Do you want to increase the traffic of your blog?

There are many ways to increase traffic on the blog. In which SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is very important.

But only the organic traffic that comes from the search engine is not very much. That's why you should try to bring all kinds of visitors to your blog.

So in this post, I will tell you some such ways to increase the traffic of a blog without SEO, by following which you can increase the traffic of your blog by 200%.



There is more Organic, Direct, and Referral Traffic on blogs. And not all visitors are equal.

Some get more traffic from the search engine on their blog, then some direct, and some from social media.

So you should use all the methods. Do you know how your blog becomes popular in 1 day?

Below I will tell you some such ways to increase traffic on blogs without SEO. BY which you can increase the visitors of your website.

So first read this post thoroughly and then apply each method on your blog. I'm sure the number of visitors to your blog will definitely increase.


The easiest way to increase traffic on a blog without SEO is through online advertising.

If you earn money from a blog by placing ads of Google Adsense on your blog, then you must have seen that many blogs or website banners or links show on Adsense.

Meaning the ads you use on your blog are from some website or blog. Those who advertise for promotion on Google Adword. And AdSense shows it on our blog.

It increases maximum visitors to that site.

You should also advertise the same on Google Adwords, and increase the traffic of your blog.

In the same way, you can advertise any post or Facebook page of your blog on Facebook as well. Which you will get more likes and clicks on the FB page or your post.

And whenever you share a post on your FB page, your post will show your content to many new visitors who have liked your page.

Those who are expert bloggers invest 10-15% of their earnings on advertising. Which increases more visitors to his blog every month.

So you also advertise your website page or any post on Facebook. And in starting you invest only Rs 200 or 300. If you get a better result then next time you invest a little more.

Not only AdWords and Fb, but you should also advertise on other sites for your blog content promotion. With this, you will easily get more clicks for your blog.

But in advertising, you always have to remember one thing that the photo or image of your advertising should be eye-catching.

Because the better and professional your image is, the more clicks you will get for your website.

Also, you have to select Correct Audience, Location, Language, Age, Gender, on Advertising. If you will be successful in targeting the right audience, then you will be able to easily get high traffic on your blog.

Also, you can increase the traffic of your blog without SEO without advertising on other social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Printest.


To increase traffic on the blog without SEO, start Guest Blogging. And start doing a guest post on a related blog of your topic. This you can do 30-40% traffic growth of your blog.

You benefit a lot from guest posting, such as Self-promotion, Referral Traffic and Backlinks are also available.

But many new bloggers do guest blogging just for self-promotion which is not true at all.

Because you cannot bring traffic to your blog from any other blog so easily. Any visitors whose blog regularly visits, why will they come to your blog?

But if the post will be helpful and useful for high quality or visitors, then guest blogging will benefit you a lot.

And then people will visit the blog to read your blog post even after searching your site. Which we call Direct Visitors.

So you should always do guest posting by writing such a post which helps the visitors or they get to learn something from your post.

And the most important thing should be your post without copyright. Meaning that the post you will share should not be copied, pasted from any other site.

Otherwise, you will not get any profits from guest posting.

If told in short, then your post on guest posting should be Helpful, Useful, without being copied, and very high-quality content that wins the hearts of visitors. Only then you will get traffic easily from your guest post.

Then by receiving a guest post on your blog, you will also get a new post for your blog. A new relationship will be formed with new bloggers and you will also get good blog traffic from the guest posts.


The commenting system is enabled on the blog of maximum all bloggers. But there are very few bloggers who respond to the comments of their blog visitors.

Which is very wrong. To increase blog traffic, you have to replay your visitors' comments. Only then will the visitors of the blog like you.

And will also visit your site again and again. And we call such visitors returning visitors. Which is essential for any blog.

Because it helps in having a bounce rate described.

Then whenever you comment on any site or answer someone, you should remember some things like,

Always make valuable comments.

And the blog you will comment on should be related to your blog niche.

And what Dofollow Backlinks does she give?

Because the ranking of the blog is improved by Dofollow backlinks. But this also does not mean that where Dofollow backlinks are not available, you will not comment on it.

If there is some nofollow link in the blog then there is no problem. Just your blog should be related to the topic.

And do not promote the link of your blog post in the comments. And if needed, contact the blog owner and add it if you get permission.

Because if you add a link like this, then the site owner puts your comment in the spam list. So you should always help others or comment only by adding value to your comments.

