How Many Hairs Are There in the Human Body, Interesting Information About Hair

Interesting Information About Human Hair

How many hairs are there in the human body, friends? There was a time when we used to have heavy hair all over our bodies. The monkey has hair all over its body. This hair is beneficial for them even today. Although humans also have hair all over their bodies, this hair is not like a monkey's hair. But the hair that is on the human body is in less quantity.

Because it has become extinct over time. Hair is very important to protect our body from cold. Once upon a time, when a man lived like this without clothes, only the thick hair on his body was used to protect him from cold.

Interesting Information About Hair

But as soon as humans started using blankets and other skins to wear, there was a decrease in body hair. Yet even today some people have too much hair on their bodies.

Well, what are the benefits of hair on the body, we will talk further about it? First of all, let us knowHow Many Hairs Are There in the Human Body?

How Many Hairs Are There in the Human Body

If we talk about the human body, then there are many hairs inside the human body. Although it is not possible to count all the hairs accurately. 

The number of hairs on one's head may vary. However, the average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head at a time. And the number of hairs can also vary according to hair color.

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Interesting Information About Hair

Scientific research has revealed that the average hair density ranges from 800 to 1,290 hairs per square inch. There are about 100,000 hair follicles on your head. There are 50 lakh hairs on the human body. However, it is not possible to calculate the exact amount of hair. But this may be an approximate number. There are about 5 million of them on the human body.

The Man Was Once Covered With Hair

Friends, this thing has come to the fore in scientific research. That once man was completely covered with hair. But today's man has become devoid of hair as compared to earlier. And this happened because at that time there was a lot of need for hair on the body, but after the change in the environment, the number of hairs decreased.

When the geographical conditions of the earth changed, the temperature started increasing, and after that humans started spending more time in sunlight. When the temperature increased, the ability of humans to control the temperature developed by sweating. And after that, the man started walking on two legs. 

And after that, the number of hairs on the body kept decreasing rapidly. It is a belief that the hair on the body plays an important role to protect the body from dust and soil.

Apart from this, when there was more hair on the body, it was also used to prevent the body from suddenly getting cold and hot. Apart from this, hairs are found around the young organs. They are used to prevent the odor [ a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one. ] of the human body. 

Every human being has a different smell. As soon as it is a small child, it recognizes its mother by smell. And the growth rate of the hair of the head is more than other hairs. The hair on the head grows very fast, so the hair of the beard and the mustache do not grow as fast.

Benefits of Having Hair on the Body

Friends, it is not that any part of your body has been given like this. If you look carefully, you will come to know that the hair given on your body is also very useful. So let's know what are the benefits of having hair on the body.

Hair Prevents Skin Cancer

Friends, your body hair helps in protecting you from skin cancer. This has been made clear in scientific research. When the sun's rays fall directly on the body, it increases the risk of skin cancer, but body hair can block up to 95 percent of ultraviolet rays. 

So that the chances of skin cancer are reduced. Although today we wear clothes, there was a time when we used to live like this, at that time only hair protected us. Even today, some species on earth do not wear clothes. Body hair works to protect against skin cancer.

Act to Prevent Allergies

You must have noticed that everyone has hair in their nose. But have you thought about the use of these nose hairs? The hairs inside the nose work to prevent the waste that goes with the breath from entering the body. Dust mites get stuck in the hair of the nose.

In a way, it acts as a filter for the nose. If dust mites and other garbage will go inside the nose, then there may be a problem of allergy. In this way, nose hairs are very useful to protect against allergies.

Your Hair Protects You From Winter

Friends, as we told you above, once a human lived without clothes and his hair was the medium of protection for him. He could keep himself warm only with the help of his hair. Similarly, if we keep thick hair on the head, then it also works to protect our head from cold. In winter the head never gets cold from above. 

The reason for this is the hair on the head itself. Apart from this, people who have thick hair all over their body, are very beneficial in keeping their whole body warm.

However, now that other means have come to avoid winter, then the use of hair has reduced. Earlier, sweaters, etc. were also made with the help of hair to avoid winter. The same sweater you wear is also made of hair.

Can Retain Moisture in the Skin

retain means: to keep or continue to have something; not to lose

Friends, the thick hair on the skin retains the moisture in the skin. And it works to remove the problem of dry skin. Some people have a lot of problems with dry skin. So if you want to keep the moisture in your skin, then your hair inside it can help you better. It also works to keep the skin moist.

