Need Instant Relief From Toothache? Know 11 Effective Home Remedies

Instant Relief From Toothache? Know 11 Effective Home Remedies

Friends, due to toothache, there is a very bad effect on our life, so today we know about the treatment of toothache.

The health of the body depends on the digestive system. The body also gets energy like food. When food is chewed with the teeth, its juice is released, which brings energy to the body. That is why healthy teeth are essential for the human body. 

Due to not rinsing after meals, particles of food remain in the teeth, which spread diseases like cavities from the teeth.

There is a worm in the teeth, which causes pain in teeth. This pain is so terrible. This is a common dental problem. 

Inflammation of the gums causes swelling in the cheeks. Due to this, it is impossible to eat food or anything. Due to the pain in the teeth, it becomes difficult to open the mouth completely.

Need Instant Relief From Toothache

Why do teeth hurt?

  • When there is any problem in the nerves around the joint of the teeth, then it causes pain in the teeth.
  • We feel very uncomfortable when there is pain in the teeth because toothache is very painful. Many people ignore this even after having pain in the teeth, then by ignoring the pain of teeth, this pain can increase to a great extent.
  • Many times the pain of teeth increases till the jaws, due to which we have to face pain even while eating food.
  • People who do not clean their hands properly, often those people have problems with teeth, so it is very important to keep the teeth clean.

11 Effective Home Remedies for Toothache:

  • Press the curry into the aching tooth and spit out your saliva.
  • Soaking clove oil in the aching tooth provides relief in the tooth.
  • Put a piece of hing on the painful teeth, it will definitely get relief in the pain in the teeth.
  • Mixing half a teaspoon of baking soda in mustard oil, massage your gums well, and remove the saliva from the mouth.
  • Take half a teaspoon of salt or white ground salt on the palm, mix four drops of mustard oil in it and massage it, the pain of the gums starts decreasing and it acts as a medicine for the pain of the molar.
  • If there is pain due to bleeding from the teeth, then without eating anything, chew it like a paan by keeping Kala Namak in four cloves of neem.
  • Due to the deficiency of vitamin-c, the teeth start getting the disease, so you should take lemon.
  • Special for healthy teeth, grind cardamom, clove, and dentin finely and add 2-3 drops of mustard oil to it and use it as a paste. This will give instant relief to toothache.
  • Roast the carom seeds and grind them finely with black salt and brush them regularly. This doesn't put a kid in the teeth.
  • Gutka is injurious to health. If you consume it then you are bound to have trouble.
  • If the teeth start moving, then do the datun of Subha Palash. This will make the teeth stronger.

What to do if there is a pain in the gums?

  • You should try to protect your teeth when there is pain and swelling in the gums because the pain in the gums means that your teeth have become very weak.

  • Sometimes gum infection also causes pain in the gums, after eating anything before sleeping at night, we do not clean the mouth properly. Due to which dirt accumulates in the gums and gums start to ache.

  • Make a solution of sea salt and rinse a gum of this water solution in your mouth for 30 seconds and if you do this action on the teeth continuously for 4 to 5 days, then there will be no infection in the gums and there will be no pain in the gums.

  • Sea salt is very helpful in reducing gingivitis and eliminating existing infections.

  • If you have gum pain, apply a little honey to your gums before going to bed at night, so that the honey will act as a natural antibiotic and you don't even need to take a tablet for gum inflammation.

How to use toothpaste after a toothache?

  • Despite the pain in the teeth, many people brush vigorously, friends, if there is a pain in the teeth, you should brush with light hands. Because our teeth are very sensitive during toothache.

  • When you have a toothache, when you do toothpaste, then put a little honey on the toothpaste, so that whatever extra pain is being caused in the roots of the teeth, will gradually reduce.

  • If you take too much toothpaste while doing toothpaste, it can increase the pain of the tooth, so take a sufficient amount of paste and apply it to the teeth.

  • People who feel that using toothpaste of an external texture is causing us more pain, those people should make a lemon paste or paste containing vitamin C at home. There is pain in the teeth and the gums only when there is a deficiency of vitamin C in our body.

Pain in teeth due to worms in teeth?

  • When a worm gets in the teeth, then there is very severe pain in the teeth, so everyone should first clean the teeth properly after getting a worm in the tooth.

  • Due to not cleaning the teeth properly daily, worms often occur in the teeth, at such times there is a strong tingling in the teeth, as well as the teeth, start to look yellow.

  • If you get a worm in the teeth, you should apply salt to the teeth, salt and lemon are considered very good for removing the teeth.

Information about gum pain relief medicine?

  • There are many pain relief medicines available in the market for many gums, but friends, we want to tell you that by consuming any pain relief medicine, you will feel relief for a while but this problem will always haunt you.

  • If you have severe pain in your gums, you know that your body is deficient in Vitamin C. When there is a deficiency of vitamin C in the body, then pain is felt in the roots of the teeth and the teeth.

  • To relieve gum pain, you should not constantly consume too hot things and not too cold things.


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