How to Fast Index Blog Posts in Google - Quick Ways to Index New Blog

Hello, friends all of you are welcome once again today in this article we will tell you that how to fast index blog posts in google Yes friends many times our post takes a lot of time to be indexed in Google many days Or even after weeks have passed, it doesn't appear many in Google.

Often this problem comes more with new bloggers, although it takes a few days to Google index a new blog, you can quickly index blog posts in Google by following some methods.


Today in this article we will tell you what is Google Indexing? How to Fast Index Blog Post in Google.

What is Google Indexing? 

Friends, Google, and other search engines have their own crawlers, which are created by programming, they are also known as (Crawler, Bot, or Spider).

Their job is that which blog or website is newly created on the Internet and which post has been updated, crawlers crawl all this information and store them on Google's servers.

After this, Google's search engine ranks the new post or blog in Google according to its algorithm by indexing it.


To get organic traffic from Google on Blog Post, the post has to be ranked in Google, for this, your post should be indexed in Google first.

Below we will tell you some ways by following which you can fast index your posts in Google.

Submit Blog to Google Search Console

First of all, you have to submit your blog to Google Search Console if you have not done so.

Google Search Console is a good tool made by Google, it tells how your blog is performing in Google, what keywords the user is coming to your post by searching.

If there is an error or a security issue on your blog, then mail is also done through Google Search Console.

Submit Sitemap

A sitemap is a file that contains all the URLs of the blog, with the help of this your blog will crawl and index in a better way.

If you have not created a sitemap for your blog, then generate a sitemap for your blog and submit it to Google Search Console.

Inspect the URL

Whenever you publish a new post, then do a URL Inspection.


  1. First of all open Google Search Console on Mobile or Computer.
  2. Then click on URL Inspection.
  3. Now search by pasting the link of the post in the section of the URL above.
  4. If it shows that your post is not in Google then you click on Request Indexing below.

Your post will be indexed in Google very soon, whenever you publish a new post on the blog, then definitely do URL Inspection, it helps to index your post fast in Google.

Do Internal Linking

Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, after publishing, do Internal Linking to the URL of that post in your old post which is already indexed in Google.

Whenever Google's Crawlers come to crawl the old post, they will find a link to the new post, then the crawler will also come to this post and index the post.

Ping the Blog

You can tell many search engines at once by pinging your blog that your blog has been updated, by pinging your blog will be indexed on many search engines at once.

To ping, you can use the Ping tool on the Internet, some links are given below.

1. Pingler

2. Ping My Blog


4. Ping O MaticMatic

Create an RSS Feed for your blog

Make sure to create an RSS Feed of your blog, this will happen that whenever you publish a new post on the blog or you update an old post, that RSS Feed gets updated automatically, this lets Google know that you have Published a new post or you have updated your content and it is completely ready for Crawler and Index.

You can use Feedburner Feedburner is an RSS management tool developed by Google to create an RSS Feed.

Share Blog Post on Social Media

Whenever you publish a new post, after publishing it as much as possible, share it on social media because Google's Crawlers often crawl on big social media sites, if the link of your post is there then that link Through this they will come to your post and crawl it, so that your post will be indexed in Google as soon as possible.

Therefore, you must create an account for your blog on the social networking site, this will give you fast indexing in Google as well as a quality backlink from each social media site.


1. Regular Post

If you do regular posts on your blog, then your post will be indexed in Google very soon, due to regular posting, Google's crawlers will also come more and more to your blog and crawl your blog.

2. Time Table

Time Table means that when you publish a post by writing, it should have a time, yes, if you publish 1 post, 2 posts, or 3 posts in a day on your blog, then you have to fix a time like 12 noon. You have to publish the article at 4 in the evening and at the same time every day.

This will happen that Google's Crawler will also become a rule, Google's Crawler will know that you publish the article at this time and he will come and crawl your article at that time and will index it in Google.

3. Unique Content

If you want to index the blog post on Google as quickly as possible, then you write Unique Content means that you are writing an article, your style of writing should be unique, Google also wants the same whose content will be good. It will index it fast, so your way of writing should be very unique and good.

How to Check Blog Post is Indexed in Google or Not?

Write - site and your domain name for example

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