What Is the Difference Between Blogger and Wordpress - Why and What to Choose

Hello friends, you are very much welcome in our blog today in this post we are going to tell you about WordPress and blogger, friends, you all know that in today's time everyone wants to start their own blog but the user is not understanding that If we make our blog on blogger or on WordPress. 

how much benefit will we get or how easy will it be to set up our blog, so today in this post you will know what is the difference between blogger and WordPress, blogger vs WordPress. 


read this post completely only then do you understand. If all the questions of the mind will be clear, then without wasting time let's start this post, today friends, in this post, we are sharing our experience.

What is the difference between blogger and WordPress – blogger vs WordPress


Friends, if you create your blog on blogger, then you will not have to pay any money, you can create your blog with .blogspot subdomain, and not only this, if you have a custom domain then you can add it to blogger.

If you make your blog on WordPress, then you will have to spend money, you will have to pay hosting money along with the domain.


Friends, it is a bit difficult to do SEO for bloggers. In this, you get to see limited options, there may be some problems at the beginning for new bloggers because bloggers do not have the facility to do SEO through plugins like WordPress.

In WordPress, you get many plugins to do SEO, through which you can optimize your blog very easily, for you should know about the plugin.


In a blogger you get HTTPS by default, for this, you do not need to buy any SSL separately and tell you that if a blog is without HTTPS then it is not considered secure in the eyes of Google and does not rank.

HTTPS is not available in WordPress, for this, you must have SSL, in this, you have to set up HTTPS.

NOTE - in WordPress, you have bought 

A. hosting

B. domain name



You get very few free themes in blogger, you can create a simple blog with a free theme and if you want to customize any theme of blogger according to you, then for this you should know coding, without knowing it is a bit difficult.

NOTE - you can buy a Premium License theme.

Best Premium License store for blogger - WWW.TEMPLATEIFY.COM

You get a lot of free themes in WordPress and you can also customize it according to you, you can create a blog according to you.


In blogger you get to see a simple design, in this, you can create a simple blog.

In WordPress, you can make your blog professional and you can design it accordingly.


After updating blogger, you do not get to see new features.

Updates keep on coming in WordPress and in every update some new feature is seen.


Friends, as you would know a blogger is a product of Google and if someone violates the policies of the blogger, then his blog can be suspended without informing.

This does not happen in WordPress, you are the owner of your blog, you can make your blog as you want, it is completely your control.


You do not get the facility of the plugin in blogger, you cannot install any plugin in blogger.

In WordPress, you get the facility of the plugin, you can easily install the plugin according to you.


In Blogger, you get to see very few options as compared to WordPress.

You get to see many options in WordPress.


If we create a blog on a blogger, then the data of our blog is stored on google's server, and google itself provides security to blogger blogs, no one can harm your blog.

As you must have read above, in WordPress the owner is the user himself, so its security is also the responsibility of the user, any mistake in this can be very heavy.


In blogger, when we create a blog, our data is stored in google's server and you must know that google's server is very strong, no matter how much traffic comes to the blog, it will never be down.

In WordPress, if your hosting server is not able to handle much traffic, then your site may be down, for this you will have to take expensive hosting whose server is good

Friends, if you are a new blogger and you do not have knowledge about blogging, then you should start from the blogger platform itself because it is absolutely free, when you feel that you should move to WordPress, then it is very easy to shift your blogger blog to WordPress.


So friends, how did you like this post blogger vs WordPress, do give us your opinion in the comment box below and if you like the information, do not forget to share it with your friends, thank you very much for reading the post completely.


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