What is DNS? 

The full name of the DNS (Full Form) is the Domain Name System. It is a type of system that defines the name of a domain. The names of the domains in it are defined as IP addresses.

So that Browser internet can load resources. Just like we use the phone book to save phone numbers, in the same way, DNS is used to remember the IP address of the website of the Domain Name System. The main function of DNS is to convert the domain name to an IP address.

DNS history

40 years ago, when the size of the Internet was very small, there used to be very few websites. Those who were known only through IP address. At that time it was very easy to remember his IP address. But when the number of websites on the Internet started increasing, there was a lot of difficulty in remembering so many IP addresses. 

To deal with this problem, in the year 1980, a computer scientist named Paul Mockapetris invented the Domain Name System. Under this, instead of an IP address in a website, it started to be named.

 Like  www.website.com,  people had to remember only his name to access that website. DNS was used to convert this name to an IP address, which is used to change the name of a domain to an IP address so that each website can be maintained through a different identity number and the system can easily understand it.

How does DNS work?

If you use a device, then you must know that every Internet-using device has an IP address, in the same way, every domain also has an IP address. In the process of DNS, a domain name is converted to its corresponding IP address.

Types of DNS

There are mainly two types of DNS. 

1) Public DNS 

2) Private DNS

1) Public DNS

These are the DNS that is usually provided to your business by the internet service provider. They are also made available to the general public. That is, if you have a website, other people can know your DNS. It can be accessed by anyone.

2) Private DNS

This is quite different from Private DNS and is not available to the general public. In this, it stays behind the firewall of a company and only keeps the record of the internal site. Private DNS is limited to its scope.

This is especially for those who do not want to extend their network or their website to the general public and want to limit its use to a few people. Like, the people who work in the government department access that website through an IP address and then log in and do their work. Not everyone can access this type of DNS.

How to Choose DNS Server?

You can also create a DNS server on your own and can buy from anyone. When you create a website, you have to buy hosting so that you can keep the data of your website at that place.

Many organizations make their own server which is present in their company so that their company's data does not go out. This is much more beneficial, but only when you want to show your website to a limited number of people. You can choose the DNS server according to your need.

DNS is a very technical term that many people do not understand. But if you are in an internet-connected business then you should know about DNS. It helps to improve your website. Provides him good speed and makes him secure.


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