How to increase blog traffic from social sites? Social Media Sites is a great platform to increase blog traffic.

And you would also share blog posts on social sites to bring visitors to your blog?

But do you get traffic from social media sites, and even if you get it, are you satisfied with it?

Because from social sites you can send millions of visitors to the blog? But for that, some tips have to be followed regularly.

In this post, I will tell you some such ways to bring visitors to the blog from social media sites. By applying those, you can easily increase the traffic of the blog through social media.



If you share the blog post directly on social sites, then you will not get many clicks on your content.

Because the length of the blog post is more, and on social media marketing you have to attract visitors in an image and few lines.

Therefore, to get more visitors from social sites, you have to follow some steps properly.

Blog Post Title

Before publishing the post on the social site, you must check the title of your post once.

Because Actionable Title gets more clicks on social sites. And the title show happens before the post.

And if you do not select the Actionable title for social media, then you will not get more clicks from social sites.

So no matter what title is placed in the blog post, always make the title actionable in social sharing.

Use Quality Images

Just like to increase organic traffic on the blog, you have to write high-quality content, just like that, quality images are also a very good way to bring traffic to the blog from social media.

Because on social sites, people decide on seeing the photo whether they want to click on the post or not.

In such a situation, if your post image is not good, then you will get negligible clicks. And if the image quality is high, then you will get many clicks.

And the post-sharing photo size of every social site is also different.

To get more visitors from So Social sites, a High-Quality Image has to be created. And also it has to be kept in mind that the image should match the title of the post.

Meaning, seeing your image and title, visitors can say what is on the post.

Highlight Keyword

What is a keyword, and you must know how important it is for a blog post?

Similarly, highlight the Focus keyword on your social media post.

And to highlight the keyword on the social site, the hashtag (#) tag is used with the keyword.

And it will be shown to more people on your content social sites. Which you will get more clicks from social sites.

Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

To bring traffic to the blog from social media sites, also add some Motivational quotes lines on your post.

Because people like Motivational and inspirational quotes more. So if you add such lines to your post then you will get more visitors.

Ask Questions

You must have seen on social sites that people are more engaged in the topic of question and suggestion.

In such a situation, you ask related questions about your blog topic and use the comment section of the blog to answer.

And also join your blog, topic-related groups. Which you will be able to increase traffic to your blog through the question, answer on more and more groups.

Post Sharing Time

There are many bloggers, who publish their post on blogs as well as share it on social sites. And then wait for the visitors to come to the blog.

Which is a very wrong approach. And in this way, you will not get social traffic on your blog.

Because people use every social site at different times. So first you have to find out on which social media when people stay online more.

And for this I researched my Facebook account which has 5000 friends, then it came to know that 5 – 11 Pm is the best time for Facebook marketing in India.

So I share your post mostly in the evening time only. And I also get good traffic.

Similarly, people also use other social media sites at different times. That's why you check first and then publish your content only when people are more online.

Share the post by changing the image

Do not share the same post over and over again on the same image. And create another image related to the topic and then share it.

It will get some new visitors from social media on your post.

make video

Make short videos of all your blog posts and add a link to the post in the description of the video.

Whoever sees this video of yours, will also visit your blog for complete information.

Optimize Content for Every Network

I told you above that the post-sharing image size and post-sharing time of every social site are different.

Therefore do not share the same image on all social sites. And create different images for all networks.

Also, if you can write a post on Twitter in just 140 characters, then you can share the post on Facebook in more length also.

So do not forget to optimize the content before publishing it.

Use Social Media Marketing Tools

To bring traffic to the blog from social media, you must apply the above-mentioned tips.

But it is also important to see the result of the work together. Which will help you to get even more visitors.

And to check the result of the post, you can use Social Media Marketing Tools like Buffer, Sprote, Hootsuite.

Here you will get to know which of your posts get more clicks on which type of post.

Which you will be able to plan Social Media Marketing Strategy in a better way next time. And will be able to send more traffic to your blog.

Final Words

Regular sharing is also very important to bring traffic from social sites to blog. But most of the Hindi bloggers share only a few days and wait for the visitors to come.

And this is very wrong, in this way you will not get clicks on your post. Therefore, if you cannot share the dig regularly, then you should schedule your post through the buffer, Hootsuite tool.

Finally, I hope you understand how to increase blog traffic from social sites.

If you also want to know other ways to increase blog traffic, then click here.

And if you have any questions related to this post, then you can tell in the comment box below.

I will be glad to help you.


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