How to Do Swing Trading – How to Earn Money by Doing Swing Trading in the Share Market

If there is any way to earn the most money in the stock market within a short time, then it is Swing Trading. Because with the help of swing trading, you can earn money within a stipulated time.

But you should have complete knowledge of swing trading otherwise you will not be able to earn money by trading.


So let's first know what swing trading is?


Swing trading is different from intraday and scalping trading because in intraday or scalping trading you buy and sell shares in the stock market within the same day.

But this is not the case in swing trading. In swing trading, we buy and hold shares at a low price.

And when the price of the share increases, they earn money by selling the stock.


To do swing trading, first, you have to make a strategy that which company you will buy the shares of and for how many days you will be trading.

So first of all let's learn to make a strategy to choose the stock for swing trading so that we can learn to do swing trading easily.


First of all, we have to choose a stock in which ups and downs keep coming. Now after selecting the stock, one has to keep an eye on the price of the share and read the news related to that company.

So that we can know whether the share price of this company will increase or decrease because once this is known then it will be easy for us to buy shares.

Now let's assume that we have come to know that the price of Reliance company's share will increase from today's date, then we will buy shares of Reliance company as much as possible at today's price.

But we came to know that from today's date the share price will decrease, then we will wait for the share price to decrease so that we can buy the shares of the reliance company at the lowest price.

Let us now know how to do swing trading?


To do swing trading, first, we have to buy the share, and to buy the share, we can go to our trading account and place an order to buy the share.

Let's assume that the share price of the company on which we are going to do swing trading is Rs 135 per share as of today, which is going to increase in the coming few days.

According to our estimate, the share price will increase by Rs.10 per share. So now we will buy the share for Rs 135 per share and after that, we will target the price of Rs 145 per share on the purchased share.

After this, now we will put Stop Loss so that we do not suffer any loss. So we put a stop loss at Rs.5 below i.e. Rs.130 per share so that if the share price comes down to Rs.130 from the price of the share we bought, then the share will automatically be sold and there will be no more loss.

After applying stop loss and target, now we will see the change in the share price every day so that we can know whether the share price will increase or decrease.

Because the biggest advantage of swing trading is that we get the day we want to trade in it, we do not have to buy and sell within the same day as intraday and scalping trading.

Now suppose you think that the price of the share you have bought will go up to Rs 150 per share, then you can move your target from Rs 145 per share to Rs 150 per share.

In this way, you can earn more profit by increasing or decreasing the share price for several days.

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