To create multimedia you need hardware software and creativity.

Multimedia Hardware Requirement


The central processing unit is an important part of the computer. It is the brain of the computer where the processing and synchronization of all the tasks take place. The ability of the computer is measured by the speed of data processing. The Pentium processor is preferred for multimedia computers.


Monitor computer is used to see the output. Monitor PC should have SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array)

Video capture card

We have to convert analog signals to digital signals for processing in computers. The normal computer cannot do it alone. This conversion process requires special equipment and software such as video grabbing cards. This card is an analog signal obtained from sources like VCR or video camera. Converts to digital format.

Computer output microfilm

It is the technique of unloading the computer output onto the microfilm medium. The microfilm medium is used as a microfilm reel or microfilm card. The use of microfilm technology saves paper costs and storage space. For example, a 4 * 6-inch size microfilm card has the equivalent space of approximately 270 printed pages.

COM technology is more used in other offices, where data and Information files are not modified and the number of files is very large. The technique of preparing microfilm is offline. The offline computer output is prepared in the microfilm unit, First, the computer stores the output on a storage device medium magnetic tape, then the computer output microfilm unit shows the reflection of each page on the screen and produces photographs of the microfilm.

The computer output can also be done online by adding the microfilm unit to the computer. The mini-computer has a separate device for reading the micro-movies which shows the output in different frames.

Film recorder

A film recorder is a camera-like device that transfers computer-generated high-resolution images directly to 35mm slides, films, and transparencies. A few years ago this technology was possible only on large computers but now it is also available in microcomputers. | Different companies prepare presentations for information about their products, the film recording technique is used to make the presentation.

Voice output devices

Sometimes when you get the number on the telephone, when the line is busy, you hear a voice, "All lines on this route are busy, please dial after a while" This message is heard on the telephone with the help of voice output devices. The computer creates these messages by retrieving the previously stored words in a file. Computerized voice is also used to convey the necessary information to passengers at the airport or railway station.

Vocabulary is stored in the computer by pronouncing hundreds of words. The parent creates messages based on instructions from computer programs, and voice output devices pronounce these messages as needed by the speaker.

Sound card and speaker

A sound card is a type of expansion board that is used to edit and output sound. To listen to songs, watch movies, or play games on the computer, the sound card is required to be installed on your computer. The mainboard of a modern personal computer, which is called a motherboard, is a pre-made sound card. The sound card and the speaker are complementary to each other in the computer, the speaker produces the sound only with the help of the sound card. Stores the input sound with the help of a microphone and edits the sound available on the disc.

Nearly all sound cards support MIDI. MIDI is a standard for expressing music in electronic form. In addition, most sound cards are sound blaster compatible, meaning they can process instructions written for the sound blaster card that the personal. Is the de facto standard for computer sound.


Air phones are also known as headphones, air buds, etc. They have a pair of transducers to place in the ear and there are speakers close to the ears. The transducer receives an electric signal from the connected media player and the speaker converts that signal into the sound waves that are heard. We often use it to voice chat, make telephone calls, or listen to music on the Internet.

The projector

The projector is used to display the image on a projection screen or similar surface. Projects are of the following types

  • video projector
  • Movie projector
  • Slide projector


DVD is a magnetic disk and can store data from 4.7 GB to 17 GB. It has become a standard due to its storage capacity and fast data transfer rate. DVD ROM driver is required to access DVD.

Input-output devices

The keyboard and mouse are important elements for any multimedia PC

Photo cd

It is used to secure photos in compressed form, due to compression you can store 100 photos in one CD.


Multimedia requires good software along with hardware, we can divide this software into three parts.

  • Operating System
  • Software for viewing multimedia files
  • Software for creating multimedia files

Operating System

An operating system is a set of software programs, which is a set of all the computer's functions that control and control all the functions of the computer. The various hardware devices of a computer system cannot operate on their own, nor can they interact with each other, all of these devices are powered by electronic signals delivered by the operating system, just as the music organizer gestures in the orchestra But various players play instruments and give a collective performance, in the same way as per the signals given by the operating system, the computer equipment performs its own task and performs a certain task.

Some examples of operating systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Mac OS X

Software for viewing multimedia files 

Software with the help of which we can view multimedia files, such as if you can use the Image Viewer to view photos or images under the Windows operating system, to listen to any type of audio file like Window Media Player or can use Winamp. And for any type of video file, VLC player can use these for MX Player (Android).

Software for creating multimedia files

Now the software with which we can create multimedia files, the following are some of the software used in the multimedia industry.

  1. Photoshop - Industry Standard Digital Imaging Software
  2. Director - Authoring Multimedia for CD ROM and Web
  3. Adobe Premiere - Digital Video and Post Production Tool
  4. Sound Editor - Sound Capture and Editing for Multimedia
  5. Flash - Video Capture and Editing for Multimedia
  6. Front Page - Authoring tool for WWW and Internet
  7. Elias Wavefront - 3D Tools for Games Films 


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