These blog owners will approve your comments and more people will come to your blog after reading your comments. And such traffic is called Referral traffic.

Also, before sending the comment, check the spelling well. And give the right answer, otherwise, your image will get spoiled due to an increase in visitors to the site.


Email marketing is also a very easy way to increase traffic to a blog without SEO.

The email subscribes box on the blog means that those who come to your blog if they like your content can subscribe to your blog.

They get notifications of your every new post on direct email and they visit your blog.

And nowadays many people have less time. That's why he subscribes to the blog.

There are many ways to increase subscribers to the blog. Like you can request visitors at the end of your post to subscribe to the blog for information about your latest post.

If any visitors like your information, then they can subscribe to your blog, which will increase visitors to your blog.

Also, you can increase the subscribers of your blog by writing an Ebook. But for this, you have to write an Ebook and ask your blog visitors to subscribe for a free Ebook download.

If a visitor wants to download that Ebook, then they will first subscribe to your blog. Which will increase your email subscribers.

To add email subscriptions to their blog, many bloggers use paid email service tools like AWeber, convert it, or another service.

But for a new blogger, Feedburner email Subscriber is the best. Because it is free and it is a Google product.

You can see how many subscribers your blog has on Feedburner. And when to send email to Subscribers, you can also dig all these settings.

So Feedburner is the best option for a new blogger.

Read this post for complete information about Feedburner Email subscribe and how to add it to the blog.

How to Add Email Subscribe Widget to Blog from Feedburner 

And if you want to manually send email to your subscribers, then you can use MailChimp's free email marketing tool.

Along with email, you can also use Push Notification to increase the subscribers of your blog.

Push Notification is also a subscribe option as email subscribe.

Push Notification is shown when someone opens your blog. And the visitors who allow it from their mobile and laptop then get notification of your new post.

You will get both free and paid Push Notification Service tools. I use Push Engage notification on this blog of mine. Which gives free and after that paid service up to a limit.


Nowadays every big company increases the traffic of their website through social media marketing.

And you must have heard or seen that a company becomes popular on social sites in a single day.

This can happen to you too. But for this, you should know how to share on social sites. Only then will you be successful in increasing blog traffic from social media.

On social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you can increase the traffic of SEO blogs without promoting your content for free.

For this, you just have to create your account on all social sites and share every blog post.

Also, use social sharing buttons on the homepage of your blog and also at the bottom of the post. If visitors like your post, then they will also share your post with friends.

Next, You can also ask your friends to share the post. Which helps in increasing the traffic of your blog.

And if you have trouble manually sharing on social sites then you can use buffer, Hootsuite tools. You can schedule your content on it and share it on all social media sites at different times.

Q&A Websites

There are many such websites on the Internet, on which you will find related questions and answers for every topic, such as, on Quora, Yahoo Questions Answers, you can answer the question and also ask your blog topic-related questions.

And add your blog or post link where needed.

Write About Others

This way to bring traffic to the blog is very easy. On this, you have to write about any other bloggers who are related to your blog topic or about their blog.

And tell them that you have written about them on your blog.

The bloggers you write this about will visit to read your blog post and also share your content.

Add Your Blog Link to Gmail Signature

As a blogger, you must have mailed many people. In such a situation, you can easily increase the number of visitors to the blog by adding a blog link to your Gmail Signature.

Request visitors to share

Do you know, blog traffic can also be increased by requesting your visitors to share the post at the end of the blog post.

The visitors who will like your content will definitely share it too. But if you only keep social buttons and do not speak to visitors, then no one shares your post.

create infographic

Infographics are also a good way to bring traffic to the website without SEO.

You create Infographics of your blog post or blog and share them on Infographic submission sites.

Not only will you get traffic for your blog, but you will also get many quality backlinks.

Final words

All bloggers think of increasing blog traffic from the search engine by writing the first high-quality post.

But when you publish high-quality content then you should apply all the ways to increase blog traffic.

Because the competition in the market is very high. All the ways I have mentioned above to increase traffic, if you are a new blogger then you will probably have trouble using all the methods together.

But I would recommend that you must apply at least one method. And slowly do the rest of the way too.

I hope you found this information good and helpful, how to increase traffic without SEO Blog. But still, if you have any questions in your mind, then you can tell in the comment box below.

I will be glad to help you.


I am an engineer by profession but being a blogger is my old day's dream to create my site for those who are more curious about my birthplace than I am coming from (India). the current city lives in Navi Mumbai, India

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