Do you want to start blogging and make a blog on which topic? If you are thinking this then you are reading the right post. Because of this post, I will help you to choose a blog topic. And I will tell you how to choose a blog topic?

You can very easily select the Best and Profitable Blog writing topic for yourself.


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If you start blogging without thinking anything, then you cannot run your blog for a long time. Nor can you ever make your blog successful. That is why it is very important to start blogging with complete planning.

And to write a post on a blog, you need a topic. But before selecting the topic, you have to decide what you are blogging for.

Most people have only 2 reasons for blogging,

1. Passion

2. Passion+ Money

1. Passion: If you are blogging just for your passion, then you can start blogging on any topic. If you want, you can also write about daily life on your blog.

2. Passion + Money: If you want to make blogging passionate and earn money online then you have to select a perfect blogging niche. But if you do blogging without thinking, I can guarantee that you will never earn from your blog.

Because blogging is not a thing to do for 1, 2 days, you will have to do it for many days. Only then can you make your career in it. And you can also earn lakhs of money from blogging.

So if you want to blog to earn money online, then read this guidepost completely and select the best blog topic for yourself.

On which topic should you make a blog? Or in which topic to do blogging, this is a very big problem for the new blogger.

But if you follow these tips, it will be easy for you to choose the perfect topic for blogging.

1. You should have good knowledge and interest in the niche you will select.

2. Check the search volume, monthly and yearly of the selected topic.

3. Trends and Features of the Niche

4. Business Perspective

5. Demographic Location of your tagged Audience For That Niche

So let us now know about them in detail, which will be easy for you to choose the best blog topic.

#1 Knowledge & Interest:

Interest and passion is the main thing for learning and creating someone. So this is the key factor to select the blog niche.

You cannot go ahead even with a single step without interest. So first ask your mind,

• What do you search most days on the internet? (Example: Technology, Sports, Cars, Designing, etc.)

• On which topic are you very much interested?

• What are your hobbies?

• What do you enjoy doing the most?

• How do you spend your free time?

• Which topic do you talk about the most?

• On which topic do you have more knowledge?

So right now you will probably get multiple answers. But you write all these answers on your note. Because this is the first step to choose a blog topic. And these answers will help you to choose the best blogging niche by the end of this post.

#2 Check the Search Volume of the Selected Niche

A better search volume helps to gain high traffic to your blog.

And the topics you got on #step1 above, you should check the search volume of that topic, on Google Keyword Planner, semrush, etc.

Like this above keyword "passive income" its monthly searches are 10k- 100k with low competition. Then this can be the best blogging topic for you. So now, according to # step 1, this is the perfect blog topic for you.

But do not make it your blog topic only after checking these 2 data only. Because you will have to analyze a lot more to choose the best blog topic.

#3 Trend & Future Of The Niche

From the above step, on which topics you are more interested and you have found out what is its search volume on Google. But you cannot call it a feature.

Like, suppose Jio is a 4g trending topic right now and if you are blogging on this topic then maybe you will get good traffic on your blog right now.

But it may also happen that by 2025 something else will be written and the search for jio is 000.

So if you want to blog for a long time, then you will also have to think about the features of your blog topic. And choose any one topic which is Evergreen.

#4 Business Perspective

At first, you ask yourself why are you creating a blog? For Passion or for earning. And if you are blogging for passion then you can also be blogging on multiple topics.

And if you want to earn online by creating a blog, then for this you have to know about how to monetize your blog.

To earn more quickly online, you have to select the niche of Amazon, Flipkart, or that type of topic.

On which you can earn quickly by an affiliate of the product.

#5 Demographics Location of your targeted Audience For That Niche

Even if you follow all the above-mentioned tips properly and forget about the location, your work will not be perfect.

If you are writing about Jio 4g and your audience will be from the USA, China, your topic will not work.

So select your blog niche according to the demographic location. That is, if you do blogging in Hindi, then you target the audience of India.


If you seriously want to become a professional blogger and you want to make a career in blogging, then you must have understood why and how you should choose a blog topic.

Let us now know about the profits of selecting the Perfect and Best Blog topic.

In Niche, I will tell you in some points what is the benefit of choosing the best blog niche. Along with this, you will also understand why you should choose the topic for blogging in advance.

1. You can save your time by selecting Best Blog Topic.

2. You can make a career in blogging.

3. You will automatically get ideas for your blog post.

4. You can easily run your blog in the future too.

5. Fast Rank will be available on Search Engine.

This was the way to select the blog topic. Whatever you want, create an Event Blog, Niche, or Micro Niche blog. To choose a topic, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips properly.

Finally, now you must have understood how to choose a perfect, blog topic. But still, if you have any questions in your mind, then tell in the comment box below.

I will be glad to help you.


I am an engineer by profession but being a blogger is my old day's dream to create my site for those who are more curious about my birthplace than I am coming from (India). the current city lives in Navi Mumbai, India

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