Latest and New 100+ Computer Repairing Tips and Trick

100+ Computer Repairing Tips and Tricks

Computer Repairing Tips and Tricks: All questions related to computer problems are asked on our website and it is fair to ask this question because computer wall is a website where answers to all computer repairing-related questions are shared by experts.

And this website has been sharing only computer and technology-related information for the last 5 years, so all the questions related to computer repair we have received in the last 5 years, today we are going to share the answers to all those questions through this article.

100+ Computer Repairing Tips and Trick

So if you also use the computer and there is any problem with your computer in present and future then of course by reading this article you can get a solution from your computer problems.

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Computer Repairing Tips and Trick

As we always say a computer is an electronic machine and where electronics are concerned, it also does repair work and if you get this repair then, of course, you become the king of that machine.

Although all the electronic products are available in the market and they are also repaired by experts, today we are going to try to find out about how to do computer repairing and answer all the questions related to computer repairing.

Computer Repairing Tips and Trick

So if you are also interested in computer repair, then read carefully all the questions related to the computer problems given below and share this article on your social media, why maybe your friends' bad computer repair due to this article.

How to Do Computer Repairing Learn Computer Repairing

We have shared the complete information about computer hardware on this blog, with the help of which you can know in detail about all the hardware parts used in the computer.

Because until you do not know the computer hardware part, you cannot learn to repair a computer, that's why before learning to do computer repair, definitely know about the part used in the computer.

Computer Problems and Their Solutions 

If you use a computer or laptop, then there are more chances of them getting damaged because we can see the output due to the combination of software and hardware in the computer.

If there is a problem with any of these two things, then your computer starts giving problems and in such a situation, if you know the solution to that problem, then you can repair your computer yourself without calling an engineer. Will save both time and money

Below we have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions related to computer repair in detail. If there is any problem with your computer, then you will definitely get its solution in the answers given below.

Computer Not Starting?

Computer Not Starting

The computer is not starting, what to do? This is a common question where thousands of comments related to this question have come on our blog, but the answer to this question cannot be in one word because computers are made up of all hardware parts.

Where your computer will not start due to a malfunction in any part, apart from this, if there is any software related problem in the computer, yet your computer will not start, then, first of all, we need to know what the computer is. The reason is bad.

Or what kind of problem is troubling you on the computer, then we should identify that problem and solve it. Example:

If the motherboard is bad on your computer, then all the problems related to the motherboard are there in the computer, it is important for you to know, otherwise, you will think that there is a problem with the software in the computer and install a new window. if your window, then this will not solve the problem.

Only your time will be bad, then always remember that whenever a computer and laptop is defective, then it is necessary to identify its problem. So that we can troubleshoot the identified problem

Solution : 

If the computer is not starting (Dead Computer), then, first of all, check the power cable of the computer, if the power cable is correct then check the SMPS (power supply), we have provided the process of checking SMPS below.

Even after checking the SMPS, if there is a problem with the computer, then it is mandatory to check all the hardware parts like the power button, motherboard, and processor.

Computer Shutting Down?

Computer Shutting Down

There can be many reasons behind the computer being turned off, the main reason can be SMPS. Which we also call power supply, if there is a problem related to computing power, then, first of all, we should check SMPS.

If there is any power-related problem like computer restart problem, dead computer, then, first of all, we have to check SMPS, then step by step other hardware parts like Restart button, LED, Ram, HDD Error, Operating system, CPU, Motherboard. Etc

Solution : 

  1. First power supply check
  2. If the power supply is fine then check the restart and power button. Your computer may restart again and again due to button shorting.
  3. After that a crashed Windows (OS) can also be the reason for restarting the computer.
  4. If RAM is overheated or burnt, your computer can be restarted, so try changing the RAM.
  5. The problem of shutting down or restarting the computer due to CPU ie processor overheating is common, if your computer also has a problem with overheating, then it is mandatory to apply thermal paste on the CPU.
  6. If the temperature of the CPU is normal, then the last motherboard may have to be repaired or replaced.

Cpu Start but No Display on Monitor | Computer Is Starting but Nothing Is Showing on the Monitor

If you are a computer user then you must be aware of this type of problem as “The computer is starting but nothing is showing on the monitor ” as it is a common problem.

