How to do the business of Toy, ​​(khilona ka business Kaise Kare) There is no such thing as a colourful toy for a small child. Which can bring a nice smile to a young child's face.

Now it includes the birthday of the child, and also the day of happiness or which day, which is always the best gift for a child. 

Which to gift or anything! In today's era, anywhere in the market, there will be a good shop of toys, which will contain all the toys. Setting up such a business should be a good opportunity. And in this, you will be very profitable. Because you will see children everywhere. And there are left everywhere. 

If you want to earn good money. And like to see the happy faces of children. So this business can be the right place for you. We will see how we can start a new toy store in India. 

And to get you started a toy store business. We are going to be a good guide through which plan and all the steps. Which helps you a lot.



Find a toy store and your competitor store.


Today, the toy industry in India is developing rapidly. Which companies come to India with new designs and new toys almost every day. In India, we all know that if there is any new technology available in the market, that old toy fashion stops, otherwise fewer people buy it. And O gets out of the market. Therefore, you need to be very careful with the new fashion of blooming.

You see what the child demands in trading. Make a datasheet of it and find out how old children are seeking the most Konse Khilono.

What else do you want? By doing this you will get a good few months experience for your store and you can get a good experience not only about the demands of your store but also on marketing, market and management.

In real life, you can never grow your business while you have no idea what your competitor market is doing. You can get clues by asking those who work in the shops that have bloom stores or not.

Register and license your business

You should talk to a legal advisor about the necessary permits required to open a toy store. Mostly you may need a license to shop and shop for your shop.

Besides, you may need the proper authorization of the brand that the O product you are promoting and the O product you are selling. However, if any other separate permission is required, you can also take O. Because you should start a business by completing a good and all legal process. Because I don't have any trouble later.

Find a toy material distributor

When you are already working in a toy store. So you get easy to contact with the distributor        

Can do And you do not know if you do not work at the shop, then if you search on the internet, you will definitely find it, by entering the brand name, you can search the complete list of distributors immediately. 

He is also given the call number of the people. So you call him and ask for his toy rate and which brand they sell. When you ask for the rate, you will know a little bit about how much money you may need for the startup.

Explore a different producer

Nowadays, millions of toys are available in the market. But there are few in it that every child likes more. Find the distributor, and go through the product that provides it.  

If possible, find out if all the toys I am buying are available in other stores. If they don't bloom in that shop, those products could be your targetted market.

For example, for your store you will sell toys in your store exclusively for toddlers, these toys may require you to follow strict rules, 

And most shops sell products by taking them from them due to their price and permits. 

You can also sell a new brand. But for this, you may need to have more names. Being a popular brand and seller in your area, one is like finding you a new jackpot, because all those products can only be available in your shop.

Choose a location for your store

Choosing a good location for your store can be more important to the success of your business. Your strategy should be this. Follow your society, set up a store where most children live.

The best place for your store is not near the schools or children's park or on either side of the area, where there is a child's market. It may also be a good advantage to open a good street-front store in a more busy area.



There should be enough space in your shop for the children and you to run to work and escape. After all, they are children of their customers. Your store has made a list of essential equipment and furniture for the store that you will need for this toys store start-up.

Store wall racks and shelves - which you will always find in steel but you will be able to make it with wood also. The wooden rack can be secured. You can also use plastic fibre shelves at your store. Because they come in different colours. 

Choose according to your budget. Rack This is a place where you will showcase your toys products. And where is the billing desk in your store? You will keep your computer and billing machine.


Put chairs of different sizes to seat children and For their parents. You can also install air conditioners in summer in your store. Which you can apply if necessary. You can add a list of toy products to your store.

Toys decoration

Make the products in your shop the right way to decorate the Khilono. Divide your store shelves into sections appropriate for children of different ages. Paint your store shelves with different colours and colours, which will be very easy to identify.

Boys like to fill Puri shelves with all the electronics and toy brands of different brands. They are very fond of electronic toys from robots, video games and much more. You can install a new PlayStation in your shop, and offer the recently launched company's Khilono in the PlayStation of Trials. Boys of all ages play video games in India. It can also be the market for the product coming into your market.

Girls mostly like dolls, teddy bear toys. You can have a wide-ranging section of dolls of all sizes, teddy bears.

Toy store design

Shop design can be the key to your success. You can give customers a big place to buy products in your store. Keep all the products so that the thing is easily available. You can give it such a look to retail stores. 

Put the brand name banner in front of the shop, which is the name of your brand. Paint the interior well. 

Use good looking contrasting colours, you can design by calling a painter if you need, and make your shop dashing, you can put a picture of the producers, not just the brand name on the wall in your shop. Light up the shop properly and illuminate every corner in the right way.

marketing plan


It is also the most important part of running a business. It is always better to buy less stock for a new shop. If your shop runs well, then store your store's storeroom with more products, if there is more demand, and as much as possible.