Maintain Body Temperature

Friends, the hair of the skin is also very helpful in maintaining the body temperature. When the temperature outside becomes hotter, the hair sweats which helps to keep the skin cool. Similarly, when the temperature is low, the hair helps to keep the body warm.

Animals also keep the body temperature down with the help of their hair. Their hair proves to be very useful for them both in summer and winter. Apart from this, hair proves to be a boon for animals living in cold weather. The thick hair on their body protects them from cold.

Hair Makes the Skin Clean

Friends, you must have often seen that people who have thick hair on their face, have a good beard, they do not have any kind of marks on their skin and those who do not have hair on their face, marks can be seen on their skin. The hair made also works to protect the skin from marks.

Your Facial Hair Makes You Look, Young

Interesting Information About Hair

As we age, the skin starts hanging down. If the skin on the face is hanging down then it looks quite useless. Facial hair covers the wrinkles of your skin. If you have seen carefully, then people who have a beard. Wrinkles are not visible on their face. In this way, your facial hair also proves to be very useful in enhancing your beauty.

Down Hair Benefits

We also have hair under our bodies near our genitals. This hair is beneficial in many ways. It not only keeps the skin moist. Along with this, they also work to protect against infection.

Our skin secretes a special kind of smell. And the hairs below absorb that smell. If there is no hair underneath, the smell will increase which will give a useless smell.

You will know that a special temperature is required to protect the sperm at the bottom. When there is no hair at the bottom, the sperm will not be able to grow properly.

The hair below is very helpful in keeping the temperature right. Apart from this, the hair below keeps the skin moist. If there is no hair, then boils can also develop inside the skin.

Interesting Facts About Hair

Friends, till now we have known what are the benefits of having hair on the body. Let us now know about some interesting facts related to hair.

  • Black is the only color of hair in the world. And only 1 percent of the population has black hair. The second most colored hair color is fair.
  • Hair can grow inside any part of the body except your hands, feet, and lips. Hair does not grow on the soles of the feet and palms.
  • Hair is very elastic. And if the hair gets wet, it can grow up to 30 percent of its length.
  • Usually, 40 to 150 hairs fall every day while taking a bath.
  • On average, a woman spends 1 hour 53 minutes a week washing, drying, and styling her hair. By the time she turns 65, she will have spent 7 months of her life doing her hair.
  • After the bone marrow, the hair is the fastest growing in the human body.
  • Your hair is made of a substance called keratin.
  • On average, hair grows .3 – .5 mm per day, 1.25 cm or 0.5 inches per month, and 15 cm or 6 inches per year.
  • When you try to grow hair, it takes 7 years for the hair to come up to the waist and about 3 years for the hair up to the shoulder.
  • A strand of hair is stronger than a copper wire of the same diameter.
  • Hair contains 50 percent carbon, 21 percent oxygen, 17 percent nitrogen, 6 percent hydrogen, and 5 percent sulfur.
  • 90% of Japanese people wash their hair twice a day, 80% of North Americans wash their hair twice a day, and only 25% of the European population wash their hair daily.
  • Let us tell you that the age of our hair is 5 years and it continues to grow all the time.
  • When a hair falls out, it grows again. Hair can usually do this 20 times.
  • When we are 5 months in the womb, hair follicles start forming all over the body.
  • The women of ancient Rome used pigeons to dry their hair. However, in modern times, a hairdryer is used to dry the hair.

Fake Hair Use

Friends, there is a huge business of hair in the market. The business of hair is said to be Rs 2,500 crore. This business is growing by at least 10% every year. About $400 million worth of hair is supplied from our country every year. And you must have seen that hawkers come from village to city and buy hair. Instead of hair, utensils are given. And then that hair is collected and sold to other big merchants. After that, the hair is supplied to big cities like Delhi and Kolkata from where the hair is exported.

There is a high demand for such hair in the market which is natural. Long hair costs more. And many things are made with the help of hair.

Friends, let us tell you that temples are at the forefront of hair sales. Hair is offered inside temples. In 2014, the Tirupati temple itself sold 220 crores of hair. In 2015, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthan earned 74 crores by selling hair. Experts believe that people of South India do not tamper with hair much. Due to which the cost of their hair is high.

The hair was put up for auction in the Tirupati temple in 2018. There were three types of hair here. 8300 kg of hair of 31 inches and above were put up for auction, out of which 1600 kg were auctioned and Rs 356 crore was received by the temple.

The 16-30 inch long hair was sold for 2000 kg, in which about Rs 3 crore was received.

10-15 inch long hair - earned Rs 24 lakh at the rate of Rs 3014 per kg.

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