15 Home Remedies for Good Sleep | How to Sleep Early at Night

If You Are Confused Every Day That How To Sleep Early At Night? What To Do So That You Can Fall Asleep As Soon As You Go To Bed? So We Have Come Up With Home Remedies For Good Sleep For You.

That Is Why It Is Very Important To Get Good And Complete Sleep. If You Also Have This Problem And You Keep Thinking About How To Sleep Well At Night, Then Here We Are Going To Tell You What To Do To Get Good And Deep Sleep.

So If You Keep Getting Worried Thinking About How To Get A Good And Full Sleep At Night, Then Here We Are Going To Tell You Some Such Things Which Will Solve Your Problem. These Are Some Such Sleep Tips That Will Really Help You Get Rid Of The Problem Of Sleeplessness.



(1) Do Not Drink Too Much Water Just Before Bedtime

Although Drinking Water Is Beneficial, If You Want To Get A Full And Sound Less Sleep At Night, Then Do Not Drink Too Much Water Right Before Sleeping. Otherwise, There Are Many Chances That You May Not Be Able To Sleep Well, Or You May Wake Up In The Middle.

There Are 2 Big Reasons Behind This Happening. Firstly, Our Body Is Not In Active Mode During The Night, Due To Which The Water That We Drink Cannot Be Used. Due To Which Our Kidneys Get Disturbed A Lot Even At Night. While Our Kidneys Also Need Rest.

Secondly, By Drinking More Water, Our Urinary Bladder Is Also Unable To Stay In Its Natural Position For The Whole Night. Due To The Pressure Caused By More Water, It Has To Be Spread A Little More, Which Becomes The Cause Of Disturbance In Your Sleep. Therefore, Water Should Be Drunk 45 Minutes Before Sleeping.

(2) Sleep After Drinking 1 Glass Of Warm Milk

Some People Get To Sleep Early Once But Then Their Sleep Is Broken Again And Again In The Night. Due To Which They Are Not Able To Sleep Completely And The Body And Mind Are Not Fully Recovered.

If You Want To Know How To Have A Deep Sleep At Night, Then For This You Must Drink 1 Glass Of Warm Milk Before Sleeping. Tryptophan And Serotonin Are Found In Warm Milk, Which Works To De-stress The Brain, Which Leads To Good Sleep.

(3) Sleep Wearing Comfortable Clothes

Sometimes The Clothes We Wear Also Become The Reason For Spoiling Our Sleep. If You Wear Too Tight Or Heavy Clothes At Night, Then - They Work To Spoil Your Sleep.

One Has To Face A Lot Of Trouble While Turning In Tight Clothes At Night, Due To Which Sleep Is Broken. Therefore, One Should Always Sleep In Loose-fitting And Light Clothes At Night. If You Want, You Can Buy Separate Clothes For Sleeping At Night Which Is Available In The Market.

(4) Massage Of Mustard Oil On Feet

If You Have More Insomnia [ INSOMNIA IS ASLEEP DISORDER IN WHICH YOU HAVE TROUBLE FALLING AND/OR STAYING ASLEEP. ] Problems And You Want To Do Home Remedies For Good Sleep, Then Mustard Oil Will Help You. Yes, Massaging Mustard Oil On Your Soles Before Sleeping At Night Gives You A Good Sleep.

Massaging The Feet With Mustard Oil Calms Our Minds And Reduces Stress Significantly. Before Sleeping, Wash Your Feet Thoroughly With Warm Water And Wipe Them Thoroughly And Massage The Feet For 4-5 Minutes. This Will Definitely Cure Your Insomnia.

(5) Do Some Exercise Every Day

Regular Exercise Plays An Important Role In Keeping Your Sleep Right. You Must Do Any Kind Of Exercise For At Least 30 Minutes Every Day. If You Are Not Able To Exercise, Then At Least Start The Morning Walk.

Exercise Works By Reducing Stress And Increasing The Level Of Good Hormones. Due To Which The Functioning Of Our Brain Improves And Insomnia Disease Is Removed. Yoga Is Also Helpful In Improving Your Sleep, If You Want, You Can Also Do Yoga Daily.

(6) Avoid Taking Heavy Food At Night

If You Want To Take Home Remedies For Insomnia Disease, Then Do Not Eat More Food Than Necessary At Night. Taking A Full Meal Before Sleeping At Night Disturbs Your Sleep. Especially When You Go To Bed As Soon As You Eat.

So Always Try To Take Light Food At Night. Also, Make A Rule That Your Food Should Be Taken At Least 1 Hour Before Sleeping. If You Can Go For A Little Walk Outside After Dinner, It Will Be Even More Helpful In Getting You A Good Sleep.

(7) Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine [ A CHEMICAL, FOUND IN TEA AND COFFEE ] Is A Substance That Disturbs Your Mind. Therefore, Do Not Consume Anything During The Night From Which You Get Caffeine. For Example, After 6 P.m., You Should Not Consume Tea With Milk.

