How to increase blog traffic? After creating a blog, every blogger wants to know about how to bring traffic to his blog, and how to increase the traffic of the blog.

And on Google, you will also find many ways to bring visitors to the blog. But bringing traffic to a blog is not an easy thing. Because only having high-quality content on the blog or being SEO friendly does not bring traffic to the blog. This means that along with being good content and SEO-friendly on the blog, it is important to have much more things.

And if you do not check from the beginning, the content on your blog may be good, but the loading speed of your blog is very slow.

Or else your post is good but not Seo Friendly.

The traffic of the blog will never increase due to many such small mistakes.

In This Post, I will tell you some such ways about how to increase blog traffic, with the help of which you can easily increase your blog traffic.

And if you follow these tips properly then I can be sure that the traffic of your blog will increase 100%.


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Like I told you above, to bring traffic to the blog, the blog has to be checked from the beginning and some steps have to be followed regularly.

Only then the ranking of the blog will be good, and more traffic will also start coming to the blog.

Because visitors like to visit only on the perfect blog. So follow all the tips mentioned below. Only then you can easily increase the number of visitors to your blog.

1) Blog Design

The design of the blog also helps in bringing high traffic. Visitors will like to come again and again to a beautiful blog. Which will increase the Returning Visitors of the blog.

But if your design is not good then visitors will not like to visit your blog. And even if you visit, seeing your design, you will go away as soon as they come.

And the Bounce Rate of this blog also becomes high, which is not a good thing for any blog.

So you make the design of your blog user-friendly. And design as simple as possible. Because both visitors and search engines do not like more colorful designs.

So keep the design of the blog simple. And do not add more widgets, ads, pop-ups on the homepage. Otherwise, visitors have trouble seeing your blog and post.

And the template is a very important part of blog design. You cannot change it, again and again, so choose a good, Simple, Fast loading, SEO Friendly, and Mobile Responsive theme only.

2) Make Blog SEO Friendly

To bring organic traffic to the blog, it is very important to do search engine optimization.

Because if your blog is Seo Friendly then only blog and blog posts will appear in search engines and visitors will be able to visit your blog.

Therefore, to increase the traffic of the blog, it is very important to make the blog SEO friendly.

And to make your blog SEO friendly, submit the blog URL to the search engine, create a sitemap and then submit it to Google Search Console.

And also enable Advance SEO on your blog.

3) Use SSL Certificate

Google always gives more importance to a secured website than an unsecured one. And a secured blog would get a good rank on Google very soon.

That is, Google has now started taking the secured blog up and down the unsecured. In such a situation, if you do not make your blog secure, then you may have traffic loss from Google.

Therefore, to make your blog secure, you should use an SSL Certificate.

And you can use Cloudfire to add a Free SSL Certificate to the blog.

4) Do Keyword Research for Blog Post

To increase the traffic of the blog, it is very important to do keyword research. Because the keyword of the post is everything in bringing organic visitors to the blog.

Are people searching for what you are writing about? And what you are writing, how many have already published on the Internet.

This is very important for you to go. Because if you expect traffic by writing any post without research, then you will get disappointment.

Because maybe no one searches what you have written? Or it may also happen that the competition of the keyword you have targeted is very high.

It is very difficult to rank such keywords. That's why it is very important to do keyword research before writing a blog post.

And for this, you can take the help of keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest. And select only such keywords whose search volume, competition is low or medium.

5) Perfectly Add Focus Keyword to Blog Post

By targeting which keyword are you writing the post? It is very important to add that focus keyword to the blog post correctly.

Because from the keyword itself, the search engine knows on which topic your post is.

And Search Engine ranks the blog post only by checking the keywords.

Therefore, every blogger needs to know how and where to add the Focus keyword to the blog post.

Because if you add the same keyword to your blog post again and again, then Google can add your post to the Spam list. So you also have to keep in mind the Keyword Density.

6) Write High-Quality Content

SEO Friendly High-Quality Post is the easiest way to increase traffic on the blog. And 100 quality posts can give you more visitors than 1000 blog posts.

