Using the File Browser

From the file browser, you can view image files, sort and process them. We can use the file browser for many tasks such as creating new folders, renaming, moving and deleting files and rotating images. We can also view the information of the file, as well as import the data from the digital camera.

Displaying the File Browser

Choose File - Browse Or Window - File Browser. By default, files are displayed in the browser palette val. To show the file browser in a separate window, from the palette menu, select show in a separate window.

Using the File Browser Palette Menu

Click on the triangle in the right corner above the palette. Which will get the command access to work with the layer. If the palette is docked in the palette val, then click the triangle on the palette tab.

Navigating into a file browser

Double click on a folder to see its element. To display or hide folders on the right side of the palette, select Show folders from the Palette menu. A checkmark means that folders are being displayed.

Change the file's display

Choose the thumbnail display option from the palette menu or click on the View By Popup menu under the file browser and select the display option.

Sorting Files

Click on the sort by pup-up menu from the bottom of the file browser and select the sorting option as pictured (Ascending order).

Ranking Files

Numbering files means sorting the files as you wish. To give the number, select the Large thumbnail with the Rank display option, click on the Rank field, type a letter, and press Enter. Apart from this, you can also choose rank from the context menu by right-clicking on the thumbnail. Note: - To give multiple files a number, select multiple thumbnails and select rank from the context menu.

Displaying File Information

Click on the File Information pop-up menu under the file browser and select one of them -

All - to see all the image information of the file.

EXIF - To view the information of the image imported from your digital camera.

Selecting and Deselecting Files

Shift + click to select the file on the right side of the palette. To select all files in the current folder, select Select All from the palette menu. To deselect all files, select Deselect All from the palette menu.

Select the file or multiple files you want and do one of the following: -

  • Select the file and press enter key from the keyboard.
  • Double click on the selected file.
  • Drag files or files out of the file browser.
  • From the Palette menu, choose Open.

Renaming files and folders

  • On the right side of the palette, click on the file name or folder name, or select a file or folder and choose Rename from the Palette menu.
  • Then type a new name and press Enter on the keyboard.

Note: Press Tab to go to the next file name. Press Shift + Tab to go to the previous file name.

Deleting Files

First, select the files you want to delete and do one of the following -

  1. Click on the trash button
  2. Drag the files to the Trash button.
  3. Press delete key.
  4. Select the Delete form option from the palette menu.

Creating New Folders

  1. From the palette menu, choose a new folder.
  2. Then a new folder will appear under File Browser called Untitled Folder.
  3. Type a meaningful name and press Enter from the keyboard.

Moving and Copying Files

To move the file, drag it to another folder and Alt + Drag it to another folder to copy the file. 


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