their leader to take possession of any sects or formation.

43 - Control the heart and mind of

people - People can be won by giving them encouragement and temptation.

44 - Control the enemy with the effect of the

mirror - The mirror shows the truth. A mirror is a perfect gift to deceive the enemy. When you do what your enemies do, they do not understand your plan.

45 - Need to change, but should not improve too soon -

Everyone understands the need for change, but due to their habits they do not accept change soon, they take time. If you want to make some changes then first understand the feelings of the people.

46 - Never look too rich - 

When you show yourself very rich, then you create trouble for yourself. Anyone can envy you with your wealth and harm you. Excessive exposure can be harmful to you.

47 - Do not go further than the goal of your victory -

When you win, you are more excited and move quickly due to which you become your new enemy. When you have reached a goal, it is also important to stop at the right time. With which you can make a new plan with patience.

48 - Be formless -

Be able to mould yourself in every environment.


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