Similarly, Do Not Drink Coffee, Cold Drinks, And More Sweet Things. All These Things Work To Give You A Lot Of Calories And Disturb The Brain. If Your Mind Is Not Calm Then You Will Not Be Able To Sleep For Many Hours Even After Going To Bed.

(8) Sleep With The Lights Off

The Law Of Nature Is Such That We Can Sleep Better In The Dark. This Is The Reason That It Is Dark At Night And The Night Is Made Only For Sleeping Comfortably.


So If You Are Worried About How To Get A Night Of Deep Sleep At Night, Then For This, You Should Sleep By Turning Off The Lights Of Your Sleeping Room. Staying Light Only Spoils Your Sleep. If You Do Not Want To Sleep In The Dark At All, Then Put Such A Light In The Room Which Gives Very Light.

(9) Stay Away From Tv And Smartphones

Smartphones Have Now Become A Complete Necessity For Us. But Do You Know That Excessive Use Of Smartphones Is Making You Sick? Yes, It Is The Cause Of Many Diseases, Including Insomnia.

The Ultraviolet Rays Emanating From The Smartphone And The Light Emanating From Its Display Make You Mentally Ill. They Work To Bring Your Stress Level To The Highest Level. So Make A Rule That You Will Stop Using Them 2 Hours Before Sleeping.

(10) Keep The Sleeping Place Very Clean

If You Want To Do Home Remedies To Get Good Sleep, Then, First Of All, Make Your Sleeping Room Very Clean. It Is The Nature Of The Human Mind That It Is Not Able To Sleep Well In A Dirty Place.

Many People Keep Their Sleeping Places Very Messy, Where Things Are Lying Scattered Here And There. Seeing Such An Environment, Your Mind Can Never Remain Calm. Therefore, Keep Your Bedroom Completely Clean To Get A Good And Deep Sleep.

(11) Take Nutritious Food

The Difference In Our Food And Drink Makes A Difference In Our Life. Our Health Remains The Same As We Eat. The Big Reason For Not Getting Sleep Or Waking Up Frequently Is Also The Food We Take.

It Goes For A Day Or Two, But If We Start Using More Oily And Rich Food Regularly Then It Works To Spoil Our Sleep. That's Why We Should Eat Plain And Nutritious Food By Not Consuming Much Junk Food.

(12) Do Not Sleep With Any Kind Of Burden On Your Mind

Every Person Remains Under Stress To Complete His Work Throughout The Day. Having The Right Thing Ends The Dispute With Someone. In The Affair Of Work, We Meet Many People Throughout The Day, From Whom It Is Difficult To Come.

Many People Take These Small Things To Heart And Keep Spoiling Their Minds Thinking About Them. This Is The Reason That Despite Going To Bed At Night And Being Tired, They Are Unable To Sleep Quickly.

If You Want To Know How To Sleep Early As Soon As You Go To Bed, Then You Must Clear All Your Grievances Before Sleeping. To-Do This, You Have To Be A Little Tolerant And Understand That Such Small Incidents Keep Happening In Life.

(13) Sarpagandha And Ashwagandha

If Even Home Remedies For Good Sleep Are Not Working For You, Then It Means That Your Problem Is A Little Bigger. So For This, You Have To Adopt Some Tips.

There Are 2 Very Good Herbs In Ayurveda, Sarpagandha, And Ashwagandha. You Can Buy This Powder From Any Ayurvedic Medical Shop And Mix Them In Equal Quantity And Prepare Mix Powder.

Mixing 1 Teaspoon Of This Powder In Lukewarm Water Or Milk, Half An Hour Before Sleeping Every Night, Will Cure Your Insomnia Problem In A Few Days. If You Want, You Can Also Consult An Ayurvedic Doctor First.

(14) Do Not Sleep During The Day

Many People Sleep During The Day Too, Which Completely Disturbs The Sleep System. Remember, The Only Night Is Made For Sleeping. So Sleep On Time At Night And Get Up On Time In The Morning. This Is The Law Of Nature That Our Body Also Wants To Follow.

By Sleeping During The Day, The Internal Organs Of Our Body Get Confused, Which Becomes The Reason For Their Weakening. Similarly, When We Sleep During The Day, The Balance Of Hormones In Our Brain Gets Disturbed, Due To Which We Stop Getting Good Sleep At Night. So Never Sleep During The Day.

(15) Sleep After Remembering God

Believe It Or Not, But It Is True That If You Sleep By Thanking God While Sleeping, Remembering Him A Little, Then Sleep Becomes Good. The Reason For This Is That Our Mind Is Satisfied And Relaxed.

By Sleeping By Remembering God Every Day, Both Our Mind And Heart Are Satisfied, Due To Which The Person Sleeps Peacefully. So Always Before Sleeping, Ask God For Forgiveness For The Mistakes You Have Done And Thank You For Whatever You Have Got.


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