SEO has always been an important factor for bloggers, because in this person, by doing keyword research and on-page SEO of their article, the blog page can get ranked in Google search.

But there are also some techniques through which we speak the shortcut method in our own language so that we can avoid this lengthy process and bring our page to the top in search results in a very short time. In this article, I will tell you about the same important factor called Black Hat SEO. And with this, I will also tell you the ways by which you can use Black Hat SEO in your website.


Google keeps updating something in its algorithm every day, so a blogger always has to keep updated about SEO while blogging, so that he can change the SEO in the article on time. So if you want to rank your blog? If you want to increase your domain authority, then you need to know SEO.

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which is a process and in which you have to put everything like keywords, images, headings in the blog article by following the search engine rules and regulations. Because you will insert your keywords and headings higher than the limit without knowing SEO, then Google crawler by converting your page as a Black Hat SEO  downgrades your ranking from search results.

To avoid this, it becomes very important for you to know the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO so that you do not make any mistakes while writing posts and avoid getting penalized by Google.

But still, I give some information about it here so that you will be able to know this article.

If we say these two terms in easy language, White means good and Black means bad.

In White Hat SEO Techniques, if you understand how the Google search engine works, then your article gets ranked by following the guidelines and rules of Google, but Black Hat SEO means a dark side of your blog. , Which has a bad effect on the domain authority of your blog as well as the rank of your blog.

Because the method adopted in Black Hat Techniques does not follow the policies of Google nor does it follow it.

White Hat SEO:

In this technique, the blogger has to write the article by making a website only under the policy of Google. This is a normal SEO about which we all know. This type of SEO uses On-Page SEO and quality backlinks in which the main motive of the blogger is to follow your Google rules and bring them to the top position of the search results in the right way.

Black Hat SEO:

In this technique, the wrong method is adopted, in which the blog is ranked against the policies of Google. This is a shortcut method by which your posts will soon appear in the top position of Google search, but Google's algorithm has become quite strong now, due to which their top pages are gradually penalized.

Therefore, before knowing about the black hat, you should know about how search engines work so that you can understand SEO better and do not make any big mistakes.

What is Black Hat SEO


A black Hat SEO technique is completely opposite to White Hat, but despite adopting the wrong method, in this technique, you get quick results in comparison to White hat techniques but the method adopted is wrong.

Such SEO uses keyword stuffing, image and image overloading, link farming, spam hyperlinks, the hidden text which is not included in Google's guidelines. Here the search engine's automatic program is said to forcefully rank the page so that bypassing or skipping this automatic crawling program, your article ranks in Google's first position.

Because of this technology being more effective and bypassing Google's policy, you can easily rank the blog, but you may not know, Google's Panda search algorithm has become better and it is now your Has started to understand the trick better. Although this process happens automatically, to date no one has understood Google's algorithm. Therefore, using this, your blog may be permanently blocked from Google search.

To know what black hat techniques are and how they work, you can also publish a fake blog on a platform like Blogger, and even if the account is blocked, you will not be harmed.

Now you must have understood what a black hat is, so now we know about its methods by which black hat SEO is done.


1. Keyword stuffing

The use of your main keyword in posts more often than the limit is called keyword stuffing. In simple language, suppose if you have written a 2 line paragraph and you are using the keywords in that paragraph 5-6 times so that your post will be ranked quickly due to the keywords.

You can understand this by looking at the example given below.

Example of keyword stuffing-

If you are looking for a mobile, then you will find the mobile in any shop, so that you do not have to take any trouble in taking the mobile and you can find the mobile quickly. 

In the above example, we have only used the keyword 4 times in the deadline, but those who specialize in this SEO use 50 to 100 such keywords in their article.

When Google entered the market, by 2000, all the SEO experts used such techniques to bring the blog to the top result, but Google has become much more advanced, and now the blogs that make such things penalizing and blocking their articles from search results.

So my recommendation will be that you always keep the content or information unique, do not copy it in any way, and pay attention to the keyword density.

Apart from this, it gives a bad experience to the user, due to which there is a lot of traffic on the blog first, but soon the Google Panda algorithm removes your post from the search result.

Therefore, in an article of 1000 words, you have to use the keyword only 15 to 20 times, neither less nor more than that.

Keyword Density Formula – (1.5 or 2%) x article words length (i,e 1000) / 100 = 20 Keywords in 1000 words of article.

Ideal Density by Experts – 1 to 2%

2. Irrelevant Keywords 

Second comes in the keyword over-optimization game, using Irrelevant Keywords. In this, such keywords are used in paragraphs or anywhere on the page, which is completely different from your main keywords.

