What are the Best SEO Tips for Blogger Blogs? How to make a blog SEO-friendly? This is a very big problem for every new blogger. Because SEO helps the most in growing and ranking the blog.

And you must know what is SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization and why it is important for a blog. So in this post, I will tell you some such tips to make Blogspot blog SEO friendly, following which you can easily make your blog SEO friendly.

And by doing SEO on your blog, the blog grows very fast. So it should never be ignored.



It is very difficult to appear on the search engine without optimizing SEO on the blog. So if your blog is on blogger then follow these SEO tips properly, and make your blog SEO friendly.

1) Search Engine Submission

After creating a blog, it has to be submitted to the search engine, only then it starts appearing on Google and other search engines.

So this is a very important SEO point for bloggers. And along with creating a blog, submit it to search engines like Google, Bing.

2) Add Custom Domain

Short URLs are very beneficial from an SEO point of view. But when you create a blog on Blogspot, then your blog URL is very long.

Therefore, to make your blog SEO friendly, add Custom Domain to it. This will shorten your URL and visitors will also get your blog name. It will be easy to remember.

3) Enable Advanced Seo

To make Blogspot blog SEO friendly, it is very important to enable Advance SEO. On this, you can do Blog title, Meta Tag, Robot.txt, Google Analytics Property add, Comment section setting, Email setting, etc.

That is, you can say that the Advance SEO option is very helpful to make Blogger blogs SEO friendly. And like WordPress, you cannot use plugins on Blogger.

So the blogger team has created this advanced SEO setting.

4) Create a Sitemap and Submit it to Google Search Console

A sitemap is an XML file, and it contains all the links of the blog posts, pages. And it helps the search engines to crawl and index your site.

You can create Sitemap on Google for free. But if you do not submit it to the search console after creating it, then there is no use in creating a sitemap.

After creating a Sitemap for So Blog, submit it to the search console as well.

5) Do Keyword Research

You must have known what the keyword is? And keywords are very important for blog posts.

Therefore, before writing a blog post, do keyword research, it is easy to rank the post on the search result page.

And to do Hindi keyword research, you can use Google Auto Suggest, Google Keyword Planner, etc. Free keyword research tools.

6) Optimize Blog Post Titles

Visitors from search engines or anywhere come to your blog only after seeing the post title. In such a situation, if the title of the blog post is not attractive, then traffic will not come to your blog post.

Therefore, while selecting the title of a blog post, you have to keep these few things in mind regularly like,

Add Focus Keyword to Title

Add Numbers

Keep the title between 50-60 characters.

7) Image optimize

Images are very important for blog posts. So you must add images to your post.

And adding photos to a blogger blog is very easy. But do not forget to rename it before uploading and add the keyword on its ALT page after uploading.

Because the images of this blog post are SEO friendly. And you also get blog traffic from them.

8) Add Internal Links

Interlinking reduces the bounce rate of the blog. To add a link to another post on each of your posts.

But in interlinking, you have to keep in mind that only the links of the related post have to be added.

Because if you add a link to a Health-related post on an SEO-related post then it will not have any value. So always add the related post link only.

9) Use Permalinks With Keywords

We cannot ignore the permalink in Blogger Seo Tips. Because the URL of the blog post is very important to be SEO friendly.

And on Blogspot, you can use Custom Permalinks. Meaning you can make your URL short and SEO-friendly by removing the default permalink.

Also, do not forget to add the targeted keyword of your blog post on the permalink as well.

10) Use Meta Tag Description

Meta tag description is very important for search engines. On this, you have to write a post summary in 160 characters.

It will be easy for the search engine bot to understand what is on your post. That's why you add meta descriptions to every post.

And to add a meta tag description on blogger, there is an option under the right sidebar of the post editor.


So this was the way to make blogger blogs SEO friendly. And without following these tips, your blog will never be SEO-friendly.

And along with these you also have to pay attention to the blog design. And make your blog a simple design. And never add more colors, as well as you do not use extra widgets, and popups too.

So friends, did you find this information for SEO tips for blogger blogs? Or if you have any questions then tell me in the comment box.

I will be glad to help you.


I am an engineer by profession but being a blogger is my old day's dream to create my site for those who are more curious about my birthplace than I am coming from (India). the current city lives in Navi Mumbai, India

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