Whose access to a computer is mandatory, the computer continues to be used in places like offices, schools, colleges, and in such places, the consumer may have to face all the computer-related problems.

So in such a situation, if No display-related problem is happening with your computer, then you can follow the steps given below. Apart from this, we have written an article related to " No display problem " in full detail. You must read it once.

Solution : 

  • It has also been seen some times where the user's system is working properly, due to the problem with the VGA cable, the output is not visible on the monitor, so first of all check the VGA cable and then start working on the CPU. Do
  • If your CPU is started but there is no display on the monitor, then first of all check the RAM installed in the computer.
  • Remove the RAM from the computer, clean it with a rubber band, and reinstall it. No display problem occurs in most computers due to RAM.
  • If both the RAM installed in the computer is correct, then there may be a problem in the RAM slot. In this case, clean the RAM SLOT properly.
  • Even after cleaning the RAM slot, there is a problem of “ No Display ”, then there are more chances of the processor or motherboard getting damaged.
  • The problem of "no display" can also occur due to the processor overheating. Or this problem can also occur in the computer due to the leaking of the capacitor available on the motherboard.

Why Does the Computer Hang?

Computer Hang

The computer hangs at the main 2 because there is such hardware or software | If your computer is hanging frequently, then first of all make sure that you have not installed any software or drivers before the computer hangs.

Because sometimes due to installing legal software or drivers, there may be a problem hanging on your computer.

Apart from this, pirated movies downloaded from the internet, illegal software, games, or other free content downloaded from illegal websites can also cause computers to hang.

Because under these contents there are all viruses which are not safe for our computer. And the main reason for computer hang-ups is also viruses.

If we talk about hardware, then due to these two things, hard disk, and RAM, most of the computers hang because windows are installed on the hard disk and if there is any problem in the hard disk.

So those windows will also not work properly and the computer will start hanging, in the same way, the computer can hang due to shorting of RAM.

Solution : 

  • First, the loaded software or driver Recent computer Uninstall to
  • Computer all Unwanted Software Remove to
  • If the computer has an anti-virus then scan the computer
  • This is also the problem of Hanging computer after all the window Format Please
  • If there is a problem even after formatting, then there is a hardware-related problem in your computer.
  • First of all, to Hard Disk Health Czech Helth be less then you change the HDD New window will be installed
  • And if the hard disk is correct then you will have to replace the Ram, and your problem will be solved.
  • Even after changing the hard disk and RAM, the computer is getting hung, then the processor is getting too hot, check it and replace it.

Computer Saying No Signal

Computer Saying No Signal

If the computer is telling no signal, then there is no need to check the software in this, in such a situation, you will have to spend more time on the hardware because it is a computer hardware-related problem.

There can be many reasons for a computer no signal, but software has nothing to do with it, so here you do not need to check any software or think about software.

Solution : 

  • Here you can get to see the problem like computer dead or no display, but you have to make sure that your computer is completely turned off or is turning on but the display is not coming because the solution of both these problems Is different
  • First of all, power cables Czech why should the poor Power cable because you will not power the computer, despite the pressing due to the power button will not start the computer and the monitor will show the No Signal
  • If the computer is starting but the "No Signal Error" is coming on the monitor, then first of all check the VGA cable.
  • If your computer is completely dead, then first of all check SMPS, where 70% of computers are dead due to SMPS.
  • If SMPS is right in your computer then you have to work directly on the motherboard because in the dead computer we cannot include another part in this problem because after the motherboard starts other parts work but if the motherboard itself is bad so how will the other parts work

The Computer Is Not Getting Sound

Computer Is Not Getting Sound

The sound never comes from the computer, the sound comes from the speaker in the computer and a sound driver is needed to connect the speaker and the computer.

And if this sound driver is not installed on your computer, then the sound of the speaker will not come from the computer.

Apart from this, sometimes earlier there used to be sound from the computer but now it is not coming, such questions are asked.

Friends, earlier the sound driver was installed in the computer, but now for some reason, it must have been deleted or corrupted due to which the sound is not coming from the computer.

