Following are some useful sound editing software-

  • AVS Audio Editor
  • Sound Forge

AVS Audio Editor

AVS Audio Editor is a powerful full-featured and easy-to-use digital audio editor. AVS Audio Editor is beneficial for both businessmen and non-businessmen.

It can be used very easily and it gives you the facility to perform various types of operations without any hassle. When you start working on it, you will be surprised to see the features provided by this program.

You can do any work in this data such as cut, copy, paste, and move, that is, you can use all the operations that you use on text in a word processor. If you make a mistake, you can work again by pressing the Undo button.

A friendly interface allows you to complete many operations easily. You can use it to record your own music, voice, and other audio elements.

You can mix it with edit and other audio or musical parts, add various effects to it and master it so that it can be burned on a CD. You can post it on the World Wide Web or email it. AVS Audio Editor supports all main audio file formats. AVS Audio Editor has various types of audio effects and devices - Delay, flanger, reverb, phaser, amplify, etc.

To start the AVS audio editor, click on the Start menu and follow the steps below.

  • First, click on All Programs, then you click on AVS for you, that select Audio, and click on AVS Audio Editor.
  • On doing this, the AVS Audio Editor application window will be displayed with the AVS for you a dialog box.
  • Clicking on the Continue button will display the following points

Follow these steps to create a new file

  • Go to File Menu and select the New option or you can use ctrl + n from the keyboard.
  • On doing this, the New File dialog box will appear.
  • Click on the Ok button to create a new file, its default name will be Unknown. The name of all new files remains unknown until you save them and set a name for them.

Sound Forge

Sound Forge Software is a powerful full-featured and easy-to-use digital sound editor. The Sound Forge software that is used by innumerable audio professionals is not a video editor, yet you can open and edit video files in it like other files and edit audio tracks with the familiar Sound Forge devices. You can preview the audio file from the main Sound Forge window or by using the play bar in each window. Additionally, the video preview window allows you to preview video files and also send them to an external monitor.

Sound Forge Channels Meters display Peak Levels during playback. Use Meters to monitor levels and to ensure that no clipping occurs in your file. If you have an audio device that supports multiple inputs, you can use Sound Forge to work on multi-channel recording. Sound forge software can also generate MTC / SMPTE synchronization at the time of recording.

Data selection and cursor placement are the main functions of most editing procedures. Once you have selected the data, you can cut, copy, paste, mix, trim, crop. , Add Defect, etc., you can use the clipboard to move data from one window to another. You can use Sound Forge software to improve the glitches, clicks, and surface noise that occur in a sound file. Sound Forge software is written using JavaScript, Visual Basic Script, or C Hedge (C #).

3D sound

3D sound audio webs use a binaural sound system to capture, process and play. The purpose of the 3D sound is to give the listener an audio experience that he feels is real life. The 3D recording is done by mounting two microphones in place of a human-like brain and ears.

Microphones capture sound synchronously through two channels and the software organizes recordings so that it can copy changes in the signal each ear sends to the brain. This concept is called biomimicry for 3D audio vendors. Is - Dolby, 3Dio, Auro, Dysonics, Ossic, Realspace, Sennheiser, Visisonics are some 3D sound software - NX-3D, DiscDJ 3D. Music Player.


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