Increase Referral Traffic for Blogs is important for every blogger.

There are many ways to increase blog traffic. And you should use all the methods to increase visitors to your blog.

There are 3 types of visitors to the blog, Paid, organic, and Referral. In which Organic and Referral Traffic is very important.

Because referral traffic will increase the backlinks of the blog. And at the same time, the search ranking will also increase.

You must have read many posts about how to increase blog traffic from search engines. Therefore, in this post, I will tell you about how to increase the referral traffic of the blog.



Referral Traffic means the visitors who come to your blog from other sites are called Referral visitors. And these sites can be anyone's blog, forums, social networking sites, directories.

Having a link to your websites on a site means referring your blog to their blog readers. And the more websites that have blog links, the more referral traffic you will get for your blog.

That is, the traffic that does not come from the search engine, you can call them Referral traffic.


There are many such websites on the Internet from where you can easily increase the number of referral visitors to your blog. And on these, you can create referral traffic for your blog in many ways.

I will tell you about increasing traffic from different websites. For example, Blogs and Websites, Forums and Social networks, YouTube, etc.

And these are all perfect sites where you can receive many targeted visitors.


You probably know how to increase traffic from blogs and websites. You can also increase your blog traffic from your niche-related blogs.

But if you are not familiar then this is the way, Quality Content, Blog Commenting, or Guest Posting which you can easily bring traffic to the blog from other blogs or websites.


Quality content is the best way to increase blog traffic. And it will get you, visitors, for a long time.

When you create your high-quality content, then explain every point of the post well and write in the post details.

Because if you write a helpful post for the visitors, then the visitors will only add the link of your post to their blog. And then you contact bloggers through social media sites.

And ask them to read your post. But don't ask for sharing or backlinks. And just read the post and ask to give your opinion.

In this, not all bloggers will read your post. But those who will read and like your post, then they will definitely recommend your site to their blog readers.


Commenting on the blog of other bloggers makes a good relationship with your bloggers. And a lot of traffic and backlinks are also available. But it is not easy either. So many bloggers cannot benefit from commenting.

If you are commenting on many blogs and you are not getting some results then it means you have made some mistake.

If you expect results tomorrow by commenting today, you may not even get it. But if you make a valuable comment then you will get visitors from comments for a long time.

First of all, you should search for some blogs related to your blog niche, which have high-quality content, and also get many comments.

Then you read the post and check the comments, what kind of comments have been made by the visitors and blog owner or not with the commentators.

If there are informative comments on it and many bloggers are engaged, then you should also participate in it. And do the best and valuable comments.

After that, you read every new article on that blog. And give your opinion in the comments. But the Nice post, Thanks for sharing, Amazing content, don't comment like this. It will not benefit you anything.

To get backlinks and traffic from commenting, you have to make a comment that adds some value to the post. After reading the post, if there are some mistakes or mistakes in it, then do not hesitate to show it too.

The more comments you make, the more referral traffic you will get for your blog.


Guest posts are a great way to increase blog traffic. When you guest post on a high authority blog, you will get a lot of referral traffic and backlinks.

And in guest blogging, you have to keep some things in mind. Like you do not guest post on everyone's blog. And post on your blog niche-related blogs only.

Check the blog before posting. And on which there is high traffic, good search ranking and Domain Authority is also high, post guests on such blogs.


To bring visitors from social media to blog, I will tell you about some popular social media like Facebook, Twitter. Which can increase the referral traffic on your blog and decrease the bounce rate.


To increase the traffic of the blog from Facebook, you must first join some relevant and active groups. An active group is said because many groups are dead. You will not benefit anything by sharing in such groups.

But there are many other such active groups on Facebook on which you can join. Even if it is not related to your blog niche.

With active groups, you can increase visitors to your blog.

But you have to be active in groups. You have to like, share, comment on the post of others and also share your post.

By doing this, the admin of the groups will also pay attention to you and if your content is good and helpful, then they will also make your post a featured post of the group.

To gain visitors from Facebook to the blog, you create multiple Fb pages. And share your every post on both the pages in different ways.

