How to Send Money Through UPI Without the Internet

The trend of online payment is increasing and everyone is now making all kinds of payments online. UPI has made the most important contribution in digital payment, earlier many people used to pay online, mostly Credit Card, Debit Card. And use Net Banking but now most people use UPI to make all kinds of payments like Mobile Recharge, Bills Payment, etc.

How to make UPI Payment without Internet?

Many people do Cashless Transaction because it makes payment easy, if you also use UPI for all types of payments like mobile recharge, bill payment, movie or train ticket booking, etc. then you must know that for this Internet is required, but many times there is a network problem in the phone,

Due to which the internet works slow, so many people think that UPI payment can be done without internet and also search about it, then I would like to tell that you can send money from your mobile with UPI without internet ie.

Even if you have a mobile keypad, you can pay through UPI in it, for this, your number should be linked to the bank account.

How to Send Money Through UPI Without the Internet

UPI Payment Without Internet

Digital Payment is being promoted for Digital India and if you do Cashless Transaction then you also get many Cashback Offers, when UPI was launched then it can be used only in Smartphone but now Keypad Mobile i.e. Feature Phone UPI can also be used in India and you can pay from your device even without internet.

UPI can be used if there is an internet connection on mobile and you can use it even if there is no internet, for this You have to use a USSD code, which I am going to tell in this article.

send money through UPI without internet

How to Send Money Through UPI Without the Internet

  • First of all, you have to dial *99# USSD code by going to your mobile's dialer.

  • After a few seconds, some options like Send Money, Request Money, Check Balance, My Profile, etc. will appear. If you want to send money to someone, then write 1 here and click on Send.

Then you will see the option of Send Money to, in which you will see the option of Mobile Number, UPI ID, etc., whoever you want to send, you can also send it through his mobile number but his number should be linked to the bank account.

here if you want to send mobile If you want to pay by number, then type 1 and click on send, and if you want to send money on UPI ID then after entering 3 clicks on send.

If you have selected the option with a mobile number, then you will be asked to enter the mobile number, enter the number of your friend or anyone you want to send money here and then click on send, and you will have a UPI ID.

If the option is selected, then enter the ID of the person to whom you want to send money, after that click on Send.

After this you will be asked to enter the amount, write the amount you want to send, and click on send, after this, you will see the option of Remark, in which you can write some message if you want to write or write 1 and Click on Send.

Now you will be asked to enter the UPI PIN, enter your UPI PIN, and click on Send.

Advantages of paying through UPI without internet

  • If the network is not coming to your mobile and you want to send money to anyone, then you can easily send money from it.

  • Keypad Mobile users i.e. those who use feature phones can also use UPI and make payments from their phones.

  • With this, there is no charge of any kind to send money and anyone can send money from his bank account to another's bank account.

  • You do not have to use debit and credit cards, again and again, to pay with UPI, you can send money to anyone in seconds just by entering your UPI PIN.

Important -

To make a UPI payment without the internet, your mobile number must be linked to a bank account and you must have a UPI ID, only then you can pay without the internet.

Conclusion -

Many people currently use UPI to make payments mostly because it can send and receive money in seconds, it is a very fast way to make payments, and many payment apps like Paytm, Phonepe, MobiKwik, etc.

In this, users get the option of UPI and many shopping sites also support this payment method, Cashless Transaction means such payment.

In which cash is not used and online payment is done, for example, when you recharge your mobile through a mobile wallet app, then in the payment method you see options like Credit, debit card, Net Banking, etc., out of which any method Payment can be made by selecting it, it is called Cashless Transaction or Online Transaction.

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