In today's era, every person wants to do business, but it takes money to do business. And even if the person collects money somehow, he does not find the right place where he can do business. By the way, you can start your business online too. (How to open an online selling website) You can sell your product by creating your website online or you can sell your product on someone else's website. You will get to know about both these methods here.


What do you want to do business with?

First of all, decide what you want to do business with and whether it is possible to do it online. If yes, then you should be ready to learn how to do online business.

For how to do business online, decide what you are going to do business with. Like you make a product and you want people to buy it, or you are taking that thing from a supplier and want to sell it.

Plan all these things. Make a list of everything you want to sell online. (Online Ecommerce Store Open) If you have more products, then divide them into categories. Make a list of every product.

How to deliver the product to the customer?

Now let's assume that you have started your online website or App, now after that, you should make a plan about how and how many days you will take that product to the customer.

Where you are staying, what are the facilities of Shipping & Delivery, what are the shipping charges, collect the information of all these things so that you can combine all these information and finalize your price and put it on the website. With this, you will know how, when and how much you can deliver that product to your customer.

Product storage

If you have to keep the stock of the product you are going to sell, then where will you keep it. You will also have to plan for this. You can either rent a warehouse or buy any safe place for this.

If you want to start a business with less product, then also keep in mind that if the demand is large, then where will you bring those products and deliver them to the customer.

Product Set Price

Two things are important for selling any product. One is its price and the other is its quality. Nowadays people see quality not price, we all know this thing. Any person, whether money-rich or poor, every person needs quality. In such a situation, if you are going to start an online business, then, first of all, look at your product in the market in a small way.

Try to know whether people like him or not. Whether the customer is happy with the price you have placed for the product. If another company is selling the same product in good quality at a lower price than you, then keep that in mind as well. On all these bases, you decide the price of your product.

Create a Business Plan Create a Business Plan

Before starting your online business, prepare your business plan. How will you make your product, how will it be delivered to the customer? How much will it cost to start your business? How many employees will be paid, how much salary will they have to pay?

Create Online Store

How to Open Online Selling Website After doing all the planning mentioned, it is the turn to take your business online. To do any business online, three things are most needed.

1) Domain 

2) Hosting 

3) Website

1) Domain: Domain is the online address that means the URL of your website. That is, it is the name of your website, which a customer will reach you by searching on the Internet.

For example, the domain of Flipkart is Similarly, you will also have to buy your own domain. The domain should be such that it is small and people can remember it easily. ( Domain Suggestion Tool: 5 Best Website to choose Best Domain ) You can buy such a domain.

You can use a website like Godaddy to buy domains where you can buy a domain name, how to buy the domain at a low price? ) Can buy domains for a lower price.

2) Hosting: After buying the domain, the turn of hosting comes. Before buying hosting, you should understand what hosting is? Hosting is a kind of place on the Internet where all the information about your website is collected.

Just like you do a business, you need a shop to sell your product, in the same way, hosting is also a shop where the information about all your products is gathered. You can also buy hosting from any company online according to you.

3) Website: The third and most important thing is the website. You need a website to use both domain and hosting. You all know about the website. The pages that display the products you want to sell are called websites.

There are many pages in it. You can make a website yourself if you know Coding. Otherwise, you can get it made by a web developer.

Know Payment Method

If you have shopped from an online website, then you would know that all kinds of payment options are available in them.

You can pay them through Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc. Know all these payment methods and use them on your website.

How to Get a Promotion?

Everyone knows what is seen in today's era. Today, just by creating a website, by listing the product on it, the products are not sold but you have to promote them as well. People will know you as much as you promote.

You can promote your business through graphics on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you want to do it through video, you can show your ad on Youtube.


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