How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram Without Any Application

There will be many such articles or videos on the internet where you must have seen information about the app or any web application to increase followers on Instagram.

But the article we are going to share with you today, you will not need any mobile application or web application.

You only have to run your mind, with the help of which you can increase very good active Instagram followers with the help of Instagram.

“Maybe you know this trick, but today we try to provide complete information about how to use it.

And the users who know this trick 100% do not know how to use it and this is the reason why their Instagram account is blocked. So without wasting time let's start today's topic.

Increase Real Followers on Instagram Without Any Application

Increase Real Followers on Instagram Without Any Application

Today's article is a little different, in which you can increase your followers fast even without technical knowledge.

For example, suppose you have created a new account or page on Instagram, now the question comes, how to get followers on this account?

So in such a situation, people often use applications or web tools, but we will not advise you to use online tools or apps.

Because according to our experience, the followers increased with the help of online tools are not active, apart from this the faster they follow you

If they unfollow you as fast, then those users do not make any sense and you waste a lot of time here.

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So in such a situation, follow the below-given technique where you will get less followers in the beginning but gradually they will increase and believe that these followers will never unfollow you again.

This Is Essential to Increase Followers on Instagram

Be it Instagram, Facebook page, or any other social media platform, there is a "Content King" in it, which means that the better your content, the faster your followers or Subscribers increase.

So in this way, always keep the following points in mind, then start working on Instagram, then see how much power is there in social media.

1. If you want to increase followers on your existing Instagram account. Or if you want to open a new account, then in both cases you need to pay attention to your username, profile name, and BIO.

The more attractive you make your name and bio, the more people feel that if you can spend so much time on your name and bio, then you will definitely be active on this account, and in such a situation people can follow you.

DP and Story also have a very important role in increasing Instagram account followers.

2. If you create a new page, then it is very important in such a situation, and remember that the more attractive you keep your story and DP, the more chances are there to increase your followers. It is very important to keep updating them.

3. Last and most important you have to upload a daily post on your account, if your account (page) is new then you need to keep it updated regularly.

Because whenever we use the trick to increase Instagram followers, then active users will come to your account.

And in such a situation, if there will be no content in your account, then the chances of them following you are less, so keep updating your account always.

If you want to increase followers on Instagram without technical knowledge, then do more work on the above point because with the help of this 70% of people increase their followers on Instagram, and professional and other companies can run ads on their accounts by running ads on Instagram. but brings followers 

but the way to increase followers by running ads is a little advanced, for which you need technical knowledge, so today we will learn about how to increase real followers on Instagram without technical knowledge.

Easy Way to Increase Followers on Instagram

Like we have said in the beginning, there are many ways to increase followers on Instagram on the Internet, but the method we are going to tell today is very easy, with the help of which you can easily increase your followers.

To Increase Insta Followers Without Technical Knowledge, Follow the Steps Given Below.

Increase Real Followers on Instagram Without Any Application

 1.  First open your Instagram account

 2.  After that you have to follow those celebrities who have their own million-plus followers. Such as Tiger shroff, Hritik Roshan, Karina Kapoor. etc.

 3.  You can see the image given below. We have followed Hrithik Rochan who is a popular Bollywood actor. So in the same way you can follow other creators according to you who have followers in millions.

 4. You can see in the second image below, where if you follow a popular actor or creator, then Instagram also suggests other popular accounts to you. Which you can follow directly according to you, in which you can save a lot of time.

Increase Real Followers on Instagram Without Any Application

As soon as you follow a popular account, their followers start coming on your account, then this is the best way to increase followers at the time of starting your account.

Remember, every day you have to follow at most 50 or 60 accounts, do not do more than that, or else after a few days, Instagram can BAN your account due to invalid activity.

That is why I do not try to increase the followers on a single day, increase it slowly and do this for a long time, due to which your account will also be safe and new followers will also increase on your account daily.

Unfollow All Followers in One Click

According to some consumers, whenever we follow the account of 60 people every day and likewise follow any other account continuously every day, then there is more follow on our Instagram.

And it is a bit difficult to unfollow them again and again and in such a situation our time is also bad, so what can we do like this?

So today we provide you information about such a mobile application, with the help of which you can unfollow all the following users from Instagram in one click, so according to us this is one of the best applications which you must use.

Instagram Unfollowers APP

  • First of all download the mobile application named Followers & Unfollowers from Google Play Store. This is the best app to unfollow the users you follow from Instagram.
  • Install the app on mobile
  • After installing the app, open it and whenever you open the app for the first time, you will have to log in with your Instagram account.
  • As soon as you log in to this app, you will see the following account in front of you and the same 2 options will be visible above like Unfollow 50 from the top and Unfollow 50 from the bottom.
  • That is, you want to unfollow the above 50 users in the list or you want to unfollow the bottom 50 users, here you can select any button according to you.

And as soon as you click on the Unfollow button, you will unfollow 50 users from your Instagram account, so you can unfollow as many users as you want from your account in minutes by doing 50-50.

You have seen how easy it is to increase followers from Instagram. Remember this technique will bring regular real Instagram followers to your account but as we said in the beginning that you should keep your account updated daily so that your new followers will not be lost.

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Instagram Follower FAQ

Q. App to Increase Followers on Instagram?

There are many apps available on the internet to increase followers on Instagram but we personally do not recommend our users to use the app. Because according to our experience, the followers brought with the help of the app are not active or real.

Q. Link to Increase Follower on Instagram

Just as all the people increase your followers with the help of the app, in the same way all the people also increase the followers with the help of web applications.

For that, you will have to search on Google by typing Instagram followers increase website where you will get all such websites, with the help of which you can increase your followers. But here also we will give you the same advice which was given for the application.

Q. How Many Followers Will Increase With the Above Trick

It depends on how you use this technique. According to our experience, if you use this trick in the right way, then more than 40 followers come on your Instagram in a day. We have also worked on such a page where every day more than 100 followers have increased with this trick. But for that, your account and page must be attractive.

Q. How to Increase Followers on Instagram Without App?

You can use instant ads campaigns, follow & unfollow and digital marketing to increase followers on Instagram without any app.


We hope that you must have liked the information given by us. If you want to ask any question related to it, then you can comment on us on our website. If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends so that other people can also get information about it.


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