What is Social Media Marketing, every blogger and internet marketer should know very well?

The best way for Digital Marketing is Social Media Marketing. That's why nowadays social media marketing is used the most for online marketing.

Through social marketing, you can easily promote your blog, business, or any product. And you can also increase the traffic of your blog. But for this, you should know well what social media marketing is.


What is Social Media

Social media is a platform where we can connect with our friends or relatives.

Some popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc.

And we use social media to share our posts, videos, photos, etc. And through this, we can show our talent to the world.

what is marketing

Marketing means giving information to people about a product or service.

For example, you have started an online service and now you have to promote it. So whatever method you adopt for this promotion can be called marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing

SMM is a type of Internet marketing, and you can also call it an online marketing tool, or digital marketing.

That is if we say in simple language, then whatever strategy we apply to promote our blog, brand, or product on social sites is called social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing includes many activities such as posting text, images, videos, infographics, etc. You can promote your content in any way.

Like if you shared a post of your blog on any social site and it got 200 visitors for the blog, that is, visitors come to your blog by clicking on the link you shared on social sites, then this process is called social media marketing.

Online marketing aims to attract more and more visitors or customers towards itself. So that visitors see your brand and buy your products. Or visitors visit your blog, which increases the traffic, ranking, and revenue of the blog.

Why social media marketing is important

You must have understood what Social Media Marketing is. Let us now know about its importance.

As you would know, social sites are such a place on the Internet that has grown faster than the Internet. And today only about 0.25 billion i.e. 250 million in India and 25+ crores log social media use in Indian count.

And at any time you will find millions of people online on social media sites. On which even if you share anything, your content is shown to many users.

So just imagine if you do marketing on social sites, then how many people can you show your products to? And how many visitors can you send to your blog?

Newspaper, TV, Posters were the only options for marketing earlier. Which used to take a lot of time for any company to grow.

But right now the internet is the best place to market your product. And you can get Unbelievable visitors and customers from social media sites.

That is, social media marketing is most helpful in growing any online or offline business the fastest. And by doing Internet marketing on social sites, today many companies have increased their earnings many times.

And you do not even need to invest more money in SMM. Because social sites you own both Free and Paid Marketing's Content. And even if you want to invest, you can start with 100, 200 Rupees in starting.

Best Sites to do Social Media Marketing

You must have understood how important SMM is in Types of Digital Marketing. And social media as a marketing tool is the best choice for online marketing. Let us now know about some such popular social sites whereby marketing can grow your business very fast.


The world's most popular social network site is Facebook. At any time you will get a million users active. And if you just India which is the second largest online market, you will also get 241 million + active users monthly.

And for marketing on Facebook, you need to know about Facebook Tips & Tricks. And you have to create a page of your brand, then you can promote your blog or product on it for free and paid.

And through advertising on Facebook, you can get millions of visitors or customers.


This is also a very good social networking site. This way, you can tell about your products in 140 characters. And you can promote your content by showing your brand to your followers.


You must have known about LinkedIn, it is also a professional network site. And on this, you will get more professional people. So on this social media site also you can promote your business by promoting your content.


YouTube is also a very good social media site for digital marketing. On this, you create a video to promote your blog and tell about your products on videos. Which you can attract many people, and you can also increase traffic on your blog.


By creating an image of your content, even if you share it on the Pinterest site, you can tell many users about your business. To do marketing on Pinterest, you have to create and share your content infographics type image on it, you can attract many visitors.


Instagram is also a very popular photo-sharing social site. And you share images, videos of your content on Instagram Marketing. By which you can get many unique visitors to your blog.

So these were some popular social sites on which you can advertise your blog. And you can increase the selling of your products.

How To Do Social Media Marketing

You will have to advertise in different ways on every social site. For example, on Pinterest you can share only photos, infographics, then on Facebook, you can do Social Media Marketing by any means like Text, Image, Videos.