Solution : 

  • If the computer is not getting sound then download the sound driver from the internet and install it on the computer. We have written an article on how to install a sound driver, must read it once
  • Sometimes there is no sound from the computer even after installing the sound driver, in such a situation, there is no sound from the computer due to the sound IC available on the motherboard, then in such a situation, you can solve this problem by using a sound card.

Computer Processor Is Getting Too Hot

Computer Processor Is Getting Too Hot

Of course, you will know what a computer processor is, but you may not know what problems arise in the computer due to overheating of the processor, so let's find out in detail what happens due to overheating of the processor and how to solve

If the processor installed in a computer and laptop is overheating, then you can see the following problems in that computer.

  1. computer restart problem
  2. No display problem
  3. Blue dumb Error problem
  4. computer hanging
  5. Dead computer

Solution : 

  • If the processor of the computer is getting very hot, then first of all clean the FAN on the CPU properly, because the dust accumulated on it can cause processor heat.
  • Even after cleaning the fan, there is a processor-related problem in the computer, then apply a gel called Thermal paste to the processor. And after 5 minutes start the computer, the problem will be solved
  • Still, the processor is not cooling down, so the last solution is to replace the processor because the processor is not repaired.

How to Know Cpu (Processor) Is Overheating

You have 2 ways to check that the processor is overheating, you can check the temperature of the processor by going to the BIOS, or you can feel its temperature by keeping your hands on the processor of the running computer.

Below we have tried to provide the average temperature of all types of processors, it is necessary to have the temperature of the processor within these values ​​and if the temperature value of any processor goes above the value given below, then that processor is overheating.


Average temp under full load


45°C – 57°C


50°C – 60°C

AMD Athlon

85°C – 95°C

AMD Athlon 64

45°C – 60°C

AMD Athlon 64 X2

45°C – 55°C

AMD Athlon 64 Mobile

80°C – 90°C

AMD Athlon FX

45°C – 60°C

AMD Athlon II X4

50°C – 60°C

AMD Athlon MP

85°C – 95°C

AMD Athlon XP

80°C – 90°C

AMD Duron

85°C – 95°C


60°C – 70°C


60°C – 70°C

AMD K6 Mobile

75°C – 85°C

AMD K7 Thunderbird

70°C – 95°C

AMD Opteron

65°C – 71°C

AMD Phenom II X6

45°C – 55°C

AMD Phenom X3

50°C – 60°C

AMD Phenom X4

50°C – 60°C

AMD Ryzen

70°C – 80°C

AMD Sempron

85°C – 95°C

Intel Celeron

65°C – 85°C

Intel Core 2 Duo

45°C – 55°C

Intel Core i3

50°C – 60°C

Intel Core i5

50°C – 62°C

Intel Core i7

50°C – 65°C

Intel Pentium II

65°C – 75°C

Intel Pentium III

60°C – 85°C

Intel Pentium 4

45°C – 65°C

Intel Pentium Mobile

70°C – 85°C

Intel Pentium Pro

75°C – 85°C

How to Fix Computer

Engineers use various types of tools and hardware parts to repair the computer and if you are interested in computer repairing, then, of course, you must also have a collection of all the tools needed for repair.

Below we have given the names of all the tools to repair the computer, with the help of which you can easily repair the computer.

  1. Screwdriver Set
  2. thermal paste
  3. multimeter
  4. cutter/ Suction pump
  5. Cellophane Tape
  6. soldering iron/ solder tin wire/ wick
  7. dc power supply machine
  8. Hot Air gun/ Soldering iron stand
  9. Window CD and Software collection
  10. SMPS, RAM, HDD, MB, CPU, VG/PW cables  (for checking)

Time Changes Automatically on the Computer. Change Date and Time in Computer 

The option of date and time is used to see the time on the computer, if this time is showing wrong then we cannot determine the exact time and date.

So there is a reason behind this computer hardware if the date and time are wrong in your computer and you want to change it, then normally you will change the date and time from the taskbar or control panel.

But if even after making this change, the computer's time is not changing, then you will have to change the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) battery.

