If you are a blogger then you should take backlinks seriously as high-quality backlinks improve the rank position of your website and low-quality backlinks can be very harmful to your blog. This can harm both your traffic and search engine positions.

In this article, I will tell you about this topic, how to create a high-quality backlink for the website. What are the advantages and disadvantages of high-quality backlinks, how to create backlinks, and how to monitor backlinks?



Backlinks are the incoming links to your website. It is created when one website links to another website. It is also called "inbound links" or "incoming links".

There are all the terms related to backlinks that you should know. This will help you understand more about backlinks.

  • Internal links - When we link from one post to another post of our own website, it is called Internal links. Meaning posts from the same website are interlinking from each other.
  • External links - When your website posts are linked with other websites, it is called an external link. Meaning you have given a link to another website as a reference in your blog article.
  • No-follow links - These links play no role in SEO. Because when you add a link to a website like Facebook, Twitter, comment section, those sites set a no-follow tag to your link. Because of which it does not pass any link juice and does not give any value to your website.
  • Such links are useful for getting visitors or free traffic, but technically most bloggers are not benefited from this. So whenever you ever ask someone to add a link, do check the tag in the source code once.
  • Do-follow links - Such links are very useful in SEO ( search engine optimization). These are the links that help in improving the rank of your blog. By the name of do-follow no tag exists on the internet, any link is do-follow by default.
  • Link Juice - Just like blood vessels are connected in the human body, just like when a website links with each other, or a link of a website links to your article/home page, then it passes the link juice so that your website gets value. It is suitable for getting traffic and increasing domain authority.
  • High-quality links - When you add your link to a previously popular website whose domain authority is high, it is called high-quality links. This is beneficial for the website and it also indexes your posts quickly.
  • Low-quality links - Such links can damage your website and can spoil your rank position.
  • Root domain linking - When a website links to a website 10 times or more, it is considered a root domain. For example, your site is linked to Wikipedia 10 times.
  • Anchor text - This is called a hyperlink because it is a clickable text. It is used by bloggers to show relevant links in the article. With the help of which the traffic diverts and the bounce rate is also maintained.


There are many online tools available on the Internet to monitor backlinks, which can help in analyzing the high quality and spam links of your website.

Below I have given information about some popular online tools where you can check your backlinks-

1. Ahref Backlinks checker

It is one of the most popular websites available on the internet, which is specially made for bloggers. This is a premium website. If you want to use this website for SEO, then you have to take weekly, monthly membership. But it is worth it, you can improve the rank of the blog due to this tool in a short time.

Since November 2020, Ahref has made all the features available for free, which you can take advantage of.

Apart from this, in Ahref you will also find some features to use for free like-

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Backlink Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit Tool (Webmaster tool)
  • Rank Tracker
  • Keyword Generator
  • Website Monitoring

2. SEMrush

The initial choice of any blogger is SEMrush because this tool gives you 30 days free trial in which you can take advantage of their limited features. Although they are limited but are very useful.

3. Alexa Site Info

Alexa tool is a subsidiary company of amazon which provides you the best features to analyze the website.

In this online tool, you can choose Alexa Traffic Rank, Ranking Keyword, Number of Linking Sites, Search Analytics, Similar Sites, website loading speed, etc. of any site.

If you open an account on Alexa, then it gives you a tracking code like Google Analytics, so that it gives the right information by tracking everything you do well. Such as backlinks, competitor site info, internal and external links, etc.

4. Moz Link Explorer

It is considered the best tool for analyzing any website. Moz analyzes many things like inbound (internal) links, linking domains, anchor text, Spam score, Moz DA - PA of your blog.

5. SEOquake

SEOquake is a free SEO chrome browser extension liked by bloggers. If you are a blogger then you must install it on your browser as it shows you by fetching data of your blog from popular tools like Google, Yandex, Yahoo, SEMrush, Ahref, Bing.

6. Majestic

Majestic has retained its place in SEO because of its reliable data in analyzing websites because it has won many awards, so it is my favorite tool like the rest of the people.

Apart from this, you can check backlinks with the help of better tools like Neil Patel backlinks, SEOptimer, SERPstat, Small SEO tool, Rank watch, SEO review tools.

You must have understood well what backlinks and how to monitor, now we are moving directly to our topics and know how to create high-quality backlinks for the website.


