The Right Way to Reduce Appetite - How Can You Lose Your Fat?

Right Way To Reduce Appetite - Know How To Reduce Appetite?

Today's topic is, what is the right way to reduce hunger? And How Can You Lose Your Fat? Friends, the way to reduce appetite, ie dieting, and dieting is not a matter of anyone's bus. Because our body keeps on feeling very hungry. And in such a situation, how do we control ourselves? 

The Right Way to Reduce Appetite

We are going to give you information about this topic today. We have brought this topic today because people are very fond of eating new things and they like it very much, but this habit increases their obesity and after increasing obesity, many diseases start coming and going. Because of that, their good life starts getting spoiled.

If you eat the right way and all kinds of things within a limit, then you will not need to do any kind of diet nor will your body be fat.

So let's get ready friends, we will get information about why we should not eat more ghee, oil, and junk food in the future.

Why shouldn't we eat too much food?

Friends, if you eat too much of any type of food, then it causes a lot of harm to your body. For example, if you have eaten a large amount of food according to your appetite, then at that time your stomach is not able to digest that food, and that food cannot be digested properly. 

Because of this, your stomach starts bloating and your body fat starts increasing which we call obesity. Or by eating more food many times, a person gets loose motion, which rejects all the food and throws it out of the body through the anus through our large intestine, due to which our body gets any kind of energy, proteins and Nutritions are not available.

Anything in the world, if done in excess, is harmful. For example, if you walk 10 km daily and one day you forcefully cross the distance up to 20 km, then you will feel tired all day and for the next two-three days your body will want to rest only and your mind will not be able to take any rest. The thing will not take.

Similarly, if you eat too much food, then your body feels uncomfortable. And makes you a victim of some disease. That's why eating too much is not a good thing. 

It has been said in Ayurveda that if you are hungry, then at any time while eating food, in comparison with hunger, it is necessary to eat only 75 percent of the food.

It is important to always keep the stomach 25% empty.

Because at that time the air pressure comes in that 25% place in the stomach and due to that the body gets easier to digest the food you eat. That's why eating too much food is not good for the body.

What are the benefits of reducing appetite?

There are many benefits of reducing appetite for the human body. 

  • Loss of appetite keeps the human body healthy. He is never in danger of getting any major disease.
  • The most important issue is that by eating less food, the weight of a person is always low, due to which he never gets fat.
  • Because of eating less food, we can easily do any kind of work. If you eat too much food, you will get nauseous and your body will become sluggish and you will not be ready to do any work.
  • By eating less food, your body can take nutrition from food well and it takes less time for the stomach to digest that food easily.
  • You can always keep laziness away by eating less food.
  • You can easily do any type of exercise.

What are the remedies to reduce appetite?

Friends, if you are not controlling your appetite, then today we are going to give you information about how to control hunger, which will prove to be very beneficial for you. So let's get information, by adopting which measures you can reduce hunger.

  • Every morning after waking up, you have to squeeze lemon in hot water and drink it, due to which the hunger of your body remains under control.

  • Whenever you feel hungry, make it a habit to drink more and more water or juice of any fruit.

  • If you drink ordinary tea, then stop it and start drinking green tea, drinking green tea reduces the appetite of your body. By drinking green tea, your health will always be good and you will feel refreshed.

  • You have to use black pepper and green chili in the food eaten daily, due to which your appetite is reduced. You can reduce hunger by eating chili.

  • If you feel hungry many times a day, then you should stop eating rice and roti. Instead, you can consume fruits, due to which your weight is always under control. And you also feel less hungry.

  • Always put outside food, you have to use vegetables in the food that you eat every day.

  • Make your daily meal timetable according to the diet plan and follow the advice of any doctor.

  • If you consume more and more papaya in fruits, then it will prove to be very beneficial for you.

  • If you feel hungry then at that time you have to use sprouts which contain all types of proteins that give energy to the body and not fat.

Should I take an appetite suppressant tablet or not?

Friends, the way of doing the physical process of every person is different. If you are thinking of taking tablets to reduce appetite, then it is important to consult your doctor about this. 

Because sometimes tablets have the opposite effect and you do not feel hungry at all and your body becomes weak. That is why if we give you a suggestion, then do not use the tablet at all to reduce appetite. 

By using the tablet, you will not be able to give your body full energy and nutrition. If you make your diet plan according to the information given by us, then it will prove to be better for you. 

And if possible, stop using the tablet to reduce hunger as much as possible. Or else take the tablet as per the advice of your doctor.

What to eat to reduce hunger? Control Appetite Diet

  • You can eat sprouts to reduce appetite.
  • To reduce appetite, consume more and more black pepper and green chili.
  • By consuming more and more fruit juice, you will not feel hungry.
  • Use green vegetables in your daily meals.
  • If you feel hungry, drink water at that time, which will reduce your appetite.
  • To reduce appetite, you can eat cashew nuts, almonds, avocados, and cashew nuts.
  • Sugarcane juice is a panacea to reduce appetite.
  • It is important to consume lemonade every morning after waking up, which keeps your appetite under control.
  • To reduce appetite, eat jaggery and peanuts.


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