Virtual Reality advantages and disadvantages

Virtual reality is an artificial environment or scene created using the computer's hardware devices and software. This artificial scene or atmosphere is presented in such a way that it looks 3-D and we feel like a 3-D world.

To experience a real scene or environment, a user needs a head-mounted display (HMD) and a special type of glove that receives input from a computer. HMD keeps a track of how the eyes move and responds by sending a new input video. Also, a user needs data gloves that censor the motion of the hand. The most important element required for virtual reality is software to deliver a real experience that feels like the real world.


Advantages of Virtual reality

  • Virtual reality has made viewing technology more enjoyable than reading. VR technology is extremely interesting and engaging. VR technology makes for a pleasant experience. This technique inspires students to learn and learn better in life.
  • Doctors take advantage of VR technology to learn about new medical symptoms. VR technology also works best in the field of improvisation and content writing. This helps to detect mistakes in the content. It arranges the preferred software for fault detection. VR technology also helps with the right editing options.
  • The language barrier is an important problem in education. In this case, if you are not studying in your home, you need to learn the dialect of that place. With the implementation of virtual reality the possible language can be applied appropriately using appropriate software.
  • Virtual reality creates a realistic world.
  • This enables the user to locate locations.
  • Through virtual reality, the user can experiment with an artificial environment.
  • Virtual reality makes education easier.

Disadvantages of Virtual reality

  • Equipment used in virtual reality is very expensive.
  • It involves complex techniques.
  • In a virtual reality environment, we cannot move ahead on our own like in the real world.
  • There is a lack of flexibility in virtual reality, you can give suggestions and ask questions in class. But this is not possible with virtual reality. With a virtual reality headset, you can use the same program in all sessions. There is no scope for positive interaction.
  • Virtual reality addiction is extremely common. Students can become addicted to virtual reality. Like video games

Uses of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be applied in many areas:

1) It can be used in medical studies so that students can know the structure of the human body.

2) It can be used in scientific research laboratories so that scientists can easily do research on a specific subject.

3) It can be used in gaming and entertainment like games and movies to allow the person to experience the thrill in more realistic situations.

4) It can be used in driving schools as it gives the actual form of roads and traffic.

5) It can be used in military training for soldiers to become familiar with different areas on the battlefield. 


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