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History of Haryana State - Glorious History of Haryana State

Hello friends, this article is about the state of Haryana, which is called the Food Bowl of India. Today, through this important article, we all will know about the history and interesting facts of the state of Haryana. 

As we all know that the state of Haryana was a part of Punjab in the olden times. But the state of Haryana was separated from Punjab based on language after the partition of India and Pakistan in the year 1966.

Haryana is one of the major states in India, where more than half the population is engaged in farming and agriculture. 

More recently, many great players have come from the state of Haryana, who have made the name of India proud, that is why at present, Haryana is also known as the land of champions. 

Athletes, players, and other players of Haryana state together made many medals in the name of India.

Today all of us will know complete information about the state of Haryana. 

Not only this, in this article you all will get information about Haryana State, History of Haryana State, State Symbol of Haryana State, Language of Haryana State, Main Food of Haryana State, Favorite Dance of Haryana State, Relationship of Haryana State with Tourism, Interesting facts about Haryana State, etc.

If all of you people want to get information about the history and interesting facts of Haryana state, then this important article written by us is going to prove to be very beneficial for all of you. 

All of you people will get here about all the information which is related to the state of Haryana. So let's start this article without delay.

History and Interesting Facts of Haryana State

The State of Haryana History and Interesting Facts

About Haryana State

Haryana is such a state in India, where adequate agricultural resources are available and all those agricultural works are done in Haryana, which is necessary for good agriculture. Haryana is also known as the Netherlands of India by the people of India.

Haryana state is a north Indian state, which was a part of Punjab in ancient times and was separated from Punjab after partition. 

Rajasthan is situated in the southern part of the state of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh is situated on its west side and Punjab is situated on the north side.

The state of Haryana connects with the boundaries of different states from a total of 3 directions and the monsoons of all these three states are different. 

Chandigarh is the capital of the state of Haryana and Chandigarh is also the capital of the neighboring state of Haryana state of Punjab. 

This is because in ancient times Haryana and Punjab used to be a single state and both have chosen Chandigarh as their capital even after partition. 

Haryana state was established on 1 November 1966 AD. Haryana state is the 20th largest state of India in terms of area.

There are many groups of rivers in the state of Haryana. Holy rivers like Yamuna, Saraswati, Markanda, Ghaggar, Tangri flow in Haryana. There is also a belief in Haryana that there is never a shortage of water in the state of Haryana and to date, there has never been an extreme scarcity of food in Haryana. 

In the state of Haryana, every person is very strong and strong in body, one of the main reasons for this is that people work in the fields and use milk and ghee in their food.

The state of Haryana is known throughout the country for its dance form, costume, language, food, etc. 

Every person in Haryana owns a considerable amount of land and poverty in Haryana is very low as compared to other states except a few states. The people of Haryana especially love to celebrate festivals.

Glorious History of Haryana State

As we told you above, the state of Haryana used to be a part of Punjab in the old times, and later after the partition of India and Pakistan, Punjab was divided into two parts Indian Punjab and the other Pakistani Punjab. 

After the partition of Pakistan, on 1 November 1980, under the Punjab Reorganization Act, both the states of Haryana and Uttarakhand were separated from Punjab.

After this partition, on 23 April 1966, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttarakhand were completely divided and they were declared as independent states.

After the partition of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttarakhand, the Government of India set up the Shah Commission under the chairmanship of J.C. Shah. 

After this, the report was issued by the commission on 31 November 1966 and according to this report the districts of Colonel, Gurgaon, Rohtak, Hisar, District, Mahendragarh, etc. were included in the new state of Haryana.

As we told you above, Punjab and Haryana used to be one state. Therefore, due to this reason, the languages ​​of both Punjab and Haryana meet with each other. 

At the time of partition, Chandigarh was made the capital of both Haryana and Punjab. After this Bhagwat Dayal Sharma was made the first Chief Minister of Haryana.

Industrial Level and Education of Haryana State

There has been rapid development in the industrial sector of Haryana state. Because agriculture is done exclusively in Haryana and industries have been started in Haryana to fulfill every resource of agriculture and many such companies have opened in Haryana, in which things related to the tractor, harvester car, etc. have been made.

Not only this, for the supply of two-wheelers in the state of Haryana, Bullet Royal Enfield was specially supplied there and now a branch of Royal Enfield is started there.

Not only the industrial level of Haryana state but also the level of education of Haryana state has seen a significant change. 

Where there used to be the school in some places in Haryana, today there is one school in every village in Haryana.

Haryana has seen an increase in the level of education since some time ago and not only this, there is a lot of competition in Haryana regarding sports. 