And when it comes to marketing on social networks, you always have to keep these few points in mind.


Before publishing anything on social media, you have to create a Social Media Marketing Strategy.

And for this, you should know about your goals. Only then social sites can help you achieve your business. For example, some businesses do marketing on social media for their brand awareness, while some websites/blogs use social sites to increase their traffic and sales.

Also, to increase the engagement of your brand on social media, you create a community that will act as your customer support channel.

Which social media platforms do you want to focus on?

Like I told you about some major social sites above. But there are many other social platforms such as Tumblr, Anchor, and you can also do marketing on social messaging platforms, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

But you do not target all the platforms and according to your business, select only a few such platforms where you will get your Targeted Audience.

What type of content do you want to share? And with what kind of content you can attract your audience like, text, images, videos, and links, you should know this.

Planning And Publishing

About 3 billion (3,000,000,000) people use social sites. So in Digital Marketing, you have to publish your content very carefully and with planning.

Posting on social media is also like sharing a blog post. On this also you have to add photo, text, video. But you can share a blog post anytime. But to do social network marketing, you have to wait for the perfect time.

For example, Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm is the best timing for Facebook marketing. Similarly, the marketing time is different on every social network. And along with timing, you also have to keep in mind that every social media image size is also different. And you can use Canva Tool to create any type of image.

And nowadays you can also use many social media scheduling tools like Buffer Publish to publish posts on social media. And with this, you can save your time too. And when you will be scheduling a post thoughtfully, it will also increase the engagement of your post.

Also, add some Trending Hashtags related to your content before post scheduling or publishing, it can make your post viral quickly.


On social media, you will read and listen more by speaking less. If you start publishing your content on social sites like you, then your social media followers and engagement on your content will increase. In such a situation, many users will comment on your post.

In which you will know what your visitors want. And what do you accept from you? With this, you can create the best and high-quality content for yourself.


When you share something on social media, you must analyze your content every month, so you will know how your social media marketing is performing.

And in this also see how many positive comments, as you get. And how many people have added # Hashtags of your brand to their post.

Also, you should analyze your competitor. Which you will easily come to know about the marketing strategy of the competitor.

All social sites give a basic level of information. But if you want to check in-depth then you can use social media analytics tools like Buffer Analyzer.


When you want to increase your business or if you want to invest something in marketing then you can do Social Media Advertising.

Because social media advertising platforms are very powerful. On these, you can create target audiences. For example, you can set the demographics, interests, behaviors, age, gender of your target audiences.

It will show your ads only to Targeted Visitors. And to start Facebook Advertisement, you can start with 100, 200 Rupees in starting.

So this was Social Media Marketing Best Tips. Let us now know about SMM's Advantages and Disadvantages.

Social Media Marketing Advantages

SMM has many benefits like, you can promote your business or blog for free. And even if you want to do Paid Marketing, you do not need 5000, 10,000. You can start social media advertising by investing just 100, 200, or 300.

The benefits of digital marketing are many. And with social media marketing, you can also save time. Because whether you want to target an audience of any place in the world, you can do it easily through the social network.

Also, by doing Social Media Marketing, you can grow your business the fastest. Because about 3 billion+ people use social sites.

Social Media Marketing Disadvantages

In this way, the benefits of Social Network Marketing are many and the disadvantages are nothing. But there is definitely some risk in it. If you always share positive comments, posts, then you will never have a problem with this.

But if you ever made a wrong comment, post, or any negative post or comment about any brand, people, then it can be a problem for you. So before starting Social Media Marketing it is important to know about Social Media Low.

And it takes a lot of time to get success in Social Media Marketing. But its reason is not Social Media Network but your Content, and your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Because if your Content is High Quality and SMM Strategy Perfect then you can get success in Digital Marketing overnight.

Finally, Now You Must Have Understood Is Social Media Marketing. But Still, If You Have Any Question In Your Mind, Then You Can Tell In The Comment Box Below.

I Would Be Glad To Help You.


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