For example, when someone visits your website, then you will put such a link in the post or write something that the person reading will click on that ad or that link which increases your CTR.

For example, click here, you will get this, or put a link to your abuse, but there is something else written on the link, and clicking on it is redirecting the page.

In doing so, it is their main motive to achieve rank only.

3. Hidden Words

Using keywords that are not visible to the user while reading, is called hidden keywords. We can also call it a kind of keyword stuffing, but due to not being visible, it not only makes your post-user-friendly, but it also does not take much time to rank your article.

This keyword can also be your main keyword or it can be opposite to your article. But the keywords that have to be used in it, their search volume is very high, which makes your post rank on multiple keywords.

In this, the expert players give white color to the keywords and while doing this, they also take care of which keyword to insert in which place.

Such people are very smart, but due to Google's advanced AI algorithm, their smartness does not work and they lose their blog forever.

If you have read about what a search engine is, then you will know that Google crawlers or spiders can easily find such hidden words and if you find something like this, then blocking your article will be a game of their left hand. it happens.

3. Cloaking

This is such a black hat SEO technique in which the content that is visible to the user and the content showing the crawler of Google is different.

In this case, it has content that is different to rank in search engines, Google bots are different for them when they crawl the website, and the content that shows the user is different.

A website with spam or miss-guided content mostly uses a clock, this can cause your blog to be permanently blocked from the Google search engine globally and if you are earning well then that, then you can also be a big loser.

Especially used when the search engine algorithm has to be fooled.

So if you are looking at blogging as a career for a long time then it would be better if you stay away from such things.

4. Spinning Articles

Every other blogger uses it on Google, who just has to fill the content somehow and publish it.

The article of a popular blog in Spinning Article is copied and re-written in your blog with the help of a plugin or website. By which the copied words are replaced by other words and your post becomes 100% unique.

Why not use Spinning Article

  • The quality of the content in such articles is low because automatic tools are used here.
  • Because of replacing words with relevant words, the meaning that is added to it changes, so that visitors do not find the experience that is found in the original content, due to which your regular users are reduced and this will reduce your earning. Also has a bad effect.
  • Such tools remove important keywords from the text, due to which your article is not able to rank in search results on those keywords.

5. Over-Optimized Image Alt Tag

If you do not know, then let me tell you that image is also a part of SEO. In such SEO techniques, keywords in the alt tag of the same image are used two or three times.

Over-Optimized Image is considered to be a negative side of SEO, due to which your rank posts can also be down.

So if you want to insert an image into an article, then use the keyword in the alt tag only once so that the Google search engine can understand the topic of your article with the alt tag of your image

6. Link Farming

This is considered to be a very safe way in Black Hat SEO Techniques because the website owner himself creates 50-100 websites on different servers and connects those websites to the main website Indirectly. Apart from this, the owner of the website also buys the paid service so that he can put a link to his website on the site with the High Domain Authority.

By doing this, the backlinks increase significantly and your blog also gets ranked quickly, why are all these do-follow links and such links provide Google value.

The use of link farming is mostly used to provide paid traffic services and for this, it also takes millions of crores of rupees. Where she buys different websites and domains from your money to create professional websites and puts a link to your website in it.

This is a very effective way, but Google sees it like Black Hat and penalizes your blog. However, it is considered safe to use it because companies with Paid service have SEO experts who place links to your website on a site with high domain authority, which increases the authority of your domain and this also gives Google something Is not known.

So if you have money, then you can use this technique, so that you will be able to quickly top your article on Google.

7. Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages

In this way, only the title of the SEO is done and irrelevant information is inserted in the content, but the density of the keyword is also taken into consideration. In such articles, keyword stuffing and hidden keywords are used a lot and that page is ranked on multiple keywords and linked with other high-quality articles.


You click on my link, I will click on your link. Every single blogger says this by sharing a link on a social media platform or a chat group like Telegram and what happens later? Traffic only comes from social media or WhatsApp or telegram.

You must be thinking that whatever the traffic is, brother comes to my website.

But you have to keep in mind that Google's search algorithm only ranks websites whose traffic is organic, meaning the search results come from it.

Whenever we create a new blog and write articles, then we definitely share it on social media. Facebook is used more for this, where we ask other people to do a link exchange.

Due to this, the views on your page are greatly increased, but how long the visiting person engages on your page, also depends on the SEO. If the people exchanging links close the page immediately after visiting, then Google looks at it negatively and its program feels that nothing in this article is of quality, so people are going back immediately after reading it. is.

Due to this, the rank of your article is not increased and social media websites like Facebook also consider it as a spam link and permanently block it. Because of this, there are thousands of views on your page, but the article is not able to rank on Google.