After starting a blogging career, the most important step to move forward is to create quality SEO backlinks for your blog. This is a difficult task, but not impossible.

If you want to know about how to create high-quality backlinks for your blog, then definitely follow the steps given below, because by following it you can easily create quality backlinks.


It is not enough just to write content on a blog and publish it, but it is also very important to have quality in it.

A lot of bloggers passionately make blogs and write what they have in mind and publish it. But this is his biggest mistake. Gradually, their rank stops or increases instead of increasing. Because they pay more attention to quantity more than quality.

If you want to create high-quality backlinks for your blog, then your first step in moving towards a blogging career should be to publish quality information so that other popular bloggers will link your posts with their articles as references.

This is the best way to get backlinks. This increases your chances of getting do-follow backlinks.

The quality or readable content not only increases your backlinks but also gradually increases the rank of your blog and also increases your traffic.

Pro Tips -

  • To write a quality article, first, do research on the topic
  • After that note down the required points
  • While writing the article, divide it into a paragraph. You don't have to write like a post story
  • In posts, set the main heading as h2 and the rest of the points inside it as h3, h4.
  • Keep the content in simple language
  • Make sure to use visual things like images, charts in the article.

2. Increase Public Relationship

Along with publishing quality content on the blog, you also have to focus on creating good relations with visitors. If people do not know who you are, then why people will link your blog with their website.

Online or offline, any business can be run only when you connect with the customer. For example, if you are not getting good comments, people are giving you various suggestions on social media, asking you questions through email. So it is your duty to face those questions, to attract them further. Do not abuse them.

Therefore, my suggestion to you will be that you should be connected to people as much as possible. No matter how difficult the path.

Pro Tips -

  • Join blogging groups on Facebook and then share the link of your article and get the suggestions of the people.
  • You can also create your own community by creating telegram channels.
  • Do not forget to add an email subscription box to the blog.
  • You can use tools like Mailchimp, one signal to get emails.
  • Build your social media profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Do Original Research Study

Another great way to create backlinks is to research and write Genuine or original content.

If your blog has content that is not present anywhere on the Internet, then no one can stop any popular blog from joining you.

This forces other writers or content creators to link your blog as a reference. Because you are writing on any subject, but your content is original and researched, and rarely will they get such information.

Pro Tips -

  • First research and then write
  • Add low competition and high volume keywords related to the topic to your title description.
  • To do research about the volume of the topic, use three, google keyword research tool, SEMrush, etc.

4. Submit Guest Post

This is believed to be the best and easiest way to create do-follow backlinks. This gives you quality backlinks and also builds good connectivity with other bloggers.

But before writing a guest post, know the blog on which you want to give your link. Be sure to check that blog's domain authority, rank position, and reputation on the Internet. Otherwise, that backlink will not be useful to you until the blog becomes popular.

While writing a guest post, you are writing an article on your own website, write it in such a way, or else you will lose the relationship you have created with that blog owner, with that he can also remove your blog post.

Pro Tips -

  • For guest posts, contact the owner of the relevant blogs via email or the contact us page.
  • You can also give a link by writing a related article on the guest post website.

5. Relevant comments on blog articles


This is an easy way to get traffic and backlinks. You can go to the Alexa website and search your competitor's website and make attractive comments on their relevant blog posts.

With this, whoever is commenting on your post, whether it is bad or good, should always keep your mind cool and reply. This makes the front person feel that the content is hardly good but this person is good.

By doing this, a good image of you and your blog is created in the mind of the people and this also increases your regular visitors.

Pro Tips -

  • Regardless of how useless the post is, always praise others.
  • Keep the comment attractive so that the attention of the visitors increases your comment.
  • Comment in such a place where you can give a link to your website.

6. Find and Link Broken Links

To create high-quality backlinks you have to find the broken links of a similar website. By writing a Broken link finder on the Internet, you will find all the online websites.

For this, first, you have to find the Broken Link of that website, then after contacting the blog owner, you will have to convert it to redirect that specific Broken Link from your website's similar post.

It is definitely a bit difficult, but you will have to work hard for it. Even if not once but sometimes he will be ready to give you a backlink.

Pro Tips -

Use these websites to find a broken link.