Share your post link on one page. And share the photo, video of the same article on another page. Then check which page has more engagement or organic reach.

Then share your content on Facebook in the same way as you get more traffic.


Many bloggers think that they cannot increase more visitors to their blog from Twitter.

But it is not so, you can increase Hugh Referral traffic on your blog from Twitter.

If you are not getting traffic for the blog from Twitter, then it means that either you do not have many followers on Twitter or you do not share content properly on Twitter.

Increasing followers on Twitter is not a difficult task. If you will do good tweets, that is, you do not share only your blog post.

You like, latest news, Launches, videos, tweets, or retweets. Comment on other's posts. Only then can you receive Hugh followers on Twitter.

And if you do not have time to use Twitter every day, then you should use tools like buffer, Hootsuite. And schedule your post to be shared.

Also, you should check the analytics of your activities.

Only then will you know that the way you have promoted your content, how you get results. And if you do not get good results, then you next share the content differently.


By joining active and popular forums and engaging on other people's posts, you can still get visitors to your blog for a long time.

Like Quora, IndiBlogger is a very popular forum on which you can join and increase high referral traffic on your blog.

Let us know at some points what you can do to increase visitors to your blog from Forums.

1) Anyone can easily contact you like Create a perfect profile, Add a perfect bio, Profile pic, Social accounts.

2) Be active on the forums and add a link to your blog post.

3) Search some popular topics and relevant topics related to your blog and share your opinion on them.

4) Always Help Others

5) Add a newly updated answer on the Old Post. And make real connections with some other users.

By following these tips, you can generate many visitors for your blog from every forum.


YouTube is a very big video-sharing site on which you can upload your videos along with watching videos. Monthly billion visitors visit YouTube. And many people also share videos on it to increase traffic on their website.

You also make a video of your every post and share it regularly by making it your channel on YouTube. Not only this, you will get high-quality backlinks for your blog. Also, you will get lots of visitors to your blog.

Not only on YouTube, but you can also send a lot of Referral Traffic to the blog by sharing your video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. And you can also earn online through video sharing on social media.


Web Directories sites are also very helpful to increase Referral Traffic on blogs.

And by submitting your blog on web directories sites, you will also get quality backlinks for your blog.

And in this, you have to keep in mind that only submit your blog on High-Quality Web Directories sites.


Referral traffic of the blog can also be increased by sharing your blog content on some popular social bookmarking sites.

Like, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit all these are high domain authority sites and they have millions of traffic.

And by sharing your content, you can generate a lot of referral traffic, backlinks from these sites for your blog.


There are many other ways to increase referral traffic on the blog. But Quality Content, Blog Commenting, Guest posts, Social Media, Forums, YouTube are all the best ways.

And if you want to use some other method too, you can.

In Niche, I will tell you some extra ways that you can generate a lot of referral traffic for your blog.

Blog Community Sites

On blog community sites such as IndiBlogger, BlogEngage, you share the link of each of your blog posts. Other members of this site can see your post, like, comment.

By being active on such community sites, you can easily increase the traffic of your blog.


Infographics are a great but expensive way to get referral traffic to the blog.

Because even if you know how to make infographics, it takes 1 hour or even a full day. And in Infographics, you not only have to design but also have to explain your content well.

And after creating Infographics, you can send Hugh traffic to the blog by sharing your Infographics on sites like Slideshare, Pinterest, Flicker, etc.

Content Curation

Content curation is also a good technique to increase blog traffic. All you have to do on this is make a list of some of the best posts of your blog and suggest related information about your content by registering on sites like Storify, scoop...

Question Answers Sites

There are many such sites on which you can bring traffic to your blog by answering questions and asking questions.

For example, Quora, Yahoo questions and answers join these sites and answer questions and you can also add a link to your blog post on the answer.

Then you also ask related questions about the blog topic. You will get referral traffic for your blog for a long time.

Finally, these were some of the best ways to increase blog referral traffic. You can easily increase your blog traffic by following these tips.

Now if you like this information on how to increase the referral traffic of the blog, then share it. And if you have any questions then tell me in the comment box below.


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