20 Easy SEO Tips for a New Website - How to Rank #1st

Easy SEO Tips for a New Website

Whenever we create a new website. So at that time, the initial SEO of any new website is very important and challenging. Because SEO (search engine optimization) is the best way to get maximum traffic on the website.

In such a situation, by applying some of the best SEO techniques to your website, you can increase the traffic of the website very easily. That's why today we have brought 20 easy SEO tips for you. 

20 Easy SEO Tips for a New Website

So that the initial SEO of your website will be very easy. Then let's know, 20 Easy SEO Tips for a New Website - How to Rank #1.

If seen, getting a top ranking in Google is a sign of success for any blog or website. It is said that the sites that rank on the first page of Google get up to 90% of the traffic. By the way, to get traffic on the blog, what is the important thing to do after creating a blog? you must know.

With the help of SEO tips for new websites mentioned in this article, you will be able to easily rank your website on Google and get good traffic too.

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How Does Search Engines Work? How to do SEO for your website? Before knowing, you must know that, how does a search engine like Google search engine works? Let us take a look at some of its basics.

Crawling: In this process, Google follows the links. Also crawls the web by crawling the sitemap provided by the website owners.

Indexing: When Google crawls a web page. So it stores all the information on that page in one place. Which saves all that information in a database (called Index ) for later use.

Rankings: Ranking of any website Various algorithms and filters determine how a web page should rank in Google results for a user's queries.

20 Easy SEO Tips for a New Website - How to Rank #1

1. Exact Match Domain

You should always buy a domain according to the name of your business. Suppose if your business name is Logo Creation. So you should buy a domain like logocreation.com name. Because it also works as a search keyword.

But if for some reason Exact Match Domain is not available. So you can also buy Partial Match Domain. For example, suppose if the uniquelogocreation.com domain name is not available. So you can also book a domain named uniquelogocreate.com or uniquelogocreationServices.com. So that you can get benefits in search ranking.

2. Make Your Content Entertaining

The second important thing about SEO tips for new websites is. You should always try that, your content becomes entertaining for the users. So that users can read your post as much as possible. For this, with the help of infographics, videos, and images, you can make your content enjoyable for the users.

Because if you write only text. So users will soon get bored and will not read your post completely. For this reason, even Google search engines will not give priority to your website.

3. Always Publish Unique and Quality Content

You should always publish Unique and Quality Content on your blog. Because to rank higher in Google's search results, this is the first and most important step.

Apart from this, you must also pay attention to the length of the content and the keyword density. Because the length of the content also matters a lot in the search engine. You must have noticed that compared to short content, long content gets a better rank in search engines.

NOTE:   Keep in mind, to increase the length of the content of your post, do not write nonsense things.

4. Use Keywords in the Blog URL

Be sure to use (add) the main topic of your blog post in the URL. This will greatly benefit you in search ranking. Also, try to make the URL as descriptive as possible. Because of the keywords that are in the URL. They are highlighted in Google search.

Also, do not use special characters such as $ % ^ in the URL. Because the possibility of copying, pasting, and sharing such URLs on the Internet is very less.

5. Optimize the Title Tag

After the URL, the title of your page is the most important. In such a situation, the title of your page will be boring to read. So users will not like to visit your website. So to motivate users, you must put social proof or call to action in your title tag.

For example, suppose if one of your products has received reviews from 500 users. So you can write, “Certified by 500 customers” or you can also write something like, “20% discount for first 50 customers”.

As far as possible, go through the title tags of your competitors and try to do something different and better than them.

6. Internal Linking

20 Easy SEO Tips for a New Website

Google's search spider goes from one page to another through internal links on your website. In such a situation, if you have not connected your web pages through internal links  So he cannot understand the organization of the website.

Apart from this, you can easily take any user to another topic while reading about one topic through internal links. 

The advantage of this is that users will spend more time on your site. Also, the bouncing rate of your site will be less.

Some important things related to Internal Linking –

  • Internal links help users to navigate from one web page to another web page.
  • Internal linking helps to flow link juice (or Page Rank) to your important pages.
  • By following these links, search engines can crawl your site better.
  • Internal links reduce the bounce rate of your site and help in increasing the time-on-page.

7. Use External Link

External links are those links. Which links to a website other than your domain. In terms of Google ranking, external links are a very important SEO factor.