So if you want to run the blog seriously, then it will be good for you to stay away from link exchange and spam traffic, because it will give you organic traffic and further benefit in earning.

9. Copied Content

Copied content is content that exists on more than one website. It simply means that someone owns that information and you are stealing it from that particular URL.

When a Google crawler scans all the websites related to that keyword to show a website on the search result, then its algorithm shows the same website in the website search result whose content is original. For this, when Google Post is published, when it is modified, it stores the data of all these things on its server so that it can easily detect duplicate content.

10. Scraped Content

Scraping content means stealing the copyright of a website and publishing its authorized information or a tool on your website. You can also see it by adding copied content.

To steal someone's copyright is illegal not just in India but in all countries. Apart from this, according to Google, storing someone else's information, modifying it, or manipulating any information or website is against Google's guidelines, so that the owner of that website can also legally make a case against you.

Therefore, if you want to copy someone's information, do so smartly so that you do not have to regret it later.

11. Clickbait

It is most commonly used in black hat SEO techniques. Clickbait means to catch eye-catching and misleading text in the title of your blog page so that the person surfing on Google clicks on your link.

You must have seen that once, buy a tablet or mobile free, or if you complete this survey, you will get a new phone from Apple and all such things. Their purpose in doing this is to increase the CTR of the blog by getting more and more clicks.

But in hali, Google has started to remove the links that divert the logo or those pages from Google, so if you are thinking of doing this, then drop this idea now so that you should not be harmed later.

12. Spam Comment


If you have a website, then you must have faced spam comments at some time. People put a link to their product for promotion or just pages of the Harmful website for fun in your comment section.

In doing so, they get a lot of backlinks and free traffic, due to which their pages start to rank in Google. Although it is nofollow it is also a part of Black Hat SEO.

If you are using a platform like WordPress, then you get an option to modify the comment there, so that you can stop such spammy comments.

So if you are commenting on a website and sharing the link of the article, do not share the same link everywhere else Google puts it on the blacklist as spam so that you do not get rank on the search result even after getting views. Wish So always comment on the site with high domain authority and also keep in mind that do not share your same link again and again.

13. Guest Post Spam  

This is the best way to get backlinks and probably all bloggers follow these techniques and succeed in bringing top results to their blog.

But some people go to the contact page of people and put a link to their website and speak to follow it, not only that, they send multiple times messages or mail, like, you link my website in your article Insert or give some suggestions. To do such things, they have to make do follow the link from the website of motive high authority and some even succeed in it.

Apart from this, people who send messages for guest blogging, if you have accidentally linked your website with a low authority or spam link, then it gets a bad effect on your blog ranking. Therefore, always check or check the page and domain authority and mail or comment to guest post websites.

14. Negative SEO

In this technique, reporting Google to a website that is already ranked or commenting on social media or other blogs about it, is called Negative SEO to penalize that ranked website.

They are called haters in the blogging field, such blogs are engaged in lowering the rank of the website of others rather than increasing the ranking of their website.

It is not in our hands to stop it and I feel bad about those with whom haters do all this. But with a tool called cognitive SEO, we can navigate the unnatural links, so that we get to know which website the backlinks are visiting. If such things are happening with you too, then you can use this tool, and not at 100% you will know about its bad links.

15. Content Automation 

Content automation uses a tool or script whereby information is inserted into the post without any effort and published on your website.

This kind of user-friendly experience or heading, images, paragraphs, spacing, alignment, any such thing does not matter because such a tool is automatically published and published by adding text. They only intend to gain views and bring their article to the top result.

This causes a lot of bad effects on your domain authority and page authority, due to which the trust of the people in their domain is reduced, due to which your website rank starts to decrease in no time. So if you are going to use such tools, then take care of the user's on-page experience and publish the images, paragraphs, spacing, alignment of the post, and fix it.

So these were some important Black Hat SEO techniques that people use to bring their website in rank. And if you are thinking about using such techniques, then later you can also penalize Google, but I will not stop you because it totally depends on you how you want to use your brain...

Hopefully, you have proved to be a helpful article and you have got to learn a lot from it so that you want to adopt a shortcut method after getting into blogging, then I have told you about how people do it and along with it on your blog. You have also given information about what will be the effect so that you can choose a better way for yourself.

If you liked this article, then share it with your friends and if you are connected to social media, then give these blogging SEO techniques to the rest of the people so that they can know about what is black hat SEO is.


I am an engineer by profession but being a blogger is my old day's dream to create my site for those who are more curious about my birthplace than I am coming from (India). the current city lives in Navi Mumbai, India

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