How to Become a Clever - How to Become a Smart Person in Just 7 Days

How to Become a Clever - How to Become a Smart Person

Hello friends, today we are telling you about How to become clever in just 7 days. In today's time, a clever person is given a lot of respect everywhere and a clever person can easily achieve success in every field, due to his/her smartness. 

It is the dream of every person to become clever and for this people often keep trying to get clever but they fail.

A clever person has many great qualities and you also have to keep many things in mind to be clever, only then you will be able to become a cunning person and being clever is not a big task. 

How to Become a Clever - How to Become a Smart Person

If you are thinking about How to become clever then you can easily become a clever person, for this, you have to keep some simple things in mind, after that you will become clever.

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How to Become a Clever

Before becoming a Clever person, you need to understand how a Clever person is, then let us tell you that a Clever person is not the one who fools others, but a Clever person is the one who does not get fooled by any person. A Clever human being can easily solve every problem.

If you are also dreaming of becoming How to Become a Clever, then by adopting these methods you can become a clever person, along with this, you can become a clever person in a very short time by adopting Chanakya which We are going to tell you.

Trust No One

The biggest identity of a Clever person is that he does not trust any person easily, so, first of all, you have to stop trusting everyone and if any person tells you something, then do not believe him at once. 

Investigate his words thoroughly and after that, you believe his words, no one will be able to fool you and you will gradually become a smart person.

Dare to Speak

Many people are clever, but if someone tells a lie or cheats, then they do not oppose it, because of this, the next person tries to deceive you again and again and after many attempts, he may even fool you, so you should not lie to any lie. 

If he speaks or tries to deceive, then expose his point in front of him, so that person will never try to make you mad again and will always try to tell you the truth.

Don't Make Hasty [ Hurried ] Decisions

A smart person never makes any decision in haste, due to which he may have to suffer a lot later and if you have to make any decision, then take the decision afterthought and what will be the harm to you due to the decision taken by you. 

How to Become a Clever - How to Become a Smart Person

There can be benefits, you should also take care of it so that you do not have to face any kind of trouble later and by this, you can become a smart person.

Don't Worry About Everyone's Happiness

To be smart, you have to stop worrying about the happiness of others because the person who wants to make you mad will be happy by making you mad and if you become mad for his happiness then you will never be able to be a smart person.

That's why you have to stop worrying about the happiness of others and keep in mind that what is wrong is wrong and if someone gets angry about it, you have to keep in mind that you do not have any problem with this type of thing.

Let go of your fears

If you want to be clever, then you need to get out of your fear. Many people are simple and do not talk much, they are scared of everything, they can never become clever, for this, you need to get rid of the fear of your mind.  

If someone tries to deceive you, then without any fear, oppose the wrong thing, due to which you gradually start becoming a cunning person in the eyes of the people.

Listen to People

If you want to be clever then you need to listen to the people because it increases your knowledge and how people can try to make you crazy and you get a lot of information about it. 

You will not be able to get mad easily and you will interact with people and listen to people's words, if you ever see a cheater, then you will identify him by his words.

Understand the Value of Time and Money

A clever person always saves money and time and because these are the two things that can make you successful in the coming time and can remove all your troubles, so you should save money and especially save your time. 

Do not let the time go to waste at all and understand the value of money and always stay away from lack of restraint in spending money or use of resources, this will give you a lot of benefits and you will easily get success in every field.

Stay Away From Controversy

A smart person never argues with anyone unnecessarily and always avoids arguing. If you also want to be clever then you should avoid controversy and if any person tries to argue with you, then you try to solve the matter through conversation. 

It's sure that, by doing this, you increase your respect and you can also save yourself from heavy losses of any kind.

Think of One Thing Differently

If you want to be successful and become smart, then for this you have to think about the same thing or the same aspect in many different ways and this will give you many different solutions, out of which you have to adopt the easiest and best way. 

Try this, it saves your time and you can find the best solution to every problem, which will benefit you a lot and you will start becoming a smart person.

Solve the Problem

If you want to become a smart person, then you need to solve all your problems. You have to learn from your every mistake and with this, you can easily solve your own and others' problems too.

Find New Opportunities

It is the identity of a clever person that he always looks for new opportunities and new opportunities only make you successful in life and give you success in life, so it is very important for you to always look for new opportunities. 

As you keep on looking for new opportunities, in the same way, you will achieve great heights, so you should always keep looking for new things.

Correct Your Mistakes

Often every person makes a mistake, no matter how clever he is, but instead of forgetting his mistake, a clever person should focus on improving it. 

Many people ignore small mistakes and this is the mistake of those people. For later it becomes a big obstacle.

Therefore, first of all, you have to keep in mind every small and big mistake of yours and try to rectify them, along with that also keep in mind that that mistake should not happen again in life.

Don't Tell Your Weakness to Anyone

There is some weakness in every person and when a person comes to know about your weakness, then he starts taking the wrong advantage of your weakness, due to which you may have to face a lot of trouble later, so you should pay attention to this.

It is very important to keep that no other person should know about any of your minor weaknesses and no person should take the wrong advantage of your weakness.


In this article, we have given you information about How to Become a Clever - How to Become a Smart Person in Just 7 Days. We hope that you will find the information given by us useful, if you like the information, then definitely share it with your friends. 

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