  • ahref broken link finder
  • dead link checker
  • Dr link check
  • small SEO tools are broken, link checker
  • SEOptimer

7. Share blogs on Ebooks sites

Thousands of document-sharing websites exist on Google, all you have to do is write content in a word file, add a link to your website and convert it to pdf and submit it to EBook websites.

But while doing this, keep in mind that whatever content you are submitting should be unique. Why document sharing websites take it very seriously. No matter how deep you have submitted the article, but if it is copied, they do not hesitate to reject that article.

8. Provide Comprehensive depth Resource

Another good way to get visitors' attention and to build a do-follow high-quality backlink is to publish extensive depth articles.

While writing the post, you have to try to write as much as possible, and while writing, also pay attention to provide checklists, high-value notes, step by step details.

More and more people engage in your article and they get time to find your other article. Apart from this, if you are using aids like AdSense, then the chances of getting clicks on them are increased ten times.

9. Create Infographics

Providing infographics content is a perfect way to get backlinks.

After writing the article, you have to do one thing, and that is to create a visual chart. Scientifically reading people makes it easier to understand the visual content more and that information is also remembered for a longer time.

For example, you do not remember what you read in the previous years. But if you have roamed somewhere, then you can describe it well.

All the free online tools for creating infographic content are available on the Internet.

10. Identify Your Competitors

Whenever we make a blog, the related and other blogs of that content already exist on the Internet. New bloggers always face such problems. Due to the similar popular website, they have to face a lot of difficulty in getting ranked.

Therefore, first of all, make a list of all the blogs related to your blog and try to link your website to those source websites by checking their backlinks source.

Along with this, what are the competitors posting the website, what is the length of the article, what are their reference websites, what points have those blogs added, keep watch on them all?

11. Collect Emails - Gain Subscribers

Collecting emails means gaining subscribers. For this, you will have to add an email subscription box to your website and build as many genuine email subscribers as possible.

I have already told you, the more people you connect with, the more you will be able to rank.

Apart from this, you can also use Google Forms to collect email.

12. Search Broken Image Links

Many bloggers keep changing the images which they have inserted in their posts again and again. Older images from this are included in the broken link and you have to take advantage of that.

You will have to find such broken images from the competitor's website and ask that blog owner to redirect them to your website. By doing this you get do-follow backlinks.

All paid services use this technique to give do-follow backlinks to their customers.

13. Create or Join Social Media Groups

This is the most popular way to get high-quality backlinks nowadays. In this, you have to connect to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, community forums.

Thousands of article-sharing groups exist on Facebook. You just have to find genuine visitors and attract them to see your website.

Apart from this, you can also use Google AdWords or Facebook ads to promote your blog. Due to this, there is no risk of your blog being spam/block and you also get regular visitors.

You can also use Telegram and WhatsApp groups to create high-quality backlinks.

14. Promote your blog

If you write good content but are not promoting your blog then you are less likely to get backlinks.

Website Promotion increases your blog traffic and the number of backlinks.

Pro Tips -

  1. Share your content on Reddit.
  2. Use Quora.
  3. Promote your website on Facebook.
  4. Post the link in Facebook Groups.
  5. Promote your business on Twitter.
  6. Create a LinkedIn profile.
  7. Create an account on Pinterest and submit a website link.
  8. Use Email Marketing.
  9. Use Google My Business.
  10. Share the post on websites like IndiBlogHub, Indiblogger.
  11. Share the post on and add your link.
  12. Use Medium to promote a website.
  13. Apart from this, you can also bookmark the post on

Bonus Tip – Steal Your Competitors Backlinks

The backlinks checker website's job is to monitor all the do-follow or no-follow backlinks in the website. Then whether it is yours or any other website.

All the popular high-rank blogs on the Internet use the same technique to rank their website.

You must first go to the backlink checker website and make a list of the backlinks of the competitor site and add the link to your website by going to those links one by one. No matter what the method is, you have to remember that no matter how you do, you have to give your link to those websites.

For this, you can email them, you can contact them personally, or you can convince them by telling them in the comment box.

Getting backlinks and using any website is a White Hat SEO technique.


I am an engineer by profession but being a blogger is my old day's dream to create my site for those who are more curious about my birthplace than I am coming from (India). the current city lives in Navi Mumbai, India

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