Adobe Director is a Premium Multimedia Authoring package, available for Windows and Macintosh computers. It was developed and published in 1992 by Macromedia ink, a public company. But now it is managed by Adobe systems.

Adobe Director is used to storing a wide variety of mediums such as text, image, and sound and you can develop applications for high-performance multimedia content, CD, DVD, Kiosk, and internet. Director has become a development tool for the World Wide Web. This helps in reducing the size of Internet projects created by the Director.

Macromedia developed a shocking web. Director movies are shocked or compressed before being distributed on websites. Users can then playback these films using the shock web plugin.

Before we start using Adobe Director, let us know how Director works. Suppose you have been given the responsibility of making a movie for a major Bollywood studio, first of all, you need to know what the movie is about.

What is in the movie and what is going to happen in the movie, what is the scene, when you know what the movie is about, then you determine where you are going to shoot the film because only the right location makes the movie good? The actors you want in the movie are also very important. A good cast helps in making the movie a blockbuster, don't forget the joy that the actors will use, it is also a part of the cast.

Finally, you need a strong script. The script tells you what is going to happen, the script includes everything from dialogue to stage directions and the surrounding environment. Director uses all these similar ideas and allows you to use them when creating a multimedia project. This is similar to the way a Real Director makes a movie.


Where all the parts that make up a project in Adobe Director go to the movie. The movie contains all the information that is necessary for an end-user to play the project. All Director projects start with a movie. The movie is the main file stored on the disk. A Director's movie has a file name extension .dir. A projector is created from a movie file to playback on the end user's computer. It can be shocking or compressed as a shock web movie for distribution on the Internet.

The process of using a Director to make a movie is often called Where is an Author mode. Similarly, when a Director's movie is playing within a projector, where does it go to projector mode, where does it go to plug-in mode within Browser.


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