What Is Organic Traffic? Why Is Organic Traffic Important and How Is It Viewed?

Starting a business online is an easy task. However, increasing their popularity is a difficult task. Because behind the popularity of organic traffic or you are doing online business, the source of their income is the secret of only organic traffic.

Every blogger develops his website and submits it in the search engine and starts hoping that when traffic will start being generated. However, due to increasing competition today, time goes into the war of competitors. Today, every new blogger is facing competition.

And we do not have to adopt many SEO techniques to be cross-competitive, if there is a keyword volume high and Difficult Zero, then you can get organic traffic without SEO technique. If you are a beginner blogger or digital marketer, then let me tell you in-depth about Organic traffic, just continue reading the article till the end.



Friends Organic Traffic Is The Traffic That Comes Through Searching The Keywords Used In The Posts Through Any Search Engine, The Traffic That Comes From It Is Called Organic Traffic If You Say It In The Simple Language Then Whenever A User Visits Our Blog If You Search For The Keyword Linked To Our Blog And Come To Our Blog, Then It Is Called Organic Traffic.


Although There Are Many Ways To Increase Organic Traffic, The Most Important Of Those Methods Is To Do It Correctly. You Can Get Amazing Traffic By Doing Serch Engine Optimization Of The Blog Correctly, I Have Further Shared Some Important Tips About It, Keeping In Mind That You Can Also Increase The Organic Traffic Of Your Website/blog.


You Must Have Seen Many Blogs Or Websites On Which Millions Of Traffic Go Daily, How Does This Happen? What Do They Do That Leads To So Much Traffic On Their Site?

So Let's Talk About Work Now, How To Increase Website/blog's Organic Traffic?

1. Make Your Blog / Post Seo Friendly -

As I Am Telling You That After Creating A Blog, We Do Seo First Of Our Blog So That They Start Showing In Google Or Other Search Engines, You Have To Take Care Of Many Things To Do Search Engine Optimization.

Secondly, When You Do A Seo Of The Blog, Then After That You Will Have Heard The Word " Content Is King " Of Your Post, That Is Why Always Make It Seo Friendly While Writing Your Post, Let's Understand It Well.

  • Always Write Your Post In A Minimum Of 600-800 Words Only. Try Not To Do More Than This.
  • Always Use Long Tail Keywords In The Post.
  • Always Keep The Title Of The Post As The Keyword's Relevant.
  • Do Use Images In Your Post
  • Use Heading And Sub Heading Like H1, H2, H3.
  • Always Use Internal Links In Your Posts.

2. Write Quality Content

Google now maintains quality content more. That is, more information will be shared on your website. The higher the rank of your website in Google, the more organic traffic you will get.

This is the first and best way to increase traffic to your website that everyone should follow.

3. Know Google Algorithms

To bring traffic from Google to your website, you have to bring your Site content to the top position in Google SERPs.

To get your site top-ranked in Google, you should know how Google works, how to make your site top in Google.

To know about all this, you should know the Google algorithm. Only then can you make your site the # 1 color in Google.

When you get to know about the Google algorithm and its working process, then it will be easy to get your site in Google.

4. Create Backlinks

To Top Google, Your Website Must Be Connected To Another Website. When Your Website Gets Linked To Many Other Websites That Share The Same Content, Google Trusts It More.

Now You Can Link Your Website To Another Website Through A Link. But You Have To Keep In Mind That The Content Of The Website From Which You Are Creating A Backlink Is Relevant To Your Website And Its Domain Authority Is 20+.

The More Da And The Trusted Website You Make The Packing From, The More You Will Get Benefit. And Of Course, You Have To Create A Dofollow Backlink.

5. Optimize Site Speed

Now Fast Loading Of The Website Has Also Become Google Ranking Factor. Now, The Faster Your Website Loads, The Better It Will Get Ranked In Google.

6. Follow Google Guideline

If you want traffic from Google, then you have to follow Google's guidelines. If you work against Google Guidelines then Google will never give you the ring.

As I mentioned in Point No.3, you have to understand Google Algorithms, not only understand but also follow its rules. If Google breaks the rules, Google will remove your site from its search engine.

7. Fix Broken Links

To make Google yours there must be no issues in your website (Server, Design, Dead and Broken Links, etc.). The most important is to fix the broken link.

Remove or replace all the genders on your website that have an Error 404 Issue. That is, the links that are not working have to be corrected.

If you are a WordPress user, you can fix it by finding the Broken gender using the Broken Link Checker plugin.

I use Xenu Tools to find Broken Links, it scans the website All Links in 2-5 minutes.

8. Write Post Regular 

Google Gives More Color To A Blog On Which Information Is Shared Regularly. If You Do Not Give Any Update On Your Blog For A Long Time, Then Its Current Rank Will Also Be Reduced.

If You Regularly Work On Your Website, Then Google Will Crawl Your Site More And Give Your Site More Rank.

Because When You Write A Post On A Regular Time, Your Audience Will Wait For Your New Post And When You Publish The Post, Everyone Will Read That Post. The More People Will Read Your Post, The More Google Will Show It In The Top.

9. Lower the Bounce Rate

If your website has a very high bounce rate, then Google will not rank your site. Because Google gives more rank to the content that the audience likes more.

A high bounce rate means that very few people are interested in reading your content. This will lower your rank even further.

If you can reduce the bounce rate, then your normal content will also rank top in Google. Because of this Google will feel that more and more people are liking your content, which means that your content is better than others.

10. Do Site Promotion

On the website whose content is shared by more and more people, Google trusts it more and gives it a higher rank. Therefore, you must promote the content of your website.

For this, first of all, I would advise you to share the content on social media. You spoke to your readers to share the content in the post and also create your own social profile and share the content of your website with your friends.

Apart from social media, you can promote your website content on Q&A forums like Quora, other blogs, or website profiles.


I am an engineer by profession but being a blogger is my old day's dream to create my site for those who are more curious about my birthplace than I am coming from (India). the current city lives in Navi Mumbai, India

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