Because both search engines and visitors like quality posts more. And Quality Content is the same which is a post written for the visitors.

So you write every post in detail and optimize the title, Permalink, Meta Tag, Paragraph, Image, Headings of the post as well.

And your blog CTR is also increased by a good blog post title and meta description.

Also, you should do on-page SEO on blog posts. Due to which your blog post will be SEO friendly. And you will get a good rank on the search engine.

7) Use Eye-Catching Photos

1 image works for 1000+ words, you must have heard this. But do you know that images of blog posts also help in increasing blog traffic?

That's why adding an image to a blog post is very beneficial. And if you add an Alt tag to your image and make it SEO friendly, then you will get visitors from Google Image too.

And also share the images of your blog post on Photo Sharing sites like Printest, Instagram.

If someone searches on your post-related images, then they will show your images. And they can also visit the blog by clicking on your image.

8) Interlinking

Interlinking helps in getting the post-high rank. And at the same time, the bounce rate of this blog is also low.

Because when you add a link to a related post on any of your posts, visitors will click on it and read your other post as well.

And the more time visitors stay on your blog, the lower will be your bounce rate.

Therefore, interlinking is very important to increase traffic on the blog.

9) Use Share Buttons

Everyone uses social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc nowadays. So you must add social share buttons on your blog and post.

Because when a visitor reads your post and they find your post good and helpful, then they will be able to share your post with their friends.

More and more people will know about your blog and post on social sites. And they will be able to visit your blog.

So you add social sharing buttons to bring traffic to your blog. And also request the visitors of the blog to share your post on the social site.

10) Increase blog traffic through Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very important to increase blog traffic. From social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you can increase social traffic on your blog from every popular social site.

Because a million users are active at any time on social sites. You can increase blog visitors from social media sites by sharing your blog posts.

But the marketing strategy of every social site is different. So if you want visitors from social sites then you have to share your post properly on every social site.

And all the popular social sites have different timing for marketing. Because users do not use all social sites simultaneously.

You also have to keep in mind which social site when you have to share your post.

And in social media marketing, you also have to pay attention to the image. Because the post-sharing image size of every social site is different.

If you share directly from your blog, then the size of your image is cut. That's why you have to use different photos on every social site.

11) Increase blog traffic with Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a great way to increase the traffic of your blog. But for this, you must have many email ids.

If you will collect many email ids and do marketing in a good format, then with email marketing you can attract many targeted visitors to your blog.

You can collect the emails of those who comment on your blog. And you can also collect emails from LinkedIn, FB, or any other sites.

After collecting an Email Id, subscribe to a big blogger and check how they do E-mail marketing.

You copy their style and do marketing in your own way and increase the traffic of your blog.

I am saying this because the Email Marketing Strategy of each category of the blog is of a different type.

For example, it is necessary to add good photos for email marketing to a food blog.

That's why you should also follow your big bloggers and start email marketing with the help of any free email marketing tool like Mailchimp, SendPlus. And increase the traffic of your blog.

12) Create Videos

YouTube is the world's largest search engine after Google. People who do not like to read watch videos on YouTube.

You start your channel on YouTube. And upload related videos of your blog on it.

And also add a link to your site in the description of your videos. In this way also you can increase a lot of traffic to your blog through YouTube.

Also, you can bring visitors to your blog by uploading your video on Instagram, Linked In, Facebook.

13) Comments

Blog Commenting is also a great way to bring traffic to your blog. You can increase the traffic of your 

blog by commenting on other's blogs.

Now you must be thinking about how to increase blog traffic by commenting?

So what you have to do in this is that when you read the post of any other bloggers, then make such a comment related to that post which will help the rest of the visitors, or get some new information.

And when you comment on any other blog, add a link to your blog in it. In this way, you can also increase backlinks along with traffic to your blog.

And you yourself should replay every comment of your blog and help the visitors. If you do this then visitors will like to visit your blog again and again. And this will increase the Returning traffic & backlinks of your websites.