Solution : 

How to change CMOS battery from the computer

CMOS is a battery that works for time management of all the hardware parts of the computer. If this battery is down or bad then date & time-related problems start coming in our computer.

So if there is any problem related to date & time in your computer also, bring a CMOS battery from any stationery shop which will cost 20 to 30 rupees and put it on the motherboard of your computer.

After putting the CMOS battery on the motherboard, start the computer and once again change the time and restart the computer.

How to Repair Blue Dump Error | Blue Screen on Monitor

Blue Screen on Monitor

Blue Dump Error is a common problem that you can see in computers and laptops, the main reason for this problem is both software and hardware, but due to most of the hardware, the problem of Blue Dump Error appears in the computer.

Solution : 

If a Blue Dump Error comes on your computer, first of all, find out that you have not recently installed any such software or drivers on the computer due to which the blue screen error started showing on your monitor...

Because due to Unsupportable software or Virus, the files of the install window in the computer can be corrupted and because of that the problem of Blue Dump Error can come in your computer.

  • Unwanted software, please uninstall the computer with the license AntiVirus Take a scan
  • Never install Trial version antivirus on the computer, if your computer has trial version antivirus then uninstall it
  • Software uninstall is limited, even after scanning the computer, a blue screen error is coming in the computer, then formatting it once.

If there is a problem with software related then it will be solved, but if there is no problem related to software, then your computer will be repaired by troubleshooting the hardware related problem given below.

  • If there is a problem with Blue Dump Error in your computer, then, first of all, remove the RAM from the computer and clean it with rubber and put it back again or if the RAM is bad then replace it because the computer has a 50% to 60% related blue screen. The problem comes because RAM
  • Apart from RAM, due to a bad hard disk, you can also get Blue Screen Error on your computer, that is, if your computer has a Blue Dump Error related problem, then the following things have to be done step by step.

  1. SMPS
  5. RAM

Computer Repairing Course | Notes

We have tried to provide answers to all the questions related to computer repair in short words, read it once and do not forget to share it with your friends !!

Q. Computer Is Restarting Again And Again What to Do?

First of all, check the SPMS if the SPMS is correct then it is mandatory to check the "Power button" and other hardware parts such as Processor and Motherboard. The computer may restart again and again due to a faulty window.

Q. Ticking Sound Coming From the Computer?

The ticking sound comes from the hard disk if not from the computer. Whenever there is an actuator-related problem in the hard disk, it makes a ticking sound. In such a situation, if you can repair the hard disk, then repair it, otherwise, it is the right decision to replace the HDD.

Q. When Starting the Computer, Different Colors Appear on the Monitor?

If there is a problem with the VGA cable, then such colors can be seen on the monitor as red, green, blue, and change the VGA cable, this problem will be solved.

Q. How to Check the Power Supply (Smps) of a Computer?

In the power supply, you will see 2 connectors like MINI ATX and ATX "ATX has a total of 24 pins, in which you will see different colors, in which green color and black color will be shorted with the help of a cable or U-pin

If the SMPS fan starts spinning after shorting then SMPS is correct if the SMPS fan is not spinning then SMPS is dead (before checking SMPS check SMPS by removing it from the computer)

Q. How to Repair Motherboard?

If you want to repair Motherboard then of course you can follow this blog of ours where we share Motherboard repairing related articles. 

Chip leveling is necessary for motherboard repairing and in the next post, we are going to share a 5000-word article on Chiplevel in which you will get complete knowledge of Chip level or Motherboard repairing.

Q. How to Repair Computer Startup?

Startup repair is done with the help of a CD of operating system (window), we have written an article in detail on how to repair the startup of the computer, definitely read it once.

Q. How to Repair LCD Monitor?

Yes, LCD monitors are repaired using modern technology, there are two main circuits like a Logic board and power supply inside the monitor and an LCD panel wherein LCD Monitor is repairing you are taught to repair a Logic board or Power supply. Apart from this, nothing happens in LCD/LED

Q. How to Repair the Display Panel of the LCD/LED Monitor?

If there is a line on the display of your LCD / LED monitor or there is a hole, then there is no way but to replace it, but there are some machines with the help of which you can repair the display panel, but the price of those machines is 25. starts with millions


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