Because many players from Haryana have won Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal in the recently held Tokyo Olympics. 

Haryana State Government presented Rs 6 crore to Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra to motivate people towards sports.

State Symbol of Haryana State

Many such things have been included in the state symbol of the Haryana state, which plays a special role in the progress and interest of the state. Let us know about the state symbol of Haryana state.

National Tree

Sacred Fig [ Peepal ]

National Bird

Black Francolin

National Flower


National Animal


Main Language of Haryana State

The main language spoken by the people in the state of Haryana is Haryanvi. Haryanvi language is the mother tongue of Haryana. 

Haryana was separated from Punjab based on the Haryanvi language. It is very dear to hear in the language of Haryanvi and in Haryana.

Not only Haryanvi but languages ​​other than Haryanvi are spoken in the state of Haryana, such as Hindi Punjabi Urdu English, etc. 

However, Hindi Urdu is spoken mainly by almost everyone in Haryana. In small towns and big cities of Haryana, people use the English language as their home language. 

In Haryana, Hindi is not mainly spoken purely, but their people talk to each other in a mixture of Hindi and Haryanvi languages.

Main Food of Haryana State

The people of Haryana mainly include milk curd in their food. Because cattle rearing and animal husbandry are done especially in Haryana, that is why there is an abundance of milk and curd. 

For this reason, in Haryana, people like to eat things made from milk. The food preferred in other forms in Haryana is Khandvi Dhokla, Jalebi Fafda, etc.

Favorite Dance of Haryana State

Haryana is a state where every person leads his life happily. The people of Haryana are very hardworking and the channel is broadcast in the form of many dances and music for the utility of the life existing among the natives of Haryana. 

History and Interesting Facts of Haryana State

Not only in the field of sports but also the field of acting and singing, many people have come out from Haryana.

People in Haryana celebrate each occasion with great pomp and togetherness. The people of Haryana always live in harmony with each other and for this reason, they participate together in the birth of a child, marriage, or any religious and social function. Especially prominent dances are performed in Haryana such as Rasleela, Dhamaal, Guga, loor dance, Phag dance, Khoriya, Gapshap, Chaupaiyan, Garba, Jhumar, etc.

The population of Haryana State 

Based on the information received through the official website released by the Government of Haryana, the actual population of Haryana is about 2 crore 53 lakh 51 thousand 462. 

Out of all these people, the number of males is about one crore 34 lakh 94 thousand 734 and the number of females is about 1 crore 18 lakh 56 thousand 728. 

According to this data, the ratio of the number of males to that of females is very less in the state of Haryana.

Tourism of Haryana State 

The state of Haryana has industry and agriculture and sports talent as well as many tourist places. At present, many tourist places have been built in Haryana. 

The center of the major tourist destination is located in the state of Haryana, you will get to see all the people on the roads only.

While traveling from Delhi to Chandigarh, you will get to see many tourist centers like Blue Jay of Samalkha, Chakravarti Lake of Karnal, Red Robin of Gharaunda, Pipli, etc. 

Along with this, you will get to see the Badkhal Lake, Sultanpur National Park, and Sohna's Barber cottage on the Faridabad road while going from Delhi to Agra, which is considered to be a special attractive center.

Apart from these, all of you will also get to see special tourist places in other places, such as Ambala, Faridabad, Rewari, Fatehabad, Jhajjar, Hisar, Gurgaon, Kaithal, Jind, Panchkula, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Sonipat, Rohtak, Panipat, Yamunanagar, etc.

Interesting Facts About Haryana State

  • In ancient times, Haryana was a part of Punjab.
  • Haryana was separated from Punjab on 1 November 1966 based on language.
  • Chandigarh is the capital of the state of Haryana, but you will be surprised to know that Chandigarh is not only the capital of Haryana but also the capital of Punjab. This is the most special fact of the state of Haryana.
  • The state of Haryana is very prosperous, that is why most of the rural millionaires reside here.
  • Two national parks exist in the state of Haryana, namely Sultanpur National Park and Kalesar National Park.
  • All the evidence found during the excavation in the state of Haryana, all refer to the Indus Valley Civilization and Mohenjodaro Sanskriti. From this, it is inferred that the development of both these civilizations took place in Haryana itself.
  • The word Haryana is derived from the Sanskrit language Hari and Ayan, which mean the abode of God.
  • The biggest and oldest war in the history of the world took place in Panipat, Haryana.
  • Lord Shri Krishna preached the Gita in ancient times in the Kurukshetra area of ​​Haryana state. Therefore, the war of Mahabharata, the world's biggest war, took place in Kurukshetra itself.


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