14) Guest Post

You must have heard about the guest post. But do you know that the traffic of the blog can also be increased through guest posts?

You post a guest on another blog related to your topic. And also add links to any of your other posts on the post.

With this, you will also get the traffic coming to that blog on which you will guest post.

But I always share high-quality posts in the guest blogging. Which you will be able to easily attract the visitors of the blog on which you will post.

15) Regular Updates

Google likes fresh or latest content more. And sharing such posts will also increase the number of your blog readers. So keep updating the blog regularly.

Whether you like to update any old post, add some new information, or links. And if the post is in a few words then write it in detail and make a long-length article.

Or publish a new post. There should be something updated on your blog daily. And this is good in terms of SEO

Also, your readers will get to learn something new from your blog every day. Which will also increase Returning Traffic on your blog.

16) How to increase blog traffic using SEO Tools

To increase blog traffic, you need to use SEO tools. For example, you need SEO tools to check Keyword Research, Backlinks, Keyword Ranking, Brockenlinks, Domain Authority, Competitors.

And to check all this, you can use some popular SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Smallseotools, etc.

And also you can use Google Analytics Tool. Because of this, along with checking the traffic of your blog, with which keyword, and from where visitors are visiting your blog, you can check all these.

And all this information will also help you to increase the traffic of your blog.

17) Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks get referral traffic to the blog.

But do you know, if the blog gets backlinks from a blog with high domain authority and a lot of traffic, then it ranks your blog high?

So it is important to create quality backlinks to increase blog traffic.

18) Join Forums & Question Answer sites

With this trick to increase visitors to the blog, you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog. You will find many forums online. All you have to do is join some forums related to your blog.

And help other bloggers in the forums. In this way, you will get much targeted traffic for your blog.

Also, you can visit Quora which is a Question & Answers Forum.

And give answers to your blog Topic Related Questions. And add the link to your blog or post only where it is needed.

But remember if you write a short post in Quora and add more links to bring more traffic to your blog then your ID will be Banned.

In Quora, you have to market your blog content in a very smart way. Due to this, you will get visitors for a long time.

19) Blog loading speed

To increase the traffic of the blog, the loading speed of the blog is very important. Because if your blog is slow to open then visitors will not wait and will go to another site.

And your blog traffic can suddenly become very less. So you do not have to add Extra Widget, Popup, Ads, Banner, Over Size images at all along with applying fast loading template on your blog.

And also Per Week checks the loading speed of your blog on Pingdom or GTMetrix. And make the loading speed of your blog fast.

20) Manage Broken Links

It is very important to manage Broken Links to increase traffic on the blog. Because if there are more broken links on the blog then the ranking of your blog will be automatically down.

Therefore, you should also check the broken links of your blog every week. And remove or manage them from your blog.

21) Directory Submission

Directory Submission is a very decent way to increase visitors to a blog.

Just for this, you submit your blog on some high-quality Directory Submission sites.

The domain authority of this blog is high. And backlinks also increase.

And if the DA of the blog is high, then the blog post will easily get a high rank and traffic on the search engine.

22) Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is also a good way to increase traffic.

Just in this, you have to share the link of your blog or post on some High-Quality Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

It will get backlinks and referral traffic for the blog.

23) How to increase blog traffic from

Medium is a short and long post-sharing site. On this, you share the blog post by creating your account and add your blog post link to it.

With this technique also you will get many visitors to your blog.

There are many other platforms like this where you can market your blog for free. You join on all such platforms and promote your blog and blog post.


There Is No Shortcut Way To Increase Blog Traffic. And Always Remember That Traffic On The Blog Is Very Important. So Do Not Ignore Any Traffic Increase Tips.

And Even If You Still Get Less Traffic From Any Platform Like Social Media Or Email Marketing, Do Not Ignore It.

Because One Visitor Is Important For The Blog.

Now Tell Me How Did You Like This Information?

And If You Have Any Question Related To This Post On How To Increase The Traffic Of The Blog, Then You Can Tell In The Comment Box Below.

I Will Be Glad To Help You.


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