What Is Paisa Nikal App – How to Use It – Agent KYC – Commission Chart

What Is Paisa Nikal App – How to Use It

Paisa Nikal App is such an app with the help of which you can use AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) Aadhar Enabled Payment System to give payment to any consumer by withdrawing payment from his bank account and earn a good commission on it.

What Is Paisa Nikal App – How to Use It

Paisa Nikal App is a paperless transaction app where you provide the facility to withdraw money to a person, just as a person can withdraw money from that ATM by going to the ATM by putting his ATM card. 

In the same way, if someone comes to you with his Aadhar card number. So he can also withdraw money from you. Let’s know what Paisa Nikal App is and how it works so that we can earn money from it.

What Is Paisa Nikal App?

Paisa Nikal App is an Android app that you will find on Playstore but it is not a simple app, with the help of this app you can also open a small ATM in the shop. 

Now opening an ATM is not by installing an ATM, but you can provide people with the facility to withdraw money like an ATM.

Paisa Nikal provides you a facility to use AEPS service in which you can withdraw money from their bank account with a biometric thumb impression of any customer and earn commission by providing all such facilities. AEPS is aadhar enabled payment system.

Under which if a person's Aadhar card is linked to a bank account, then that person can withdraw payment from his bank account only with the number of Aadhar card, but can do this work only at the places where people need to withdraw money with the help of AEPS. 

How to Use the Paisa Nikal App?

Paisa nikal app is very easy to use, for this you must have an android mobile phone. If you have an android mobile phone then you can go to the play store and search for the paisa nikal app.

After that, you can download that app inside your phone, once you download the app to withdraw money inside the phone, then by following the process given below, you can withdraw money and become an agent in the app.

How to Do KYC on Paisa Nikal App?

What Is Paisa Nikal App – How to Use It

The time needed: 8 minutes.

It is very easy to do KYC in the paisa nikal app, for you have to first enter the money withdrawal app on your mobile, after that you have to complete your KYC by following the steps given below.

  • Download Paisa Nikal App

Download Paisa Nikal App.

  • Enter Mobile Number

Enter your mobile number to register

  • Chose KYC Option

You will get the option of eKYC / Manual Registration, if you have a Biometric Device, then choose eKYC otherwise proceed by clicking on the manual

  • After selecting KYC

By connecting the biometric device to the phone and moving forward with your thumb or finger

  • After selecting Manual Registration

In this, you have to proceed by entering your information such as Full Name, Pan Card Number, Mobile Number, Shop Name, Email ID, etc.

  • Enter Shop Address

Now enter the address of your shop or proceed by selecting the current address option

  • OTP Verification

Now OTP will come on your mobile number and verify it by entering it.

Now as soon as your agent account is created, you will get an SMS on your mobile which will contain the ID password of your account. After that, you can open it by visiting the website given below.

Paisa Nikal Agent Login

To log in to the agent account of Paisa Nikal AAP, first, follow the steps given below.

  1. Go To https://paisanikal.com
  2. Now enter the mobile number with which the account was created
  3. Now enter the password you have received in the SMS
  4. Now click on the login button, your account will open

Paisa Nikal App Commission Chart


Retailer Commission

100Rs to 500Rs


500Rs to 999Rs


1000Rs to 1499


1500Rs to 1999Rs


2000Rs to 2499Rs


2500Rs to 2999Rs


3000Rs to 7999Rs


8000Rs to 10000Rs


Paisa Nikal App Ka Customer Care Number

If you need any information related to the Paisa Nikal App, then you can contact this Paisa Nikal Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 91 74868-74868.

Paisa Nikal App Details

Paisa Nikal App is a very good tool to earn money, it does not take any effort for you, just you have to buy a Biometric Device which will come from 3500Rs to 5000Rs. You can buy any of the below given biometric devices which supports money withdrawal.

  • Startek
  • Tatvik
  • Morpho
  • Mantra

Paisa Nikal App Service Information

On the Paisa Nikal App, you can provide the following services and by giving these services to your customer, you can earn a good commission on it.

  1. Balance Inquiry
  2. Cash Withdrawal
  3. Mini Statements
  4. Money Transfer

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Paisa Nikal App-FAQ

Is Paisa Nikal App Legal?

Yes, it is still legal.

Can you withdraw money from any bank with this app?

You can withdraw money from almost all banks like LIC, Axis bank.

How much money can you earn from this?

Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 a month minimum rest it depends on your transactions

Paisa Nikal Customer Care Toll-Free Number

This number is +91 74868-74868


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