How to Do Activate / Deactivate Airtel Call Forwarding

How to Do Activate / Deactivate Airtel Call Forwarding

Airtel call forwarding: Call forwarding, or call diversion, is a telephony feature of some the telephone switching systems that redirects a telephone call to another destination, Call forwarding was invented by Ernest J. Bonanno.

Activate / Deactivate Airtel Call Forwarding

If we understand call forwarding in detail, then every telephone company provides free service of call forwarding for its consumer, with the help of which the consumer can forward or divert the incoming call on his phone or mobile to any other number.

Some people do not know about what is call forwarding and how to forward the call to another number.

That is why today we will try to share information related to Airtel Call forwarding, in which important information will be shared about call forwarding including Service Activate / Deactivate and Airtel deactivate code.

Hope that you will get a lot of information after reading this article, so let's start from the beginning.

Activate / Deactivate Airtel Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

In India, popular telecom companies like Airtel, Jio, and VI have the largest number of consumers, who take advantage of their services by using SIM cards of different companies.

Every company tries to attract the consumer by providing them new types of service and recharge plans to stay ahead in the race of this competition.

And in this race, Airtel is such a company whose consumer is the highest in the whole of India and that is why all the questions about Airtel's services are in the mind of the consumer.

And one of those questions is the most asked i.e. how to do Airtel call forwarding, so today we are going to share the whole article with you by focusing on this question, which will definitely benefit you.

What Is Call Forwarding?

If you activate the call forwarding service on your mobile, then the calls coming on your mobile are forwarded to any other number.

Other numbers mean the same number as you want, let's understand it with an example

Example: We have 2 mobile phones and we get a lot of calls on one phone and whenever we are picking up those calls and talking then at the same time some other person is calling us on the same number due to which that person got our call. The phone looks busy.

Activate / Deactivate Airtel Call Forwarding

So in such a situation, by taking advantage of the call forwarding service, we will forward the other incoming call to our other phone number.

From which it will happen that whenever we are busy on our first phone and at that time any other person calls us on the same number, then his call will be diverted to our second phone.

That is, if we speak directly in the language, then we can forward all the calls coming from the front to any mobile. This service is used by all the people like

  • When a mobile is switched off, you can forward all incoming calls on that phone to any other number.
  • This service is used in the company to get the customer to talk to the Honor.
  • Call forwarding is also used for hacking or monitoring.

How to Activate Airtel Call Forwarding Divert Through Phone's Settings

We have provided the complete process to activate call forwarding through the phone's settings, by following which you can activate call forwarding through settings in any of your phones.

  1. First of all entries in the setting of the phone
  2. After that Apps,> System app settings > Call Settings.
  3. Select your Airtel Simco in Call Settings.
  4. Click on the “Voice” option.
  5. Then select that call divert.
  6. Like select Forward. so that your calls will always be forward
  7. Then enter the mobile number to which the calls will be forwarded
  8. Finally, Activate Call Forwarding by clicking on the “Turn on” option

This setting may be different in each mobile, but in every mobile, you will get the option of call forwarding in the SIM card or call setting only.

How to Activate Call Forward in Airtel Through Code

Call Forward in Airtel Through Code

Like we said in the beginning, every telecom company provides important services like call forwarding for free for its consumer, just you need to know how to activate this call forwarding.

To activate the call forwarding service, every company has its own codes, by using those codes, consumers can start this service on their mobile in a few seconds.

Below we have shared the information about Airtel call forwarding code, with the help of which Airtel customers can activate this service on their phone.

Below we have told about 4 types of codes and their benefits, by using which you can start call forwarding in airtel.

1) Airtel Call Forwarding Activate Code

Airtel's Call Forwarding service will be activated by typing the following code in your phone

**002*<Mobile Number>#

2) Airtel Call Forwarding Code For All Calls

If you use the code given below, then all the incoming calls on your phone will be forwarded directly to another number. It is used mostly after the phone is switched off or defective.

Where all the incoming calls on the switched-off phone are forwarded to other numbers (you can also divert GF or BF calls from this number to your number)

**21*<Mobile Number>

3) Airtel Call Forwarding Code When Busy

If your phone is always busy and you want to forward all the incoming calls to any other phone when you are busy, then you can use the Airtel code given below.

**67*<Mobile Number>

4) Airtel Call Forwarding For No Answer

If you are busy with some work or you are not able to pick up the call due to some reason, then the call from the front will be forwarded to another number without getting disconnected.

This service is called "No Answer" i.e. you did not answer the call of the person in front of you, due to which their call got diverted to another number.

**61*<Mobile Number>

5) Airtel Call Forwarding Code For Not Reachable

If your mobile phone is in not reachable condition then you can forward the incoming call on that phone to your initial phone by using below Airtel call forwarding code

**62*<Mobile Number>

How to Deactivate Airtel Call Forward by USSD Code?

Somewhere the subscriber does not know how to deactivate call forwarding after activating it.

And for this reason, they are worried about Call Deactivate, so now you do not need to worry because we have tried to provide the information about deactivating code airtel below, which will definitely benefit you.

Airtel Call Forwarding Deactivation Details 

Airtel Call Forwarding Deactivate USSD Codes

Airtel Call Forwarding Deactivate Code


Airtel Call Forwarding For Unanswered Calls


Airtel Call Forwarding On Busy


Airtel Call Forwarding When No Signal


Airtel Call Forwarding For All Type Of Calls


Airtel call forwarding Service FAQ’s 

Q. Is the Internet required for call forwarding or not?

Internet is not required for call forwarding, it is mandatory to have only your mobile network

Q. How to do airtel call forwarding

in airtel, you can activate call forwarding from the phone's setting or with the help of a USSD code

Q. Is a smartphone necessary for call forwarding?

Yes, there is nothing like this, if you are also using a feature phone, you can take advantage of this service too.

Q. How much does Airtel charge for call forwarding?

This service is absolutely free. Airtel does not levy any charges for this service

Q. It is necessary to have technical information for call forwarding in mobile?

not at all, the way you dial a number to call someone, in the same way, you have to dial an Airtel call forwarding USSD code, after which this service starts on your phone.

Q. How to STOP Airtel's Call

Forwarding Service ##002# Use this USSD Code to deactivate Call Forwarding


In this article, you learned about Airtel call forwarding. Hope you know the complete information about Airtel Call Forwarding.

We hope that you must have liked the information given by us. If you want to ask any question related to it, then you can comment on us on our website. If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends so that other people can also get information about it.


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