Utility Software is also known as Service Program. It is a type of computer software designed specifically to help organize computer hardware, operating system, or application software. Utility software is also called Utilities or Service Routines.


"Utility Software  the  Software  on computers that are  Repair  to  Computer  is increasing the functionality and help make it more functional "

 Various types of utility software are available such as Disk Defragmenter, Anti-Virus Programs, Disk, and File Recovery Program, Storage-Backup Programs, etc.

Some of the prominent examples of utility software are as follows -

  • Disk Defragmenter
  • Scan Disk
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Antivirus
  • Disk Checker
  • Virus Scanner

Text Editor

A text editor is a utility program that is used to create and edit text files. It also provides the facility to open/read any file or text file stored in memory. It cannot interpret the code written in a program. It provides the facility to insert, delete, search and replace any text file. Notepad is the most popular editor used in the Windows operating system.

Backup Utility

This program provides the facility to transfer data from one storage device to another storage device. It is generally used for the backup of data. Backup means data stored on disk. This is done by preparing a duplicate copy of the information. In case of loss or loss of data, information/data can be retrieved from the data backed up. It has to be restored to use the backed-up data. The data is restored by the Backup Utility.

Disk Defragmenter

It is also a utility program. In a computer, data is stored as a file on a disk. When the size of a file becomes too large, the file becomes fragmented, that is, the contents of that file cannot be stored in a single sector on the disk. As a result, the contents of that file are scattered in a scattered manner in different sectors. Due to which the accessing of that file slows down, and the performance of the system also slows down.

The disk defragmenter reduces the fragmentation of files stored on the disk. It arranges the contents of each file stored on the disk into a contiguous block. As a result, accessing files is accelerated and the performance of the system is also accelerated.

Anti-Virus Programs

Antiviruses are a type of utility that protects a computer from virus attack, as well as removing viruses from a computer that is infected with a virus. A computer virus (Virus) is a type of program that becomes active when the user events it and causes damage to the computer. This does not allow the computer system to function properly and hangs the entire system. When a system is infected with a virus, it also damages, for example, corrupting the data or loss of data and corrupting the boot sector.

Antivirus software protects the computer from virus attacks by detecting or deleting the virus from the computer. Antivirus scans the entire computer system to detect the virus in the computer and ejects any virus, if found, some antivirus is always present in the main memory and carried by the virus. Those who keep going keep looking after the works.

Compression Utility

Compression Utility is used to compress data and shrink their size, which results in less memory being used. The storage capacity of the disk increases as the size of the data decreases and more data can be stored on the disk. No compression data/file can be used directly because the compression data is first brought to the actual form, for which the compression data has to be extracted first. Compression data/file is also called Zip because the file is in Zip format (Format).

File Manager

A file manager is a type of program that provides the ability to create, copy, delete and update files on a disk. By this, the disk can also be formatted.


It is a type of utility by which any program is uninstalled on the computer. This utility also performs a list of all installed software on the operating system and also allows them to be uninstalled.


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