What Is the Difference Between Keyword and Keyphrase

Whenever we search for something on the search engine, we describe it in words and type it in the search field. The search engine shows us the most relevant results stored in its index according to those words. And in search marketing, we call these words keywords.

And this is very important for the success of your site. Today in this post we will tell you what is the difference between keywords and keywords.


You know that keyword research is the first and essential step to properly optimize your website. If you use relevant keywords on your site, then it improves the ranking of your site. For this, it is very important to fund the right keywords for your site.

Keywords and keywords These are the words that you will see in every SEO article. So let us know the difference between keywords and keywords.


What Is The Keyword?

The keyword is the word that best describes the content of your post or page. This is the search term for which you want to rank a particular page. So when people search that keyword on Google or another search engine, then they should get the page of your website.

For example, if your website is about FLOWERS, and you have written a blog post about RED ROSE.

So the word that will best describe this post of yours is "RED ROSE".

Keyword means a single word. In the beginning, the search engine used a simple algorithm and because of this, most people used a single word in their search term. 

But as search engines improved their algorithm, people started using more than one keyword in their search term. Because of this, now people can express their needs better, and the search engine provides them with the most relevant results.

What Is A Keyphrase?

Keyphrases are a search term for which you want to rank your posts and pages. So that when people search that search term, they can fund your page.

That's why a phrase means a set of separate words that together form a phrase.

For example, you have a website about dogs and you have written a blog post about how to make pups obedient.

So the phrase that will describe your content is “Puppy Obedience Training”.

What Are The Key Differences?

Search volumes of keyphrases are more in comparison with Keywords. On the other hand, keyphrases bring more targeted and specific traffic to your site. 

The more key phrases you have in your keyword, the more likely you are to find what you are looking for and find it quickly.

Suppose if you have searched for the term "Internet" on the search engine. This term will be difficult for any search engine to understand what it means, so there is a high chance that you may get irrelevant results.

On the other hand, if you type "Internet Marketing Companies," then the search engine will know that you Are searching for Internet Marketing Companies?

And in this way, the search engine will give you relevant results in which you will have information about this topic.

Now you must be thinking about what you should choose, focus on keywords or keywords or both. Actually, it is mainly applied to business niches.

For example, suppose that you sell shoes online, and then if in this case, you optimize your site for shoes Then it will be good for you. 

But the same if you run an internet marketing agency on the same site in such a condition you optimize your site for “Internet” or “Marketing” keywords then it will be good for you. you have to do your common sense.

So this was the difference between keywords and keywords. Now you must have understood the difference between these two. why you need to select the perfect term according to your site and optimize your site.

Hope you have loved this article on Keyword and Keyphrase Difference (What is the difference between Keyword and Keyphrase) informative.


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