If you run the internet, you will hear these words very often and you will have seen a feature called encryption in WhatsApp too. But maybe you do not know what it is, so do not worry, by the end of this audio lesson you will know about this topic.

In the Internet world, the words Encryption and Decryption are very popular. The Internet is a network where nothing is secure, so encryption is used to protect data on the Internet if you use encryption. If you do not use it, then your data can be hacked by anyone and you can use it for wrong things.

The process of making the message (or data) unusable for all in which only the recipient can understand it is called Encryption. The process (or science) of creating procedures useful for encrypting and decrypting messages is called cryptography. The purpose of this process is only that the message is not decrypted (identified / read) by the suspected user insufficient time.


So what is Cryptography?

Cryptography is derived from the Greek word Krypto, which means "Hidden Secrets". Or in other words, it is an art in which we can protect our data and information, through Cryptography we can convert our data into Unreadable Secret Codes which are called Cipher Text, and can read this data the same.

Who will have a secret key to decrypt it. Decrypt data is called plain text. There are two processes: Encryption and Decryption. It is used to protect E-Mail Messages, Credit / Debit Card Details, and other important information. In Encryption, Plain Text is converted to Cipher Text and in Decryption Cipher Text is converted to Plain Text.

How does this work?

So guys when you send a message using an encrypted messaging service (for example WhatsApp), it converts the service message into code, scrambles it, and creates an encryption key. After this, only the right recipient can unlock this message. Digital encryption is extremely complex and that is why it is considered difficult to crack. To strengthen its security, every time two smartphones start communicating with each other, a new set of encryption algorithms is created.

Cryptography has two types

The first Symmetric Cryptography in which the keys for Encryption and Decryption are similar means that data or information is encrypted and decrypted using the same key. Second, Asymmetric Cryptography in which Keys of both Encryption and Decryption are different means that the Public Key is used to do Encryption and the Private Key is used to do Decryption.

Cryptography has many advantages because encryption makes your data completely secure and safe. After encrypting the data, even if it is hacked or stolen, no one can access or read your data. And using encryption, your data can only be accessed by anyone who wants to allow access to it or a password will be required.


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