Actually, through External Linking, you tell Google that you trust the website you link to. Due to which Google also gives the benefit of good rank in search results to that site.

Which site are you linking on your website, on which keyword you are linking, whether that website is relevant or not, all these things are considered by Google?

You can also call external link optimization an on-page SEO factor. Because many times we link external links to the content of our site by giving external links as a reference or to give better helpful information to the users.

In such a situation, it becomes very important for you to understand how to optimize external links. Because wrong optimization or linking can have a negative effect on your site. 

Therefore, while doing external linking, you must keep in mind some of the points mentioned below.

1. Always use descriptive keywords in Anchor text. So that the content or topic of the page to be linked can be known.

2. Instead of rich anchor text, you should use long-tail keywords or branded keywords as anchor text.

3. Selling or promotional links is a crime according to Google's guidelines. So if you use Google AdSense on your site. So do not use these links at all.

4. Always link the relevant page or content only. For example, linking a sports site to a sports blog or content is more relevant. Not by linking to the site of any fashion blog.

8. Use Description tag

The Meta Description tag provides a summary of the web page. Simply put, what is your page or post about? You can tell Google and your visitors with the help of the Description tag. In this case, if your blog is on blogger.com. So you should know this – How to enable and add a Search Description tag in every single post of Blogger?

So the same if your site is on WordPress. So for the WordPress site, there are many such SEO plugins available in the market. By which you can change the meta description tag of the post. But to do this, I would recommend you to use Yoast SEO Plugins. This is the very best and popular SEO plugin for WordPress sites.

By the way, while writing the Description tag, you must keep in mind some of the important things mentioned below.

  • Make Meta Description tags unique and attractive. So that users are forced to click on your site. This will affect your ranking.
  • You should always keep the length of the description tag within 160 characters.

9. Use CDN for SSL Certificate

CDN improves the performance of your site. It creates a cached version of your site's content on its servers. Then it serves content to the visitors coming to your site through those servers. Which is closest to the places of the visitors.

Apart from this, CDN reduces your server load and also improves the loading speed of your website.

- You must have noticed that "nonsecure" appears on all the websites that are accessed on Google HTTP. Which is not a good thing for the credibility of your website.

Along with this, it also affects the ranking of your website. Because now HTTPS is also one of the ranking factors of Google.

- When Google ranks a page. So he uses https as a ranking factor. Therefore, to get a higher ranking in Google, you must enable https on your site.

NOTE - If you buy your domain from google domain you do not need this all [ Google Domains is a domain name registrar operated by Google. ] it gives you free everything like  - storage, space,https, free SSL, etc. when you buy a domain from google domain.{alertSuccess}

10. Create a Sitemap and Submit It to Google Search Console

The sitemap does not boost your website traffic. But search engines help bots to crawl the content of your websites better and index them faster in search engines. 

To properly index your website in Google Search Console, you will find many tools. Such as Google sitemap submission, website verification, backlink detection, search query, etc.

If you are a WordPress user and you are using Yoast SEO or Jetpack on your site. These plugins allow you to easily create XML Sitemaps.

11. Set up Google Analytics

To get and analyze all the useful information related to your website traffic, Google Analytics is a very useful tool. You can set up and use Google Analytics for free through your Google email.

12. Decrease Image Size 

You can reduce the image size used in blog posts with the help of any software or any other online tool. Never use images in PNG format. Always try to keep the size of the image below 250KB. Also, make the image SEO-friendly.

Along with this, describe the name of the image in the alt text. Try that your main keyword is in the name of the image and the alt text. 

So that Google can understand and crawl your image better. That is to say, you should use keywords not only in your article, but also in the image title, in the description of the image, and also in the alt attributes.

- Make sure to use the Cache Plugin

If you are a WordPress user. So let me tell you that the Cache plugin is very important for any WordPress site. Because the main job of the Cache plugin is to improve the user experience by improving your website loading speed. It makes your site super fast and reduces your server load.

There are many caching plugins available on WordPress.org. But the W3 Total Cache plugin is the best among them all. Apart from this, you can also use the WP Super Cache plugin.

13. Use Video in Post

It is believed that by the year 2021-22, 85% of the traffic will be related to the video. You must have also noticed that, from now on, most of the users are preferring to watch videos rather than read content.

