What is Antivirus?

An antivirus is a utility software that works by finding and removing all the hidden Virus programs in the computer, it can also say that antivirus works like Safeguard for Computer which protects the system from malware like Worms, Trojan Horse. Antivirus Spyware And also gives protection from Adware.

Anti virus is a utility software that removes all programs that cause harm to your computer. Now you are wondering whether the program is a virus, yes a virus is also a program which is made only to harm the system.

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How Antivirus work

Antivirus already has many Virus Signature (Imprint) or Virus Definition Files. These files contain the list of Malware (Computer Virus) and related information. To understand this, one has to understand Virus Definition.

Virus Definition

Antivirus cannot identify or identify malware without virus definition. Therefore Virus Definition has to be updated, because Virus Signature resides inside the virus definition. In this definition, names and related information are already available in the Internet.

Whenever a file is infected with malware or if a malware is detected during the scan, then the antivirus checks whether the malware detected is the same with the Virus definition or not, if it is similar then the antivirus will delete such file. Gives Virus definition has some malware properties and similar programs, so it is important that Antivirus company always updates Virus Definition. This software scans all the files inside computers. And whenever a file matches with Signature or Virus Definition Files, at the same time Antivirus Repair or Delete that file.

METHODS OF VIRUS DETECTION (how the antivirus detects viruses)

There is a lot of data in our system, so it is very difficult to find the virus out of such data, you know in which ways the antivirus detects the virus.

  • Signature-based detection
  • Heuristic-based detection
  • Behavioral-based detection
  • Sandbox detection
  • Data mining techniques

Signature-Based Detection

This is one of the oldest ways to find computer viruses. In this method, all the .Exe files in the computer are matched with Virus Definition Files or match with other Malware Type, whenever an unknown file is identified, then action is taken on it.

In this Signature based technique all the programs are scanned. In this technique, if an application is downloaded, the software is first scanned, after which the install is done. So whenever you download a software, then scan it in advance. Because once your system is infected, it becomes difficult to repair it.

 Heuristic-Based Detection

This technique is used in conjunction with the detection technique and Signature based detection. Heuristic technique is used in all the antivirus of today. Even if there is no virus definition file, with the help of this technology, new and old viruses can also be easily discovered. There is no need to have the latest virus definition for this.

In Heuristic Based Detection, a suspicious parent code or application is run in the virtual environment and it shows which program is trying to damage this application, in this way other real software can also be saved. Is

Behavioral-Based Detection

This is also a special Detection technique to find Virus, which is also called Intrusion Detection Mechanism. Its specialty is that it detects Behavior of Malware. It detects malware only when it tries to corrupt other files.

Sandbox Detection

Works on behavioral based detection mechanisms. In this mechanism, a program is run in a virtual environment, then in this process the Behavior of the program is identified. If the anti virus finds out that this program is malicious then action is taken on it.

Data Mining Techniques

This is the latest Trending Technology, it has the features of some special programs. Data mining technique is used to determine whether the program is malicious or not.

Why It's Important to Update Antivirus

Every day new people are becoming Virus, some people also say that those who make Company Antivirus also make Virus. Therefore, it is very important to update every day to avoid the attack of new viruses, but it is not so. The update stores the latest virus definition files, making it easy to identify and block new viruses.

Features Of Antivirus

  • Background Scanning
  • Full System Scanning

Background Scanning

When you download some files, applications and online in the system, it still keeps scanning all your files, it is called Background Scanning. With this, your computer gets Real Time Protection and Safeguard. Because of this, no one can attack Malware systems.

Full System Scanning

Well, there is no need to do a full scan, but if you are installing a new Antivirus in your system for the first time, then you need to do a full scan once. This will remove all the viruses in your system. After this, the background scan keeps happening on its own. Therefore, your system should be scanned periodically.

Best Free Antivirus

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

2. Avira

3. Avast Free

4. AVG Free

5. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2017

6. 360 Total Security

7. Panda Free

8. Comodo

9. Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

10. Microsoft Windows Defender

Advantages of Antivirus

In recent times, there have been a lot of malware attacks, so it is very important that you must put antivirus in your system.

  1. First of all, it keeps all your data safe.
  2. No one can steal your data from your computer via the Internet.
  3. Feel free to download any software in your system.
  4. If you are using the paid version of antivirus, then all your Online Transaction will also be safe.
  5. You will not have a System Hang or Slow.
  6. System Software and Application Software will be very smooth run.
  7. Processing speed will increase and system crash will also not happen.
  8. Hard Disk Corruption is also less likely.


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