insert pages in Page maker 7.0

In PageMaker, you get complete freedom to add new pages or remove them anywhere and anytime in the publication. To do this, first of all, you go to the page, next to which you want to put new pages. Is or can remove pages, both of these actions are described below. To add a new blank page before or after a page, go to that page and now do the following actions.

  • Put the Insert Pages command in the Layout menu, this will put a dialog box for Insert Pages on your screen.

  1. In this dialog box, the cursor will be in the text box of Insert Pages (s'), in which the number 1 or 2 will be shown at the beginning.
  2. If you want to add new pages after the current page, then open the list box next to this text box and select the After option from it, and if you want to add before that. Choose the option Before.
  3. Normally the newly added pages are applied to the master page of the current page. If you want to apply any other master page to them, then open the Master Page List Box and select the appropriate master page from it which will be applied to the new pages...
  4. Finally, click on the Insert Button or press Enter so that according to your settings the page will be added to the document and with this, the page numbers will be re-inserted on all the affected pages.
  5. If you want to reverse the action of adding new pages, immediately press Undo command in the Edit menu or press Z (Ctrl + Z) with the control in which the publication will be in the previous state, however, you can always press Cancel Button in this dialog box. You can cancel this action by clicking.

How to Remove pages in Pagemaker 7.0

You can delete any page while staying on any page in the document because it ensures that you are removing the correct page and take the following actions to delete the page.

  • Place the Remove Pages command in the Layout menu, this will give the dialog box for Remove Pages on your screen.

  1. At the beginning of this dialog, the cursor will be in the text box of Remove Pages, in which the page number of the current page will be shown in the beginning. In this, you type the page number from which you want to delete the pages.
  2. If you want to delete more than one page in the text box below the tab by pressing the tab, then type in the last number of pages to be removed, and if you want to remove only one page, then fill the number with the first text box in it as well.
  3. Click the Ok Button. After doing so, you will be given a dialog box confirming this work before PageMaker removes the page.
  4. If you really want to delete the pages mentioned, then click the Ok Button in this dialog box, this will remove both the page numbers filled in the PageMaker and all the pages between them from the document and the pages on all the pages affected by this action. I Will put the numbers again.

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