In such a situation, you should also present the content written on your blog post or website with the help of a video. So that users spend maximum time on your site.

If you are having trouble making a video. So you can also take the help of websites like fiverr.com to make videos.

14. Use Ubersuggest for Keyword Research

To find the exact keywords related to your website, you must use this useful free tool Ubersuggest.

20 Easy SEO Tips for a New Website

Ubersuggest not only provides you with information about related keywords. Rather, it also tells all the useful information related to those keywords. Such as search volume, difficulty score, related keywords, etc.

15. Use G-Suite for Your Email Accounts

By connecting your website domain to G-Suite, use all the features of Google with your own email. Because you will look more professional by using yourname@yourwebsite.com instead of yourwebsite@gmail.com.

16. Use Local Schema Markup

If you have a local business. So you must take the help of the Schema Markup Structured Data Testing Tool. Because through this you can easily mark products, reviews, addresses, etc. on your web page. Which is very important and important for Google's local indexing.

Actually, because of Schema Markup, Google gets all the necessary information related to your web page. In this case, you must use local schema markup for your website.

17. Use Google Pagespeed Insights

Google has made it clear in 2018 itself that the loading speed of your website is very important for ranking. In such a situation, with the help of Google Page Speed ​​Insights, you can improve the speed and mobile compatibility of your website by testing it.

Google now also considers page speed as a ranking factor. In this case, your site will take more time to load. So your site will not be able to get a good rank in Google search results. Anyway, visitors do not like to visit slow-loading sites.

Believe me, fast loading affects both website ranking and user experience. Also gets a good rank in Google search.

Quick Tips – To Speed Up Website Loading

  • Use a good Cache Plugin
  • Delete unwanted media
  • Optimize your image size
  • Use useful plugins
  • upgrade to latest  PHP 
  • Minify CSS and JS Files
  • Minimize Redirects
  • use a good web host

18. Use of Answerthepublic.com for Keyword Research

Simply by doing keyword research, you will also get all the same keywords. Which is available to everyone on the internet. In such a situation, you cannot write new content by using those keywords.

But Answerthepublic.com is one such website. Which tells you what the users are searching for. This website gives a different perspective about keywords. Sometimes you will get some such keywords too. The ones you would never have thought of.

19. Publish Fresh and New Posts daily

Google gives good rank to all those blogs or websites. Those who regularly publish posts on their site. This increases both Google ranking and visitors to your site.

But your content should be full of information and useful for the visitors. Only then readers will like to read your blog. Also, you have to publish new and unique idea posts daily.

Write content in question and answer format

Users like the post with the answers along with the questions. In such a situation, if you write a post in the format of question and answer. So users will be attracted to your website to a great extent.

When you answer questions on your site, things related to your topic. So Google sees you as an authority and gives priority to your site.

Update Your Old Post

You also update your old posts from time to time. With this Google will like your site more and will rank well in the search result.

When you update your old content. So use new images and videos in it. It makes your old post new.

20. Generating Money From Blog

Sometimes While Doing Blogging You Will Come to Know Everything and You Will Face Lots of Problems while Generating Money From Blog That Given Below

ADSENSE - How to fix temporary AdSense ad serving limit

This step has been taken against those whose AdSense account is getting most of the traffic from social sharing, or traffic is coming in an illegal way and organic traffic is negligible.

Many times, according to the post length in our post, if we put more ads, then this problem starts coming from that too. Now, what is the length of our post, that is, how many words is your article, then how many ads to put in it, this information is being given below?

If your post is up to 300 words (words), then here you have to put only two ads, you can put one in the header and one in the footer below.

And if you have written your post in 300 to 700 words, then you can easily place 3 ads.

If you have written your post in 1000 or more words then you can put more than 3 ads.

Note. Keep in mind that you do not have to write an article on your site in less than 300 words, otherwise, it is considered incomplete information.{alertSuccess}

So these were 20 easy SEO tips for a new website. By following them, you can easily increase the traffic of your website.


Believe me, here I have told you the strategy of SEO tips for new websites. That 100% will help you improve your Google ranking. But you have to have some patience in this. Because nobody's website ranking is boosted overnight. It takes some time for this.

By the way, what are the methods you use to increase the search ranking of your website? Or by adopting which method the ranking of your site has increased. You can tell through comments.


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