You can organize a grand opening for a Toys store, you can give a guaranteed gift to your customers on every billing, you can also do marketing. You can order those products. Which are not available in your shop and deliver them to the customer's address for free. You can give a discount to the people by setting a discount price to create new customers.

Special combo products can also be given on new products. Make your website through it and sell products there, you can do free packing and give O products at home.

Hire Staff For Your Shop


Doing All The Work On Your Own Is A Bit More A Burden, But In The End, The Benefits Will Be All Yours. Sharing Work Can Always Be Better Than Ever. Hire One Or Two Staff Members For Your Shop For Your Work.

You Can Get Employees Easily Because There Will Be Many Freshers Who Are In Search Of Jobs. When Your Business Grows Well, You May Need Staff For Sales, And Inventory Managers, Accountants, Etc.

Toy Store Investment


Most Of The Investment To Start A Good Toy Shop In Today's Market Is From INR 1,50,000 To 2,50,000 INR. This Can Be Your Initial Expense Or Investment. This Is The One We Guessed. Price May Vary From Place To Place. The Brand You Are Starting A Business On. There Is Also A Defender On That.

Cost For Toy Store


We Have Tried Our Best To Start A Toy Store Business With All The Initial Expenses. All Prices Mentioned Here Are Shown According To Estimates, And Actual Prices May Vary Slightly. Here Is The List Below.

Traditional Expenses - 60,000 Inr


This Is A One-time Investment For Your Store And Can Also Be Refundable. You, Will, Need To Sign Some Legal Papers With The Land Registration For Your Shop. If You Have The Good Skill To Negotiate, Then You Can Negotiate By Reducing The Amount Raised.

Monthly Rental Of Toy Shop - 15,000 INR


This Is The Amount You Have To Pay As Your Shop Rent Every Month. Monthly Rent Of Your  Feeding Shop By Region. Can Vary.

The Electricity Bill For The Feeding Shop - 2500 INR


You May Have To Pay For Electricity To Operate The Fan, Light, Computer System And Other Electronic Equipment For Your Toy Store. product Has To Be Purchased For The Toy Store.


Which Is Your First Purchase For Your Shop. Purchase All Products With High Demands For Your Shop. You Can Buy Small Quantities Of Expensive Products From Your Distributor. Be Wise In Purchasing Products For Your Store. 

Do Not Buy Too Many Expensive Purchases; This Can Get You Into Trouble Selling. Take Orders For Expensive Products And Later They Can Get Expensive Production According To Orders From Customers.

It Is Necessary To Buy A Simple Computer, Printer And Billing Machine - 40,000 INR


You, Will, Have To Invest This Once Again. Everyone In Your Shop Now Needs A Computer. It Can Help You Manage Your Shop Bill, Data And Your Website. Buy A Good Printer To Print Your Billing Bill. A Dot-matrix Printer Will Suffice To Do The Necessary Work Of Your Billing.

Furniture For Shop - 20,000 Inr


Bought Good Quality Furniture For The Store And Good Life. If You Want To Design Your Shelves, You Can Also Buy Furniture Made Of Fiber, Steel, And Wood. Then You Will Need More Money.

You Can Create A Website - 5,000 INR


For You To Design Your Webpages. You Can Develop Your Website By Hiring A Freelancer. Hiring A Professional To Design A Good Website Will Cost You Dearly. Before You Give Work To The Freelancer, We Recommend You To Check His Previous Work. You Can Make Your Website Pages Nice And Colorful And Interactive.

Salary Of Your Shop Staff - 9,000 INR


We Recommend Having A Good Staff For Your Shop For The First Few Months. Once Your Business Spreads, You Can Hire More Employees.

How Much Can Your Store Benefit From Investment?


Roi (Return On Investment) Means Return On Investments. This Can Also Be Called Your Shop Profit. 

It Can Be Easily Calculated By This Formula.

Return On Investments = (Total Income * -investment *) / Investment * All Figures In Inr

For The First Few Days Or Months, Your Roi Will Be Slightly Lower - May Be 20% -30%. But Later, The Roi Score Will Increase As The Sales Rate Increases.



A Toy Store Business In India Can Be A Huge Success. The Initial Time For Your Shop Can Be Troublesome, But Later This Business Store Will Become Better.

You Have To Be In Touch With The Changing Demands Of Khilono And New Product Launches. Later, If Your Business Runs Well, You Can Open Another Shop In Your Own City. 

We Hope You Find This Guided Information Good. Please Give Us Your Opinion And Suggestions Through The Comment Box Given Below. To Get More New Business Ideas, Stay Connected With Our Website That You Can Start Your New Business With Less Investment.


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