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Google Pay

How to Get a Loan From Google Pay Full Details?

Hello friends, before taking a loan from google pay, we should know what google pay is. Google Pay Application is a digital payment app created by Google itself, it is based on UPI i.e. Unified Payment Interface, which is operated by NPCI. 

Through Google Payment App, we can easily send money to each other and from one bank to another. With the help of this application, you can recharge your phone, Pay gas bill payments, electricity bill payments, and many more without any extra charge.

How to use the Google Pay App?

Friends, Google Pay is being used everywhere today. Anyone can give their money to anyone today? It is very easy to use, for this first you have to go to Google Play store from your mobile. 

From there you install Google Pay App and sign up with your mobile number which is linked to your bank account. After that ADD your bank account, which will ask you to generate a UPI ID which you will later use to send money. 

Let us now tell you about How to Get a Loan From Google Pay.

How to Get a Loan From Google Pay?

Friends, today we want to tell you in this post that Google Pay's loan features were launched last year in November 2020, through this, they get loans with the help of many other companies. Now, how will you get it? We will tell you in this post.

How Much Loan Will You Get From Google Pay?

Friends, before taking a loan, we should know how much we will get the loan, why, and how much we need. Because many times on taking more loans, we have to pay more interest too. Friends, we would like to tell you that with Google Pay, you can take a loan of Rs 10,000 to 25 lakhs and all your work will be done in it.

How Many Days It Will Give Us to Repay the Loan From Google pay?

Friends, before taking a loan from any bank and applying, we should know how many days it will give us to repay the loan so that we repay it at the right time. If we talk about the time of repayment of the loan, then Google pay gives us at least 4 months and a maximum of 5 years to repay the loan.

How Much Is the Interest Rate Does Google Pay Take for Loan?

Friends, we came to know how much and for how long Google Pay gives us a loan, but before applying, we should find out how much interest will have to be paid so that there is no problem later. Google Pay gives us about 1.33%. It gives loans at an interest of up to 2.4%.


For example, if you take a loan of Rs 40,000 from Google Pay for 4 years at 15% interest, then you will have to pay about Rs 13,435 on it.

Personal Loan Or Business Loan?

Friends, now you must be thinking about what kind of loan will Google Pay give us. So let us tell you that it can give us three types of loans which are as follows:

•  Personal

•  Business


What are the features of taking a loan from Google Pay?

• We get this loan 100% online, we do not have to go anywhere offline.

• It is available at low interest.

• We require less documents.

Google Pay loan usage?

Often people take a loan, but they do not know where you can use it, you can use it in the following places

• You can use it to get your treatment done.

• You can do it to complete your studies.

• You may want to buy a new bike or a new one.

• You can do anything to pay off the loan.

• For repayment of another loan.

• You can use it for marriage.

Why Should We Take a Loan From Google Pay?

Friends, now this question must have come to your mind that why should we take a loan from Google Pay, then every company gives the loan, then we keep on telling you that you get many benefits from Google Pay like:

• It gives you a loan of a higher amount.

• In this you get more time to repay. 

• You get a loan on EMI.

• Loan can be availed from anywhere in India.

• You get it instantly in your bank account.

• Other applications get the work done on time.

• You get a loan from Google Pay at very low interest.

• Not many documents are required.

What Are the Eligible Criteria for Google Pay Loan?

What type of people can take loans from Google Pay

• You must be a citizen of India.

• Your age should be at least 18 years and a maximum of 59.

• You should have a means of earning every month.

Documents Required for Google Pay Loan?

As such, not many documents are required to take a loan from Google Pay, but some documents are mandatory which will be needed like

• It is very important for you to have a valid Aadhar card.

• You must have a valid PAN card.

How to apply for Google Pay loan online: How to Get a Loan From Google Pay

Follow the points given below to take a Google pay loan

• First of all you have to install the Google Pay app on your phone from the Google Play Store.

• After this you have to register on Google Pay by entering your mobile number.

• Then you have to link your bank account with Google Pay.

• Now you have to go to the Bills option of the App.

• There you will see an Explore button, click on it.

• In this the option with finance has to be selected.

• Here you have to choose the company in which you have applied for the loan.

• In the next step, you have to log in to that company through your email ID.

• Now you have to choose the loan amount you want.

• After that you have to put some of your personal information and documents in that application.

• Now you have to put all the information about your bank account in it.

• Now your loan application will go under review for some time.

• If all your information is correct then your loan application will be approved.

• After getting approved, you will get the loan money in your bank account instantly.

Repayment of Loan?

If you face any kind of difficulty while taking a loan from Google Pay, then you can solve your problem by sending it to the email given below.

Email ID: apps-help@google.com

FAQ - How to Get a Loan From Google Pay

Q. How do you add your card to Google Pay?

Ans- To ADD the card to Google Pay, you have to go to your profile. There you have to ADD your card to it by clicking on Payment methods.

Q. Which card is ADD in Google Pay?

Ans- In this, you can add Visa, Debit, and Credit Card.

Q. What is the interest on a personal loan in Google Pay?

Ans- In this, we have got the personal loan at least 1.33% interest.

Q. From which company can we take a loan in Google Pay?

Ans- Google pay gives us loans through Money View Loans, Zest Money, CASHe, and Bajaj Finance

Q. How much do we get an instant loan from Google Pay?

Ans- It can give us an instant loan of up to 5 lakhs.


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