How to Become a Successful Blogger? Unique Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

Today everyone is searching on the internet how to earn money online and when he comes to know that a lot of money can be earned from blogging

Then immediately he starts working in the field of blogging but for a few days. After that, when money does not come from their blog, then they search how to make success in the field of blogging?


The idea of ​​writing this post came when people around us started blogging just because I myself am earning money from blogging. By the way, tell me one thing: who would not want to earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home? 

Everyone wants to earn a lot of money sitting at home, but today I am writing this post for all those people who want to work in the field of blogging.


See nowadays people are not able to understand what blogging actually is? Because if you understand, then you do not come into the field of blogging without thinking like this, let me tell you one thing clearly that blogging is not a joke which everyone will do because it is a kind of work.

Just like you prepare for a job, you do coaching for years and give exams and after passing you get a chance to work, similarly, blogging is also there.

In this too you will have to work according to your skill.

The same thing happened: if you got a job in some company, but you do not know how to work, then how will your company get the benefit?

In the same way, blogging is a kind of business and if you have started blogging or are thinking of doing it just thinking that everyone is earning money online then you will also earn easily. 

Then this is your wrong thinking. First, you should Take complete information about the history of those who have been successful in this field? The kind of studies he has done, then you will understand.

I will ask you to come into the field of blogging only when you come from a technical field, which means you are either from engineering or computer science, then you come to this field so that you can understand more things.


  • For this, you have to think about what will be the niche of the blog you will create as if you want to start a business, then you definitely think about what business to do.
  • After this, you should know full details about the topic because in the field of blogging, your own opinion is always given on any topic and your experience is shared.
  • The most important point is that you should have complete knowledge about the search engine, especially Google, only then you will be able to rank your article and you know that the concept of search engine can be understood very easily by an engineering student.
  • To become a successful blogger, you must analyze every post and before publishing the post, you must know how many visitors your topic is or by targeting whom you are writing the post.

Friends, some people think that if they have a lot of knowledge on any of their topics, then if they start blogging, they can earn a lot of money. 

But one thing you will tell the truth, suppose you started a business and you have a very good product quality. 

But what if the customer will not be able to know about your product when? So will your business work? The same is true in the field of blogging.

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I am an engineer by profession but being a blogger is my old day's dream to create my site for those who are more curious about my birthplace than I am coming from (India). the current city lives in Navi Mumbai, India

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