What Is E Sim and How Does It Work? How to Activate E Sim?

What Is E Sim and How Does It Work? Benefits and Disadvantages of E Sim Card?

Mobile phones are the first need for today's generation. Friends, today we will know what E sim is and how does it work?

The mobile phone has become so important for people that people can forget to eat food once but the mobile phone is not at all. Has anyone ever thought that mobile phones will turn from entertainment to necessity?

Well, now that the mobile phone has become the need of all of you, then let us know an important term related to it today.

Friends, tell me one thing, you all must have bought mobile phones, haven't you? So after buying a mobile phone, what do you do first so that the mobile comes in working condition, you all take the SIM card, don't you.

What Is E Sim and How Does It Work? How to Activate E Sim?

Yes, friends, this is what we wanted to tell you all that it is very important to have a SIM card to run any phone.

You cannot do anything with a mobile phone without a SIM card. Till now, for whatever phone we used to buy, we also had to buy a separate SIM card.

Now due to technology, variations are being seen in the SIM card as well.

Now you will not even need to buy a SIM card and your phone will already have an E sim installed. 

What is this E sim and how does it work, let us know.

What is E sim?

E sim is also known as friends Embedded sim. We all have been reading the full form of Sim since childhood, the Subscriber identity module.

Friends, something happens that in Embedded Sim i.e. E sim, you do not need any type of Physical Sim card nor do you have to give any Sim Card Slot to install SIM in the phone.

It is already installed on the phone. This is what you call a Virtual SIM card in Normal language.

Those days Gone are when people used to take physical sim cards, now is the time of virtual sims. This virtual sim runs with the help of software.

Think of an E sim card in such a way that it is like the internal storage of your phone and you can write anything in it. It is rewritable.

Along with this, it is pre-installed which means that you cannot move it from one phone to another.

In such a situation, you must be feeling that this is nonsense because whenever you get a new phone, you will have problems, then friends are not like this-

If you are turning off your old phone, then only you deactivate your E sim number and activate the number of another phone.

So now all of you must also be thinking about how to use it and it will be very difficult to use it.

So friends, let us tell you that it is not like this at all, it is very easy to use. Let's know.

What Is E Sim and How Does It Work? How to Activate E Sim?

How Does E Sim Work?

Suppose you bought a phone, when you buy that phone, you get an E sim but it does not turn on. You have to activate that by going to the Sim Service provider.

Service providers i.e. Airtel, VI, Jio, etc. When you go to activate the SIM, the service provider gives you a QR code and after scanning that QR code, your E-sim gets activated. Friends, it takes 2 hours for this whole process.

Once we talk about India too, then let us tell you that there are only two service providers in India, Jio and Airtel who are giving E sim facility to the people.

In such a situation, if you are not connected to these service providers, then you will have to get your sim port done, only then you will be able to enjoy E sim.

How to Activate E Sim?

If you take a new SIM card, then you will not have any problem, but if you change the available SIM card to E-sim, then it is important for your SIM to be a Jio or Airtel.

If your SIM does not belong to these companies, then you have to port your number first, after that you can activate your E-sim by adopting the methods given below.

To activate Jio E sim:

You go to the Jio store for this. There you will be given a CAF Form, you have to fill and submit the same form. In the form, you have to write your Jio number and mobile IMEI number.

When you submit the form, the Jio executive present there will check your form and verify it. After this, it will generate a QR Code and you have to scan the same QR Code from your phone.

All you have to do is do this little work and your Jio E sim will be activated.

To activate Airtel E sim:

If you are already an Airtel user and want to change your number in E sim then you have to send esim<space> Registered email id to 121.

As soon as this message is sent, a confirmation message will come on your phone, in which you will be asked whether you really want to convert your SIM to E-sim.

You have to reply yes to it and you have to reply within 60 seconds otherwise it will expire.

After the confirmation message, a mail arrives on your email id, and you are given a QR code in it. You have to scan the same QR code and after scanning it, your E sim gets activated.

What Are the Benefits of E Sim?

  • Its size is very small, due to which it easily fits inside the smart mobile.
  • You do not need any Sim tray for this.
  • With its help, you can connect more devices simultaneously. This is much better for Smartwatch users.
  • You are also saved from the hassle of inserting and removing the SIM card because it already comes fitted in the phone.
  • In this you can change the operator very quickly, otherwise, you used to take at least 10 minutes to do this earlier.
  • In this, you are also given the facility of remote provisioning. This means that you will not even have to wait for the SIM to deactivate and you can activate the new E-sim in a few seconds.

What Are the Disadvantages of E Sim Card?

  • The biggest problem with an E sim card is that if you want to activate a new E sim, then you have to contact the operator for this and know the User id and Password from them, only then you will be able to activate any new E sim...
  • People who use many devices and often keep changing their devices, then there may be a problem for them because confusion can arise in them.

In the coming time, only E sim will dominate. Now we are all seeing that the earlier removable battery comes in our phone but now Embedded battery has started coming. In the same way, instead of a physical sim card, an Embedded sim card has started coming.

Anyway, people are attracted towards the same thing which is Carriable and small in size, so there is no better option than E sim.

With the help of E sim, you can easily switch from one user to another. Neither the hassle of applying the SIM nor the hassle of removing the SIM. Isn't it good enough guys?

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