Proprietary Software

Usually, when a software is developed and launched, its source code is not provided along with that software. The source code remains with the developer. As a user, you can use the functions and features of that software. If you want to make any changes to that software at your convenience, you cannot do so, because you do not have access to its source code.

Every development company keeps the internal structure of its software, codes, etc. secret. All software-related upgrades and developments can be done by the developer itself. Such software is called proprietary software. It can also be called a closed source.

Open Source Software

In the category of open source software, there is software whose source code is available to all with that software. As its name suggests, source code is available to the outside world rather than to the secret.

Open-source software means the developer who has built any computer software with a license to give the public the right to publicly read and improve the software and make it available to anyone for any purpose. And on the Internet, there is much such software which is free, while some are so good that they can easily do the tasks of any paid software.

Open-source software allows the facility to be modified and implemented on any other operating system and processor architecture. Not only this but open-source software can also be re-distributed. Such software is licensed by agreement based on open source definition. The main things under the agreement are freedom to access source code, facility to re-distribute, freedom to modify software, authorization integrity, etc.

Open Source Software 

Operating system, server, programming language, etc. are many well-known examples in the form of open-source software. These can be downloaded free of charge from the internet. 

The prime examples are -

  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Operating System: LINUX, Symbian, open BSD, Free BSD
  • Server: Apache, Tomcat web servers Joomla
  • File Archiver: 7 zip, Peazip
  • Office Suite:

Linux is a prime example of an open-source operating system. It is a 'Unix Like' operating system, whose source code is available free. It was developed under the GNU General Public License. Its source code can not only be changed but can also be re-distributed. Open Office Suite is quite famous as Office Software Suite and you can also download it from the Internet for free. It is available in many languages. Additionally, it can work on all types of computers. With this help, work related to word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, the database can be done.

Source Code

In the field of software, there are two types of codes - source code and object code. When a program is written in a programming language such as C, C ++, Java, etc., it is a group of program instructions that are written to perform certain types of work. Program instruction is, in a way, code written in a programming language. These codes are called source code, but the computer cannot understand these source code (which is written by the developer in different programming languages).

Source code is in human-readable format, i.e. we and you can understand it. But the computer cannot understand them. The computer can understand these instructions, so with the help of the compiler, the source code is converted into object code. This object code is a bytes sequence, which cannot be read by humans (due to being 0 and 1).

Now you may be wondering what can be the benefit of having the source code available with the software. If the source code of any software is also available, then it can be changed according to your need and you can also add new features if you want. The software can be improved by changing the code according to your need.


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